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Beyond Midlife Crisis
Departed Isla Isabella
04/02/2012, Underway:

Good Afternoon All, We are underway, Sailing under sunny skies and a Southern Breeze pushing us along at 6.2 knots North. We departed Matanchen Bay after 3 days of surfing. Arrived Isla Isabella around 1400, the water was 78 degrees and 20' visibility. We dropped the anchor in 30' of water near the popular dive spot of Las Monas. It took us about 1.5 hours to clean the bottom of Wildflower. She desperately needed it. I desperately needed it too. I wanted her as fast as possible as we make our way across the Sea of Cortez towards the East Cape of Baja. After stowing the dive gear and preparing the boat for "Offshore" we pulled the hook at 1600. We've been sailing ever since we left. We will update tomorrow on our progress. We should make land fall day after tomorrow. I guess that makes it Wednesday.

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04/07/2012 | Lindsay
Good to see you are back on the peninsula surfing sounded incredible. Love.
Surf is Up!
03/30/2012, San Blas

Good Afternoon Everyone. Yesterday, we anchored back up at Punta Mita. and had a great visit with friends from Alameda. At 0630 we took off for points North. We have arrived in San Blas. (Matanchen Bay to be precise). And we are greeted with a perfect 3'-4' Break. I have never ever seen a surf break as far as this one does. Its got to be close to a mile ride! I was off the boat even before the anchor hit bottom. Perfect, easy rides. Reports say that the surf will build to 4'-6' tomorrow! I WILL remember to take the GOPRO for shots of this wave. You are NOT going to believe how far this thing breaks. Time for Dinner we'll post tomorrow, if our arms aren't too tired from surfing!

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BAck in Ol'Bandaras Bay Again
03/27/2012, La Cruz, Nayarate Mex

We're in old Banadaras Bay once again. We arrived Saturday Afternoon, Stayed one night out, then Sunday AM, came in to Marina La Cruz. We have been busy cleaning, doing laundry, rig tuning, catching up on sleep, and re provisioning. The weather is perfect (as usual). As it stands, we look to depart Thursday to head North. Then Maybe Saturday, we'll depart Mainland Mexico to cross back over the Sea Of Cortez.

Other than that, Lots of folks we know are around. So... we have to have Happy hour tonight and listen to a couple of bands play. Oh well, I guess we will survive. :-)

L8rs all.

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03/29/2012 | Lindsay/Jacqui
We are painting the town red. Love Pinacola and Mimosa Sunrise
Norwest Winds Hamper Our Progress
03/23/2012, Ipala

We're anchored in Ipala, just Just South of Cabo Correntes. We tried to round her this Afternoon, but wind and waves pushed us back. we'll try to leave 0400, in order to round at first light. Beautiful day despite the lack of Northward progress. we'll update Manana.

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Not too Much to report.
03/22/2012, Chamela

Kind of a quite motor North to Chamela. Lots of Sea Turtles. No fish. 68 degree water. We haven't decided if we are staying a couple of days here or not. Guess we'll figure it out tomorrow.

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Heading North
03/20/2012, Tenacatitia

We got underway this morning from Barra Lagoon. As usual for us, we were smack on the nose to 4-6' Northerly Swell. So we put in to Tenacatita, 30 miles short of were we wanted to be (Chamela). Oh well, we scrubbed the Barra Lagoon Mud of the anchor gear and boat deck. Now we are off to have a nice SUP session at the river mouth. This is not a bad place to be holed up for a couple of days, in order to le the wind and seas subside. More later. Got to Go, Virg just put the swim ladder in!

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04/04/2012 | Shaye Hawthorne
This is my first time to look for you and I am so excited to be able to get in here. I hope everything is going good for you both. I do miss you. A lot of patients have been asking about you. Be safe and we all love you.

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