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Perfect Wave / L'Ola Perfecta
In search of the Perfect Wave
Whitney's 12th Birthday!
01/23/2011, La Cruz, Mexico

It's My Birthday, It's My Birthday, I'm going to party like it's my birthday...La,la,la,. Whitney was singing, she loves her birthday. She even celebrated for two day's in a row. Wow! how she has grown up into such a beautiful little lady. My little "punkin spunkin", my "little bug" or Daddy's nickname from when you were little "Whitters", "Whitterbug". We do have a new nickname for her it's Thumper! She thumps all over the boat :). Whitney had many outfit changes for her big day, she loves to get all decked out. We went to a cool little Italian restaurant with great food. She picked out her favorite cake CHOCOLATE,and made her wishes and then we all, our family and our new family addition Red Sky, were able to enjoy it together. Take a peek at her birthday album, she is so adorable. Have a great year Whitney!

Love, Dad, Mom, and Tommy too!

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Tommy's blog
Tommy Wells
01/16/2011, Punta De Mita

Tommy's Blog Jan 15, 2011
We are in Punta De Mita. yesterday in la cruz it was mat's b day we stayed up till 11:00 but I stayed up to 1:00 playing on my ipod in bed. We bought silly string for mat's b day I spayed him really good but he used the whole can on me I had it stuck in my hair. So today I was really tired so I just laid in my bed when we where under way to PUNTA DE MITA .there is a nice swell we are looking forward to surfing tomorrow

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Escape from Paradise Village
01/11/2011, La Cruz Mex.

We escaped from Paradise Village this afternoon and made it back to the anchorage outside of La Cruz. Tomorrow we will head to Punta De Mita and few days of surfing while we still have a swell. Paradise Village was a great place but very much a gringo tourist trap. I think we all got addicted to eating out and Starbucks 500 meters from the marina slip. Starbucks was good internet access and a good place to get school fired back up after the Holidays.
We also had a good venue for Tommy 9th Birthday (Il Pescador) in and after find the hidden presents on the boat, this could be the new tradition. We will see after Whitney's on the 20th.
We did a fair bit of work on the boat and a lot of messing around with the French electrical wiring. I say messing around based on the problems are not resolved at this point, but we have relocated them successfully. There is some frustration here, but I am working on just going with the flow, or as my new Aussie friend would say just be a jelly fish and drift.
We did sneak out for a surf at Sayulita on a day that the surf was waist plus, so a good session.
Internet issues were all resolved last week so we can get back in the blog business, new router and aerial at the top of the mast. We have WiFi or can get a signal from someone within a mile. We also got a few things welded and our sail repaired. So the week at Paradise was successful, kids dug the pools with the giant alligator slide and organized water polo. Whitney did win the soccer goal kicking competition one day and received a free fancy drink.( Coach Potter and Browne would be proud). We also should also mention Tommy winning Bingo at the P.V. Yacht Club one night; he won a bottle of rum.
We look forward too some time back on the hook (anchor for the land lovers in the crowd) and a few surf sessions each day. We plan to be back in La Cruz at a slip Friday and we have Matt's (RedSky John and Leanne's son) 20 Birthday. We plan to get the rest of our projects done and with luck the electrical then Sur (South) with the rising tide.
I did talk to Jonny last night they had some 12+ inches of snow in Bellingham this week. He and Hailee are doing well and back into their routine in Washington. We had a great time with them down on the boat for a week and they seem to enjoy the experience. We hope to see them down when we get to Panama over the summer.
That's it for now,
Peace and may the Wave of life take you all the way to the Palapa Bar on the Playa.

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Christmas and New Years
01/01/2011, La Cruz Mex.

