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Pickled Pirates in Paradise
Ever dreamed of running away, jumping on a sailing boat and see where you land up?.......we have, and we have done just that.
Ready to go!!
05/12/2012, UK

We are off again, the car is all packed up without an inch to spare. Stopping off to see the new addition to the family in Belgium and then on to the boat. Hopefully not too long now and we will be set to go. Hope it is warmer in Spain than a month ago. Need some sun! Goodbye UK. Looking forward to seeing everyone in sunnier climbs.......
Richard holding the new edition to the family....Lola

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Packing again.
05/11/2012, Conington

Starting to pack the car up to get this show on the road. Hoping to be on the road either tomorrow or the the next day. All work now done, so now its going to be fun to see if we can get everything that has been ear marked to go out to the yacht fits into my little car. I have a feeling I am going to have a cramped ride to Valencia!!

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Itchy feet!
05/03/2012, UK

Starting to get itchy feet again. Hopefully not long now and we will be heading back to Valencia and then get provisions to set off the summer. Might be a touch early but will see how the weather is holding up. Just a few more jobs to do back here in the UK and then it's pack up the car and get going. Hopefully within the next week. Though having a good time catching up with Jackson, Richard's Grandson.

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Another lesson learned!!!
04/19/2012, Valencia

Another lesson learned.!!!

We are still experiencing high winds here and have seen gust of up to 54 knots.  Needless to say we are quite comfortable stowed below, with our satellite tv & internet, though Cap'n Jack is getting a bit of cabin fever, never mind not long to go and we will be on our way and hopefully it will be a lot kinder when we return.

Unfortunately last night, we went to bed and left the ladder out to the dock.  This morning got up to discover that it had come loose and it is now sitting at the bottom of the marina under the boat.  We have checked our depth and we have a depth of 25 feet!  Richard reckons it might have to wait until we are back next month as he will probably need a bottle to dive that deep.  In future we will bring our ladder in, when it is not being used.

We have stayed in Valencia for the entire winter at a very secure, and well provided with electricity and water.  This has been the perfect mooring if you are not full time cruisers and are going home for the winter as there is absolutely nothing here but the yachts.  It's set behind security gates, that is 2 miles away from the yachts. You have to go through Club Nautico to get to the Yacht Base.  There is only 2 very small restaurant, or more like cafe's in Port Nautico and that is all there is.  But this is reflected in the price.  We have paid €2 000 for 6 months or €3 000 for the entire year.  This includes water and electricity.  The berths are huge and they have under ground parking should you have a car.

This compared to Denia, we found cheap.  We were caught short in September last year and needed to get back to the UK so moored the yacht there for a month.  This marina had all the conveniences, little convenience shop, plus all the bars and restaurants that you could want.  This berth was €2 000 for the month plus electricity.  I know this was still September but on enquiring about winter, to see if it would radically reduce, Richard said they reduced it by €5 a day!  So we were very pleased with our find and thanks to David who has a little bar on the Denia marina for telling us about it.

One of our biggest headaches when we come out here has been our internet and for my part learning about downloads and using all my gb in one go.  We think we have cracked this one now, though RicharId's answer to the problem was keep me off the net!  We now have a sim for the iPad and we buy time from vodafone.  This one is 1GB for 7 days which was €20, when we come back we are hoping to pay €30 for the month.  

If anyone can offer advice on reasonable priced berths, ie in Greece, Sardinia, or Italy, I would appreciate it as that is where we are heading

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Blown to bits
04/18/2012, Valencia

After our bikes were stolen we have had our wings clipped a bit. Decided to wait until we are back mid may to buy new ones.  So we are spending the last few days doing small jobs around the yacht.  

On Monday it was quite a nice day, the winds had calmed quite a bit so decided to take her out for a little sail and richard could do a bit of fishing.  Out of the wind the sun was beautiful, though you knew about it when in the wind.  Coming back in we had the challenge of the wind when it came to mooring the yacht., but Richard got it in with out any problems, as always taking it as slow as he can to afford any mishaps.

We have a beautiful super yacht in our marina St Nicholas, from Georgetown,
she is enormous, good to see she was flying the British flag.  They went out yesterday morning and when they came back the wind was really giving them a run for their money.  The captain took it nice a slowly, but I bet even though she has all that power it must be daunting.   Though the deck hands didn't do such a good job with all the warps.  They were getting in a right muddle.  Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  They got it moored up but did not inspire confidence.  I think they might have been a new crew and were practicing.  Apparently it stays here for the winter and then is chartered in the med by the high society.

There are a couple of other large yachts here all waiting for May when they will be heading down to Greece for their summer charter work.  Which makes you think it must pay them to bring their yachts all the way back to Valencia. Thought Greece would be cheaper to with all the ecominic problems they are having, but guess not.

Today we are giving up on the day the wind is blowing a gale, you can hardly stay upright in it.  So have decided to stay below decks, Richard is engrossed in the latest edition of yachting monthly and I am going to work on my Spanish.  The first words I'm going to learn.......... Do not take your bikes into Valencia !!!

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04/14/2012, Valencia

Just been robbed in Valencia, not happy, came out with all our groceries to find our bikes gone. Very upsetting, feel like we've been violated :(. :(

Having lost our bikes yesterday, we are having to resort to walking everywhere for the moment. Though in retrospect we did everything we could to keep them safe. Padlocked and under a camera, what more could you do?  The problem is that if that can't keep them safe, there is not much point in having them as you cannot leave them anywhere.  Never mind, no point crying over spilt milk.  Richard is back in his engine, I'm getting used to seeing his rear end sticking out of the engine now! Lol

It is still very windy here, we can now see why people do not start the sailing season until end of May, beginning of June.  When you are sitting in England you feel it can't be that bad that you can't sail, but it is.  Most days we have gusts of wind around 35 knots, which come and go through out the day.  Looking forward to it being a bit warmer.  Guess I am never satisfied!

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04/14/2012 | Allan Smith
I feel for you. Our house was burgled once and our 18 year old daughter was mugged of her I-phone last year and it still sends me into a rage with fantasy punishemnts way out of line for the crimes. I understand crime always has and always will exist. I just don't do crime myself and I despise people who perpetrate crime. Wher IS my blood pressure meds....Allan
04/15/2012 | Tracey Stubbins
Hi Allen, thanks for words of comfort, fortunately it wasn't a personal mugging, so all good. Back to more important things like figuring how to find the damn Astra 28 E satellite lol

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