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Passion for Cruising
Launched and Blessed!
29 March 2010 | Boat Lagoon
What a day! Up at dawn, down to TP for final preparation and spruce up.
The Buddhist Monk arrived on time, and at the same moment the travel lift arrived to pick us up so that the re built rudder could be inserted. In a way a pity as the Monk's chants could not be heard, especially by all our friends waiting below. It was however a quiet moment for reflection for Stuart and I before we were sprayed with the water as a blessing on us and all over TP. We had fruit and flowers as offerings plus the coloured scarves tied on the bow. The very loud firecrackers were the finale.
The rudder was now in and working and we were off to launch with us still on board, swaying as we went along. Today was a huge spring tide and water was well over the docks, but we were duly lowered, and as the new re built engine was not yet tested we were roped out of the dock into a nearby pen. It is now 1pm and no mechanics here yet, so we wait as patiently as possible. It is lucky that we foresaw this and have booked the pen overnight, this to be sure that all is OK before we set off. Maybe now the whole ordeal is over????
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