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24 June 2012 | Canada
23 June 2012 | Boom!
15 June 2012 | Thetis Island Canada
28 May 2012 | La Paz
27 May 2012 | La Paz
25 May 2012 | La Paz
24 May 2012 | back in La Paz
29 April 2012 | Punta San Telmo
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Last Blog update!

24 June 2012 | Canada
This will be the LAST update on this Sailblogs website! Repeat LAST BLOG UPDATE. Now to answer a few questions.... In the beginning of June, I loaded Wildflower on to a freighter headed to Canada, and Unloaded her in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island. I flew to San Diego, had too short of a visit with good friends, then drove the trucks, JJ, and lil Black Trailer to Washington State. We arrived in Port Townsend 8:30am on a Thursday, and by 10, we had an address, residency, and all of our Trucks/boats/trailers registered in WA. Then we boarded the 1200 ferry to Vancouver Island. and Poof! We are now in Canada.... Now, I will not tell you WHY we are here, you will have to visit the NEW Blog site to find out! If you have any interest in what the two of us crazy people are doing next, come visit the new blog! Thanks for reading and more importantly, Thank you to all those who have posted on the blog. We REALLY enjoy hearing from everyone. Take care! and See you after the Zombie Apocalypse

Where in the World is Wildflower?

23 June 2012 | Boom!
We have had a crazy June! First off, check out our new boat position. Yep, that is correct, CANADA! Our Friendly Brothers to the North.

I know, I know.... what? Who? How? and Why? all of this will be reveled in the next blog posting. I will let you mind wander.... :-)

San Juanico

15 June 2012 | Thetis Island Canada
Our next stop was the lovely bay of San Juanico which had several anchoring options. We chose to be in the Northern hook which was between a rocky peninsula and a small islet. Every morning we were awoken by the tweerping of Osprey that were nesting on the pinnacles of the islet. There was some good hiking with the motivation provided by searching for "Apache Tears". (These were shards of obsidian that represented the tears of the Apache families after all the braves chose death over capture. If you had one of these tears you never need cry as the families had done all the crying for you.) We never did find any tears but had a great hike! There is a cruisers shrine set up on the corner of the beach there, which had an interesting collection of flotsam and jetsam. The second night there, we had a few other boats arrive and anchor around us making it very snug. Double Diamond showed up and we enjoyed boat drinks with Melody and Jeff who were from the Seattle area. In fact, we met more Canadians and people from WA state than anywhere else. The following morning we squeezed out of our anchorage and motored 8 miles on down to Mangles. This was a great little anchorage with no one there! There was terrific spearfishing and Todd bagged 2 big Pargos and a yellow barred jack over the 2 days we were there. In addition to the excellent fishing, we had a fun time beach combing and enjoyed a bonfire on the beach with some wonderful wine that my brother and sister in-law had given us back in May from New Zealand. The only downer was a gouged hand after we had been exploring the sea caves and striated cliffs near by. This actually happened after I swam back from a quick on-shore excursion to check out some black rocks that I thought might be the ever-elusive Apache Tears. Not sure what I cut my hand on as the rocks were all smooth and slippery. (I was more worried about breaking a hip!). Anyway, Todd took excellent care of me and for 5 days I got to sit around and eat bon-bons while he cooked and cleaned and did the usual boat jobs. During this time we were 2 days back in Escondido, 2 days on Isla Carmen at the Salinas anchorage where we reconnected with the Loomba Loomba's (Jim and Crissy), and a day in Candaleros to catch up on WiFi. More later, Cheers!

28 May 2012 | La Paz
We just added a few pictures from our backlog!

Loreto Fest

27 May 2012 | La Paz
The Hidden Port Yacht Club (HPYC) started the Loreto Fest years ago as a bay clean-up project, which has since morphed into a 4 day festival with live music, seminars on; pressure cookers, fishing, writing, SSB, etc, dinghy races, horse shoe and boche ball tournaments, food court and bar..oh and the "adult puppet show" (Think lip-synching hand puppets doing a Jerry Springer show). Cruisers arrive from all over Mx, and the bay can easily accomodate everyone. It was a good place to catch up with folks that you hadn't seen since the mainland and share info on various equipment issues, anchorages, fishing, and places to eat and provision. The temps had crept up though, so after a few days of festivities, we headed back out to Isla Coronados so we could swim and stay cool! We met up with Crissy and Jim, who had Kelsey and RL aboard. Kelsey and RL had just done a big through-hike of the Pacific trail and were enjoying the R and R, although they did make short work of the 3hr hike to the peak and back while the rest of us were Paddle boarding. We had a pot luck on the beach there with RL singing and playing the guitar for entertainment. There was a pile of bee's though that kept climbing in the beer cans and wine glasses in search of fluids as there was no water on the island, so you had to be careful before taking a swig! We had a gorgeous full moon and amazing phosphorescence in the water for the 3 nights we were there.

M.I.A cont..

25 May 2012 | La Paz
Our progress north continues with a sail-by Agua Verde which is a lovely little bay but the Southerly protected anchorage was too full for us. No worries though, Isla Danzante had a beaut little one boat spot for us. Turns out this would have been a perfect spot for the night... if the wind stayed from the South but it was destined to switch to the Northwest..and so we buzzed across to Puerto Escondido and thus ended up hanging around for a few days of "Loreto Fest". The harbor is ringed by the majestic Gigante Mountains and is almost completely enclosed. There is a narrow, dredged entrance which will take you from "the waiting room", past the semi-circular eclipse, and into the expansive harbor beyond. There are 2 separate entities that run the anchorages and mooring balls, there is a yard, a fuel dock, a great tienda, and a restaurant. Pedro, who runs the store and restaurant, is a lovely and gregarious long-legged individual, who is happy as hell all the time and goes out of his way to assist you in whatever way he can. We loved him! We had some of the best scallops, pizza (thin crust and crunchy!), and chilli relleno, of the trip here. Otherwise, there was a laundry, a small pool and hot tub, and the Hidden Port Yacht Club...more about Loreto fest next entry, cya!
Vessel Name: Wildflower
Vessel Make/Model: Passport 40
Hailing Port: San Francisco
Crew: Virginia Duncan & Todd Eversole
Wildflower's Photos - Mardigras 2/18/2012
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Is that a bear in the back?
puss in boots has some competition
Loodles of noodles
Bikers ride
Smoke machines are still cool!
See, I told you it was warm down here!
Kings and Queens of Mardigras
Gabby wisely taking the photo so as not to be associated with us
Bull riding PV style
synchronized donkey dancing
Hiding Nemo
The Uniboobs
Front and center
Floating by...
I believe this was a chocolate banana
Becoming in purple
More parading

Who: Virginia Duncan & Todd Eversole
Port: San Francisco