Voyages of Petite Ourse

30 November 2016 | Inhaca Island, Mozambique
26 November 2016 | Inhaca Island, Mozambique
14 November 2016 | Bazaruto Island, Mozambique
31 October 2016
17 October 2016 | Dzaoudi
02 October 2016
31 August 2016
31 July 2016 | 200 miles from Victoria, Mahe
20 May 2016
11 April 2016 | Maldives
24 March 2016 | Maldives
19 March 2016 | 50 Miles from Uligan
15 March 2016
12 March 2016 | Offshore Southeast Sri Lanka
09 March 2016 | Trincomalee Harbour
01 March 2016 | Trincomalee Harbour
23 February 2016 | Bsy of Bengal
20 February 2016 | Bsy of Bengal
18 February 2016 | North of Sumatra

More Weather Fronts

30 November 2016 | Inhaca Island, Mozambique
We are still in the Inhaca Island anchorage. The interval between fronts has been too short to attempt to sail to Richards Bay. Last night we had a severe pre-frontal squall with winds peaking in the range of 60 to 70 knots. In the middle of the storm we had a 180 degree wind shift from north to south. One boat dragged at that point and one boat lost its dinghy. We are thankful that we have a well stocked larder since we have not been off the boat since November 5th. Our fresh fruit is down to bananas. We thought these bananas would never ripen but a month later after we bought them in Mayotte they are being gratefully consumed.

Currently we see the next front approaching. South Africans say we are getting more unsettled weather than normal.

Another Weather Anchorage

26 November 2016 | Inhaca Island, Mozambique
After a 3 1/2 day passage from Bazaruto we arrived at Inhaca on November 24th. We are anchored on the west side of Inhaca Island for protection from strong SE winds and to await the next weather window. The first front has almost past through and a second weaker one will arrive within 2 days. Long range forecasts indicate we may have to wait a week here before there are suitable winds to go south 200 miles to Richards Bay, South Africa. There is a flotilla of cruising sailboats waiting here, 9 at last count including us. With the strong southerly winds, conditions are not comfortable in the anchorage,with the tidal current pushing the boat abeam to the waves with some breaking on the side. This also occurs with the strong northerly winds that precede the southerly front. In between the fronts, it becomes a bit more calm in the anchorage. The capital city of Mozambique, Maputo, is only 20 miles to the west and with good visibility we can see the highrises along with a queue of anchored cargo ships and one cruise ship. The island of Inhaca has several resorts on it and a small town.

Waiting for Weather

14 November 2016 | Bazaruto Island, Mozambique
We are anchored on the west side of Bazaruto Island north of Punta Gengareme with a Brazilian monohull and a French catamaran. The anchorage is off a fishing village. Tidal currents are strong in the bay and many times we are beam to the waves. The island is also a national park primarily to protect the dugong a marine mammal similar to a manatee. We paid $31 US park fees when park officials arrived in a boat on one of the few calm fine weather days.

The local villagers set fish nets in the bay. Yesterday one of the nets got entangled with the Brazilian sailboat and it took lot of effort by the villagers to sort out the problem. The villagers are selling calamari and fish and so far we have tried the calamari which was excellent. Very messy to clean on the boat as we got ink everywhere in the cockpit. We hope to get underway on Monday the 21st.

Last night was rough in the anchorage with 20 knot winds from the north. This direction does not afford too much protection. Today we found seven squid on deck and ink stains all over. We are about to go through our second front at this anchorage with SE winds of 30 knots forecast. Hopefully, by Sunday or Monday we will be on our way to Maputo.


31 October 2016
Mayotte is French influenced African island that uses the euro currency. Many items are very expensive but the range of imported French foods is varied. The bakeries on the island offer baguette, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins all of good taste and quality. We obtained fresh produce from a garden on Petite Terre at a reasonable price compared with the main market and supermarkets. We also had fresh mahi mahi at a reasonable price bought from a fisherman on Petite Terre on the way to the airport.

The island has a beautiful lagoon and from land the views from the north coast are very attractive. We drove around the island in about 5 hours with a quick stop to see the lemurs at Plage de Ngouja near Kani Keli on the southwest corner of Grand Terre.

To clear in and out they do have you running around. Customs is right in Dzaoudi where the boat is moored but to get immigration clearance you need to get a taxi to the airport and then a ferry to the main island, Grande Terre, to clear with the port. The clearance form is obtained at the Dzaoudi yacht club bar before making the circuit.

We expect to be leaving in the next couple of days for South Africa.

In Mayotte

17 October 2016 | Dzaoudi
We have been in Mayotte for one week now moored off Dzaoudi on Petite Terre. Most of the good shopping is on Grande Terre in the city of Mamoudzou easily accessible by ferry every half hour. Prices are expensive in the same range as Seychelles. Mayotte is a department of France and the large supermarket brands such as Casino and Carrefours are found everywhere.

Our passage to Mayotte took 7 days. We hove to about 10 miles from the island for several hours so that we could enter the lagoon in daylight. Our first three days were uneventful sailing in moderate winds, followed by two days of motoring , and then a day and a half of winds up to 30 knots as we approached Mayotte. At several points waves were in the vicinity of 4 metres thankfully on the rear quarter.

We are now thinking of heady directly for South Africa in the next week or two rather than crossing over to Madagascar.

Ready to Leave Seychelles

02 October 2016
We should be on our way to Mayotte tomorrow. The boat is prepared except for one last item. In the morning, a diver will clean our propeller which has some hard growth on it. The immigration office is supposed to deliver our passport to the boat just before we leave.

The weather forecast is fairly good with 10 to 15 knot winds most the way. The wind map shows that on October 10 winds northwest of the tip of Madgascar will be accelerated to over 25 knots. Usually this means at least 30 knots. We hope to get into Mayotte (circled in blue) before the acceleration zone becomes extensive.
The photo galleries have now been updated across the Indian Ocean up to the Seychelles.

Vessel Name: Petite Ourse
Vessel Make/Model: Valiant 40
Hailing Port: Toronto
Crew: Richard Kolomeychuk, Dominique Aucouturier
Extra: Started in Toronto, Canada July 2009
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