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18 November 2008 | San Carlos - Phoenix-Las Vegas
17 November 2008 | San Carlos
16 November 2008 | Sea of Cortez
15 November 2008 | Southwest of Isla San Francisco
14 November 2008 | La Paz
13 November 2008 | Bahia de los Muertos
12 November 2008 | Bahia Frailes
11 November 2008 | Bahia Frailes
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04 November 2008 | Bahia Santa Maria
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31 October 2008 | Turtle Bay (Bahia de Tortugas)
30 October 2008 | Turtle Bay (Bahia de Tortugas)
29 October 2008 | First leg - into Turtle Bay
28 October 2008 | First Leg - toward Turtle Bay
27 October 2008 | The start to Turle Bay 10.27.08
25 October 2008 | San Diego

2008 Baja Ha Ha 11.18.08

18 November 2008 | San Carlos - Phoenix-Las Vegas
Light wind, hot
I'll keep this short. I got up early and repacked as my bags are bursting. After showering, I went down to Serenity to see if Jackie and Stan wanted to do any work on her. It was weird as I felt obligated to announce myself and ask permission to come aboard since I have officially left.

We spent the morning doing miscellaneous choirs including dumping the four 5 gallon diesel cans into the tanks [using a device called a "Baja Filter" which is a real fine filter. Remember, we had filled the cans in Turtle Bay (it seems like a lifetime ago) and we were not sure of the quality of the fuel]. We hoisted and cleaned the Stay Sail (most of the time we had up three sails, this is the middle of the three) as it does not roll up, but remains on the deck while you are underway and we wanted to rinse the salt water off it. We cleaned the dodger (one of covers at the cockpit) and all the lines that had been soaked with salt water during the trip. We got the sail cover on and an awning put up to create shade for them until they leave town. We had planned on scrubbing the boat real well, but Stan found a local to wash and wax it for an incredibly cheap price that he could not resist. We removed and rinsed the jack lines (straps that run the entire length of the boat on bot the port and starboard side and to which you must clip onto if you go forward for any reason at night or in foul weather) and we filled the on board water tanks. It seem like we did more, but that is all I can think of.

We said our goodbyes and good lucks and I went to shower, have some lunch (I found a place across from the hotel called "Simply Coffee" which had GREAT food, great coffee (all right, I had my final Negra Medelo as well! Also, I have been drinking instant coffee for a month now, so maybe it wasn't great coffee, maybe it just seemed that way) all at a great price. I caught a cab to the airport early, checked my bags in, and headed across the street to the Restaurant "Mickey Mouse." It is the quaint little hole in the wall across from the tiny little airport (I won't get into more detail than that since I bored you all to tears with that description last year) as I have been looking forward to it since I realized I would fly home from San Carlos/Guaymas. Unfortunately, it was closed. Oh well. I did, however, take out the lap top and write today's entry as I sat at the outdoor tables. I wonder if it is closed forever or just for now. The tables and chairs are still here, and the same ole' pitbull is chained up outside, but no one is in sight.

Before sitting down I found a little store and although they had no beer (I know, that makes no sense whatsoever), but I bought a coke and upon finishing it, left it on the table. There is now a sizeable swarm of bees that appears to be getting bored with the soda and are now starting to explore me and computer, so I guess it is time to make my way back across the tiny, but heavily driven road, to the airport and await my flight.

That's it. The trip is done and I won't make any more entries - save and except some unforseeeable event here, in Phoenix, or in Las Vegas. Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. At least from my perspective, the updates don't appear to be as exciting as last year. I hope you have enjoyed them. However they came across, trust me, this was just as exciting and fun as last year's Baja Ha Ha, even if it was cut short and even if it did not appear to be as thrilling as last year. Again, I thank you and wish all of you the best.

Until the next voyage or adventure, take care.

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