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Beyond Midlife Crisis
new pictures
01/23/2012, PV

Oops, forgot to let you know I posted some new pictures on Jan 19th, sorry about that, busy working on my taxes!

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01/26/2012 | Erik Nelson
Go fishing! They just caught a 430 lb. YFT in PV!
Vacationing in Paradise
01/17/2012, Paradise Marina Nuevo Vallarta

We have been in the lovely Marina here at the Paradise Resort since Jan 6th. After 4 days of organizing the boat, cleaning, provisioning, and getting email access set up, it's been total relaxation! The resort grounds are amazing with different pools, beach front access with personal palapa's and blended drink service. There is even a family of Bengal tigers with 2 cute cubs! We currently have family visiting so have been getting to see some of the local area. Yesterday we did a dingy tour around the mangroves and saw several large iguana, some of the local bird life, and a rather large crocodile..there are a few around so no swimming off the boat! I'm planning on starting my Spanish lessons this week which I'm looking forward too. I'll get cracking and take some more photo's to post in the next few days. If the boat isn't moving it seems, nor are we! The weather remains awesome!

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Just another day in Mexico.
12/30/2011, Punta Mita

Greetings Blog readers. Virg and I are anchored in Punta Mita just for the night. We were awaking by the sound of military helicopters, hovering over head. Since we lived in San Diego for 5 years, we are used to the noise, but down here in Mex, it is not a common affair. I stick my head up to see "whats up". Five Mexican military boats circling the 40+ anchored out cruising boats. Not a huge deal, however, we had decided to come back out to Punta Mita today to meet up with our friends Dave and Anneka on Paramour. As predicted, as we raised the hook, and motor out of the anchorage, we were approached by the military gun boat. We have been boarded by US Coast Guard, Mexican Navy, and I have even been detained by Canadian maritime mounted police. So.. this is not as big as a deal as some people make it out to be. These folks gently motor their 70' metal gunboat to our port side. Only one guy on the gunboat actually was holding an M-16. The rest made sure that the fenders were adjusted. the Officer boarded as did one other guy. They greeted us with smiles and hand shakes. Oh, and for those readers here who are boat owners, the Mexican Military guys all had NON-marking boots and were VERY polite during the boarding, waiting to be invited below decks for their search. These folks took a look around, opened a few drawers, and then left with in 5 minutes. Virginia's Spanish is getting pretty good now, she was having a nice conversation with the boarding officer. He wanted us to know that this was strictly routine check for Guns, Drugs, and other contraband. He asked us about our travels in Mexico, and was genuinely happy to hear that we were enjoying his country. The officer signaled the gun boat to return to pick him up. He wrote our names down in a note book (He didn't even check passports), and then took our picture with a bright pink digital camera. He said that now we are on their list, and will not be bothered with any more boarding's.... so.. we got that going for us. :-) The two jumped aboard the gunboat,now along side, waved us off, and away we went. No big deal.

Now here we are. In Punta Mita, heading our for a paddle and a swim. Water is 70, Air is 75. Blue sky, warm sun. Life is good.

Hope you all have a fantastic New Year.


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12/30/2011 | Lindsay
Come on Todd I bet you walked very quickly to the head straight after they left.Happy New Year Virg/Todd
02/20/2012 | JANE JENKEN
wondering if you could help. We are trying to reach lois and howard voke they are sailing to chili. Loises mother is near death and we would like to reach her to get her to come home. If you know the vokeys or how we could reach them please email me thanks jane

More Photos Posted

Hope you all are enjoying the Holidays. We are departing La Cruz today for a short run up to Punta Mita. We'll hang out up there to get some surf in. We are in need of some serious exercise. The holiday has been very busy with boat parties, bus rides to the grocery store, and boat projects while we are at the dock. Posted some new photos. Have a great week.

Let me know what you think of my1st Go Pro video

Apparently, The sound track I added is copy righted. Sorry for no music.

