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11 March 2016
29 February 2016
26 March 2012 | Sidney BC
12 May 2011 | 16 29.36s 151 45.41w
03 May 2011 | French Poly
01 April 2010 | Revillagigedo Is/ San Benidicto
26 March 2010 | Puerto Vallarta
19 March 2010
01 March 2010 | Puerto Vallarta
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San Blas/ Nayarit

19 March 2010
San Blas scares off a lot of people. First you have the bar, breaking waves and shallows of the entrance to contend with, then once you are in you have the famous bugs,the interesting character of Captain Norm Goldie; the self proclaimed maritime mother duck of the area, and if Crocodiles scare you yes they are there too. If you are willing to take a chance or if you are like us and wander in there unaware then it is a convenient , interesting, secure and absolutely wonderful place to spend some time and generally for someone who will "give it a go", a lot of time. People get their hooks into the mud of the estuary and don`t want to leave. Such is the case of Demelza. After getting Torrey and Lucie on the road again, Elizabeth and I set out to explore this fascinating place. One of my passions is birds; I could easily become an avid bird watcher. No better place than the mangroves and channels around San Blas. One of the highlights of San Blas, as the case for most Mexican towns,is the central square. As luck would have it there was a Migratory Bird Festival on during our visit. Bird watchers from afar had come to celebrate the Estuary. Every night for a week there were various events in the square, the highlight for us was the Guadalajara Junior Symphony Orchestra. The square was always jammed with young and old enjoying the beautiful warm evenings. The Estuary tour of San Blas is a must. Russ,Heidi, and Will, of Tillicum 1 met us at 7 in the morning beside the bridge and sure enough there was a panga operator there that would give us the tour. It was all it is chalked up to be ; the day was spent slowly winding our way through the channels with the birds, crocodiles, turtles, and the wonderful tropical plants of the area. A swim in the fresh water spring that is the head of the channel was a refreshing highlight. A visit to the Crocodile breeding farm gave us some nice photos of these huge ancient reptiles. The following day we spent also with Tillicum 1 crew on the beach doing what most Mexican tourists do, lying on the beach, playing in the breakers and sand. It was a lovely day off the boat. San Blas has so much going for it: the estuary anchorage, the Singlar Marina which is cheap, new, and most of all convenient to the rest of the town, wonderful restaurants, a beautiful beach for surfing, and of course that typically Mexican beautiful square full of families and laughing freely playing kids. Every night in the square we met people from all over that made San Blas their winter hideaway, and for good reason: a hidden away gem as close to typical Mexican as one can find.
Vessel Name: Demelza
Vessel Make/Model: Vancouver 32PH
Hailing Port: Victoria BC
Crew: David & Elizabeth Newsome/ Cremona Alberta
We are from farming country Alberta but always had a passion for water. That passion was satisfied for years by paddling trips in northern Canada or coastal BC until Demelza entered our lives in 2003. That is when we upsized and took the plunge. The learning curve was steep and challenging. [...]
Demelza is hull #1 of only about a dozen Vancouver 32 PH made. As a result she was featured in Sailor magazine with her designer Robert Harris sailing on San Francisco bay in 1986; the article was featuring a new blue water cruiser that took the comfort and well being of her crew into [...]
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Who: David & Elizabeth Newsome/ Cremona Alberta
Port: Victoria BC