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SV Panta Rhei Retirement Trip
Sea snakes frequent this anchorage
Larry Nelson
03 March 2012 | Ensenada de Rosario, Panama
Oh, great. The guidebook says there are sea snakes here. Why did we come here? Karen? Anybody?

In fact we came to make the trip an easy day trip, breaking up the journey to Isla de Cebaco into two easy days instead of one long day. And in the process we will spend a night along the mainland of Panama, instead of just at islands. This is a pretty place. It's like the San Juan Islands...sort of. The water is clear. The hillsides are green and steep. There are lots of anchorages. Of course there are very few cruising boats. We've seen a few fishing pangas,...none today. Our anchorage is everything you would want it to be and so far I haven't seen any of those sea snakes.

Anyway, I'm thinking that this post will mark an important advance to the south where Panama City is waiting for us. Check out the map at the bottom of the Blog page. There is a large pennisula just south of here called Punta Mala. That's spanish for lots of wind! I'd like to get a GRIB file update (a wind matrix) while I'm here but recently the ssb propagation has not supported the necessary data rate. I have a 4 day old forecast that is getting less reliable by the day.

I'll try it. Hope springs eternal

I couldn't resist posting another picture of the dolphins in the clear water.