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12/29/2011 | Brad and America
OMG< what an amazing trip! I hope you and Virg and a wonderful Xmas. Lets make plans to get together and have some lunch and America and Virg can have some wine!
Love Uncle Brad
Have a wonderful NEw Years
12/29/2011 | Brad and America
I met to say, I hope you and Virg had a merry x mas!
01/03/2012 | Annie
Hi virg & Todd,
Love the stories. Virg the ninja... I love it. Very fitting & I could picture her wielding the swatters.
Glad you are enjoying yourselves. This is no surprise.
The video is great Todd & the music came thru. Looks like you have found paradise. I didn't know you liked country music. Me too.
Happy new year. Annie & John & Maya
P.s. Go pack!
12/25/2011, La Cruz

Merry Christmas Everyone and happy holidays! We are toasting in your general direction!
OK, long shower I guess, anyway we had a fun day cruising around San Blas and even got to enjoy the nuptials of some newly weds who had just gotten married in the church in the zocala (town square). Their ride was a minivan with the biggest boquett on the bonnet we are not sure how they could see the road! The bus ride back cost 3 pesos more per person than the way in, ahh Mexico! The bay was pretty calm the whole time we were there. Todd did a bunch of exploring in the dingy and was having fun playing with his portable fish-finder. We did a big paddle board for 2hrs around 1/3 of the bay and checked out the longest break in the world..when it breaks. It was under a foot the day we paddling (just my size!). We had a lazy day the next day, catching up on reading and then headed for Chacala Monday 12/19. The other boats had left the day before as they got a few too many bug bites on Sat night, we were secure in the back 40 under bug screens. Monday was rolly and windless and no fishing to be had. We did see lots of whales though which is always fun. It was only about a 4hr run to Chacala and we arrived to find the marginal anchorage really full. There ended up being 13 boats there and it was like being in a washing machine so lousy sleep and we left for Punta Mita in Bandares Bay at first light the next morning. The trip was partially windy until 11ish so sails came back down and on we motored. More whales and a few porpoise and most interestingly, a pod of what looked like pilot whales but we can't be sure. This coast has been overfished commercially so the local panga fishermen have taken to using long lines. These are 1-3 miles long, usually have a black flag marking the ends, and frequently have soda bottles every 100 feet or so. A real hazard to navigation! We went around the first one, raised our fishing lines and coasted over the middle point between 2 bottles in nuetral on the 2nd one..and got the rudder snagged on a 3rd that was not visible due to swell and didn't have flags up, until we were over it. We had the engine in neutral tout sweet though and Todd was able to cut the line clear. Happily we had a good night rest in Punta Mita and will now be in Bandares Bay for about a month and a half.

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Glorious Green
12/22/2011, Currently La Cruz Bandares Bay

Well where did we leave off..Right, leaving Isla Isabella for Matachen Bay/San Blas on the mainland. We had no trouble retrieving our anchor and off we went into the usual rolly sea's with good breeze and patchy cloud. Got about 3 skipjack in rapid succession (Do they wake up before the other fish?), which we let go, and proceeded to make good speed towards landfall. There were quite a few fishing boats and it was very shallow for the whole trip at 100 feet or less. It was sunny all the way until 3 miles from Matachen bay and then it got very grey and cool..I had to put a fleece on! Matachen is a large jungle rimmed bay with yellow sand beaches and lots of Palapas (thatch-covered beach bar/restaurants). It has a couple of rivers and an estuary so the water was a bit brackish but in the high 70's. We got the hook down, the farthest boat from shore due to our previous experience with swarms of blood-sucking no-seeums that reside there. It is a really pretty spot. (pictures to follow soon) Soon after Relax arrived and after everyone took a dip and shower, we made our way over to a get together on Relax for Dinner. Old friends of Bob and Gisele, Jim and Crissy on the boat Loomba-Loomba, were also in attendance, so it was a fun night with great food and lot's of yarns. The anchorage was pretty calm and everyone slept late. Friday was a planned excursion to take the bus into town after dingying ashore, for the best shrimp empanadas and a walk through San Blas. It was a busy day with all kinds of venders on the street selling fish, fruit, pinatas, flowers, crafts and jewelry. (photos coming soon!) OK I'll add a bit more after a shower and a leg stretch!

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