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Beyond Midlife Crisis
Another Carnival Parade
02/29/2012, Melaque

Hello All, We left the Barra Lagoon this morning on the high tide. we've come across the bay to Melaque. we have a couple of chores to do here. I need to clean the boat bottom, scrub the prop, Make water, and head to shore for the market. Last night we ate ashore with our friends on Loomba Loomba. We had a great time wandering around the town, watched another Carnival Parade (Pirate theme). and then had a slice of Tres-leche cake. I say we, but mostly Virg :-) The main square was full of carnival rides for kids and make shift lounges for adults. Each of these lounges specialized in their own drink and had matching Loud Music blasting away. Understand that the only thing separating the lounges were a plastic tarp or sheet. Made for some great bass beats! We'll post some pictures from the night a little later. I'm off to scrub the bottom. Whoopy. (Sarcasm intended) .

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03/11/2012 | John Horne
It sounds like you are having quite the adventure! I carry well wishes from all at Scripps. You are missed! Best wishes for more great adventures and safe passage.
Good Friends, Good Food

Roughing it in Barra!

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02/25/2012, Barra Lagoon

A Picture says is all!

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Beautiful Barra
02/25/2012, Back Lagoon in Barra de Navidad

It is a calm, clear, and sunny morning here. The terns and frigates are wheeling and fish are splishing and plopping around the boat. Todd is out with our mate Doug fishing in the dingy off some rocks at the entrance to the harbor (or habour for you folks down under). This is what we signed up for! We a nice passage from Ipala down to Chamela with plenty of afternoon breeze. We even managed to catch a sierra so fresh fish was on the menu again! (These are in the mackerel family, silvery with yellow spots and sort of trout-like in appearance with white flesh). The next day was a windy but shorter hop down to Melaque which is adjacent to Barra. The tide was going out and the 25 knots of breeze meant we didn't tackle the entrance until the next morning when things were calm again. It was a ridiculously rolly night in the anchorage with a couple of rolls to 30 degrees, it was glorious to get to the dead flat water of the lagoon after avoiding various shoals on the way in. We will be here until Monday then will head off for a bit to clean the bottom and make water. I'll get the camera busy and post photos when we get highspeed wifi. Oh, I forgot to mention we had fresh croissants delivered to the boat by the French Baker this morning..we may never leave!

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02/25/2012 | Lindsay
Gorgeous photo of Virginia Todd.Enjoy your stay.Love
02/25/2012 | Jen Emerson
Paradise indeed! Sounds so fabulous! Happy and safe travels!
Oh, to be a Pirate!!
02/21/2012, Ipala

Hola everyone. We have just arrived at Ipala. 14 NM south of Cabo Correnettes. Was a very nice morning of motoring. As we approached the anchorage , of course the wind picked up to 20 knots. Oh well. Strange water too. We saw water temperatures fluctuate between 71 (when we left Bandaras Bay) to 48 degrees! Yep! 48! Don't ask me how. I also checked the temp with a second depth sounder. The currents around the Cape are pretty awesome, so we suspect it was deep water up welling. Here in the anchorage its 60. Way to cold for Mexico. strange things for sure! The bay is awesome if you were a Prirate. Take a look at the Google maps on the right of blog. It will plot our position and show the cool little bay we are in. Room for one or two boats, that's it. Very hidden little spot.

As for the wildlife today: One huge Manta Ray (6-8' across). Three Whales breaching completely out of the water. 20 or more dolphins the size of a large dog. But NO FISH! Oh well... always tomorrow.

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The shortest distance between two points sometimes in the other direction
02/20/2012, Back at Punta Mita

Greetings Everyone. A short note. We departed Paradise Village today and arrived back up in Punta Mita. Big Surf up here now! And as such, the water is not that clear. We will raise anchor around 0400 tomorrow in order to round Cabo Correntes in the early morning to allow for Fishing out side the bay in clearer water. we will be a few days enroute to Barra do Navidad. Look for updates along the way. It feels so very good to be moving again. Hope for Fish and smooth sailing!

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