La Cruz

We then headed to La Cruz, about a 46 nautical mile run to the Marina. We caught a Dorado on the way and viewed a few more whales along the way. When we arrived in Banderas bay we were enveloped by many more whales and thanks to the local whale watchers they ran a whale right in front Red Sky. He had to throw his boat into reverse to slow up or he may have come a lot closer than any sailboat likes to be. We missed the photo opportunity because it all happen so quickly. We arrived in to Marina La Cruz and as always in the marina Eric begins our to do list. We are still experiencing a few repairs even with a new boat. We are going to add more stainless railing for better support by the anchor and along the sides. We also took our genoa sail down to repair a few fatigued areas and also a tear at the top. We also are investing in a bigger better antenna for internet WOO! HOO! Christmas Eve we had a party on the dock we made our table with Red Sky's dingy and we had a potluck, as always the food was great. The kids lined up for their first Christmas pinnata, a cute little reindeer. Everyone had a few shots at the reindeer and then Bam Bam was up to bat and that reindeers head went flying and the kids started to scramble for the candy. The tunes then cranked up a bit, along with some dancing and more lessons to learn the Electric slide. Christmas day Santa still found us. The kids were tracking Santa on the internet. The last place they saw him was in B. C. Canada. We made sure Santa could find us. We had our holiday lights with holiday tunes and we were able to find a cute little tree. The kids decorated it and I have the photo with them adding their homemade star for the top. The holiday trimmings really helped get in the spirit of things. We had a wonderful dinner at the La Cruz Yacht Club again a little potluck. Whitney is becoming quite the pie maker she made two yummy apple pies for the Christmas event. Our highlight or gift for me and adding to the holiday spirit was a visit from Jonny and Hailee. They have had an opportunity to experience our simple life on the sailboat, stressing out about the next place or beautiful anchorage to cruise to. We cruised to Punta de Mita a well known little surf spot and I was able to get some great shots at the point. We had lunch surfside at another little palapa restaurant and Whitney and Hailee were able to get their hair braided. Our friends from Camelot arrived at the anchorage and we were able to get an update on their adventures after we left them in Los Muertos. The next morning we were wrapping things up to head back to La Cruz, Eric spotted a fellow sailing vessel, that also happens to be from Washington, dragging their anchor and heading into the rocks. He tried to get their attention with the horn to no avail so he called for me to dropped the dinghy so he could head over quickly to wake them up. Perfect Wave and Red Sky to the rescue! They circled around them and they finally jumped up from their slumber and were able to get out of harms way. We also enjoyed quite a whale show before heading back into the marina. It seemed as if we just arrived and we were pulling up anchor. Our next excitement will be New Years Eve dinner and then dancing at Philo's.

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Eric's Birthday
12/20/2010, Chacala


We really loved the little town of Chacala. It was a small sandy little beach with a number of little palapa restaurants along the shore. We picked a great viewpoint to celebrate Eric's birthday and had a great seafood meal and another unbelievable sunset. The dinghy landing was a rolling surf but we seemed to have become a bit more proficient at our landings. We did lose Tommy on our landing one of the days, he decided to wear his flip flops when he jumped out to pull the dinghy to avoid stepping on a ray and he was unable to move fast so he took a quick dip as we pulled up the dinghy :). We also used our stern anchor for the first time as it was a recommendation for the anchorage to keep the movement of the boat to a minimum because of the swell. Our friends on Red Sky forgot to tighten his shackle on his stern anchor so Eric geared up to take a quick dive in twenty feet of water and he just followed his anchor line down to give the shackle a quick turn so they wouldn't lose the anchor at the bottom.

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San Blas
Eric Clear hot
12/16/2010, San Blas

We have been on the mainland for two day in the lovely little town of San Blas. Yesterdays adventure included shopping at the super mercado, pollo so fresh they had to cut the feet off. Vegtables looked great so Dawn is happy and the boat is well stocked. We found a great breakfast spot Wala Wala in the center of town and free WiFi an added benifit. We will stay here a few more days, the anchorage is good,, the food is better, and the locals are friendly.

We are still in search of some surf the swell has been weak the last few days, and no sign that that will improve soon. We did cruise a river mouth this morning on the way into the marina, Dawn spotted a shark. Maybe we pass on the river mouth swell.
We will head south at the end of the week looking for waves enroute to PV. for Christmas. Christmas will be with new friends (mates) and John and Hailee will join us on the 26th.
We will get another update before Christmas untill then happy shopping, and good health to all.

We have added a link to the right hand side of our home page to the Red Sky Blog, check it out for more stories and photos.

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