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Voyages of Petite Ourse
Day 28
06/09/2012, on passage

We are becalmed less than 100 miles from Hiva OA. We flew the spinnacher during the day but speed of the boat was less than 2 knots. Now anticipating landfall Sunday or Monday.

06/09/2012 | alix
Demat eus BREIZH,

Un peu de crachin vous fera du bien .

Elisabeth nous a rejoint pour le week-end ,(un peu pluvieux ,je dois l'avouer )

Je vois que l'aboutissement est proche pour vous .

Puisse le vent vous amener à bon port .

06/09/2012 | Boucard
Partir n'est pas facile,
arriver est plus difficile.
Bravo,pour cette belle Nav;
Ici pas de crachin breton, mais pas de temps tropical non plus. (19°C et vent du Sud avec pluie en Touraine)
Day 27
06/07/2012, on passage

Tomorrow will be four weeks on passage. The whole crew took their weekly shower today in

preparation for landfall in a couple of days hopefully. We have about 150 miles to go. Around noon a pod or herd of dolphins visited for about five minutes which was a good sign - we landed a bull mahi mahi at sunset.

When clear, the night sky has been fantastic - first the starry nights of the new moon near

Galapagos with the southern cross, orion, and milky way prominent and

recently the full and near full moons lighting our way.

06/08/2012 | Klaus
fantastique ... on vous envie pour la partie etoiles. on est avec vous sur ces dernieres miles et nous sommes tres heureux que tout s'est bien passe
C and K
Day 26
06/06/2012, on passage

No luck in fishing since the end of May other than strikes by fish to big to manage. Our fresh produce is now quite limited. We finished our apple supply two days ago, and are now down to four tomatoes, lots of carrots, and onions. We are growing sprouts to add to salads and sandwiches. We do have plenty of canned options also. Just under 250 miles to go and forecast is still for next to no wind starting Thursday night.

Day 25
06/06/2012, on passage

Apres 3 jours de grosses vagues (4 m de haut) la mer est un peu moins agitee aujourd' hui. J'en profite pour allumer le four et faire des petits gateaux pour celebrer le peu de voyage qui nous reste a faire: 350 miles! On est tres contents. Le capitaine a prepare aujourd' huil'ancre arriere qui sera necessaire pour un double mouillage en eau profonde dans notre ile d' arrivee: Hiva Oa. Pendant la nuit un oiseau du grand large -un "booby" brun au masque bleu, nous a quittes apres avoir passe 3 nuits et 3jours avec nous sur le bossoir. Esperons le revoir!

Dominique will be the winner of the landfall date bet. We are now hoping for Saturday arrival which will be 29 days on passage. The forecast is for diminishing winds starting Thursday so it may even take a bit longer if they develop.

06/06/2012 | Klaus
you're making excellent progress and Dominique is anyway alwayws the winner ...
we look forward to the saturday report and wish you good winds and a safe arrival at hiva oa - northern or southern side ?
C and K
06/06/2012 | ANNE
Comme pour Compostelle les étapes sont de plus en plus rapides!Le "terrain" comporte des creux plus impressionnants et le bon pied "marin" est plus utile que le "terrien"! Bon vent naval et pas trop glacial!
06/06/2012 | Kathy
here's to the sighting of land, have been reading a few notes from other boats who have been at sea for a lengthy passgage on Winlink - such as you three, appears walking on land for the first while may prove interesting - you'll have to get your land legs back. hopefully the winds don't disappoint. k.
Day 24
06/04/2012, on passage

Another big one got away. An hour before sunset we got a strike and knew by its pull it was large. When finally got to the stern of the boat the fish broke the 100 lb test line and swam away. From our fleeting glimpse he appeared to be a good 5 ft (1.5m) and with a striking blue neon colour. Our bird passenger has finally departed this afternoon. Back to twin headsails this morning as wind backed more east.

06/05/2012 | Klaus
on the recent position map it looks like another 4 days ... good winds and all the best for the endspurt
C and K
06/05/2012 | Boucard
Nous constatons que le mousse n'a pas encore été mangé. Pourvu que la pèche soit favorable !
06/05/2012 | Drew
Maybe a marlin? Pretty exciting. Almost there. Hope the seas are a bit calmer.
Day 23 additional
06/03/2012, on passage

Crew of Petite Ourse at mid passage. taken with Nikon camera on a tripod which was lashed to a winch.

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