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Update Pt. 2
20 February 2012 | Ragged Island
We left Long Island on Feb. 14, and along with two other sailboats, headed toward the Jumento Cays. First stop was Water Cay. The three of us got together for a Valentine’s Day dinner of mutton snapper, which one of them had caught on the way. (Our catch, a barracuda, went back into the water.). We did not go ashore there, but headed out the next day for further south. And had a fantastic sail. Wind was east at about 18knots and we were going south, southeast. Our speeds were quite up there for us.. Part of the day was a little lumpy, and we were wearing foul weather jackets, but we did not take a lot of water over the bow.
So on Feb. 15, we anchored off Raccoon Cay in the Ragged Islands and have been there until today, Sunday, Feb. 19. We hiked on the island, hunted for seabeans, and went snorkeling. Imagine, Tom gave up the snorkeling in one spot when he noticed a bull shark about 30 feet away.
We are now moving further south, to the Hog Cay area, and anticipate going into Duncan Town on Ragged Island. We hear they have great wi-fi. No restaurant, no grocery store, but internet access. After a short time in this area, we will start to head back north, probably to George Town. The outboard will need a required service and Tom hopes to take another ham license test. So another stretch with no Internet access.