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SV Panta Rhei Retirement Trip
Sunday Morning sailing
Larry Nelson
15 April 2012 | Enroute to Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia from Galapagos
It's not so different than it would have been back home in Seattle. We're up early on Sunday morning and cooking breakfast. We've had a great night in which the wind has kept us moving. Sometimes that moving was pretty slow but in a region of uncertain wind we are happy with what we have. The boat is quiet under sail and the seas are easy on us in light wind. It rained a little on Karen's watch. The radar showed thunderstorms all around us. There wasn't much lightning though.

I started the gen set this morning and right away Karen was up. Can I vacuum? Then Katie. Can I cook breakfast? Then Kent. Where is my coffee?

It's hot here. Our shirts drip when we hang them up at night. We hang them up so they will be dry at least for a while in the morning. We wear shirts to protect against the sun. The cockpit is the place to go though. That has wind which keeps us cool. It's not like Seattle where the wind makes you cold and the wet is from the sky. We take our wet straight out of a bottle and perspire it.

We'll make water today. We may also think about how to deal with the wind direction failed around 2 am. I wish it weren't so.

Trip log 11538. nm Heading 194M. SOG 6.1kn Distance to go: 3016 nm Note: the total distance of the passage from Wreck Bay San Cristobal was erroneously reported. It is 3150 nm
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