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The Cruise of the Peking

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Cloud Forest
10/03/2011, Boquete, Panama

We have learned the difference between a cloud forest and a rain forest. Where we are staying in Boquete is in a cloud forest. Due to its altitude, we can see the clouds coming in from the Pacific. By the time they arrive here we are in the middle of them. They pass and we have our mountain and valley views.

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Boquete, Panama
Jerie in the cloud forrest
10/03/2011, Boquete, Panama

We have been in Boquete for a couple of weeks caring for a lovely home owned by a former cruiser. We have visited coffee plantations, rain forests and a howler money rescue lodge.
Boquete is unusual in that it has a moderate temperature. In fact, often in the mornings and at night you have to wear a sweater to keep warm. Before coming to Boquete, we had spent most of our time on the coast in Panama. It is a nice being cool for a change.
The coffee grown in Boquete is very good. It is arabica. Because of the cool weather, volcanic soil and the height of the lands, the coffee is very special. There is a lot of work growing and producing coffee but the rewards are many.
Here we are with Amy Tepper and the owner of the Royal coffee plantation tasting his special blends. Mr. Tito only grows speciaty blends for export.

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Mas lodo

Fay in the mud.

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Mud Baths
01/19/2011, Cartagena, Colombia

The mud baths were incredible. You walk up to an old volcano crater, step down into the mud and the experience begins.

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More mud

John even enjoyed it!

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