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Pickled Pirates in Paradise
Ever dreamed of running away, jumping on a sailing boat and see where you land up?.......we have, and we have done just that.
Back in Mallorca!!!
07/10/2012, Palma Nova

Made it back to Mallorca, we left Valencia at 3am and it took us 20 hours. We managed to sail for about 4 hours, the rest of the time we were under motor. Made it back to the little bay that we left from. We made our way round to Palma to collect Steph & Jack. They missed their flight so they came a day later. We went to get fuel in Palma & it has to be the worse Marina we have ever been in. It definitely is not for the larger boats. With the wind it was extremely dodgy. We then moved around to Portals Cala. Absolutely beautiful cala, with lovely caves to explore as well a Nudist Beach to add to people watching. We have moved round today to Palma Nova, which is a bit more cosmopolitan. So found a wifi bar to upload my blog. Just outside Palma, the American Plane Carrier was anchored, the US Eisenhower. She was the largest Marine ship I have ever seen. She hold 5617 crew and over 100 planes, not to mention all the Armour.

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Heading back to the boat.
The Pickled Pirate's Galley Slave!
07/01/2012, England

Had a wonderful 10 days back in England, the weather has been kind, a little rain but still very warm. Good to catch up with family & friends where possible and looking forward to seeing some of them soon out on the islands this summer. Had a lovely day out at the Royal Norfolk Show as well as going to Henley Royal Regatta on Thursday. I am afraid I will be going back to the yacht to rest. We are planning an early start tomorrow and should be on the boat by midday & then off to get some basic provisions before getting our heads down as we want to leave for Majorca at about 3am under a full moon. Weather guru is promising us good weather so all should be good & we will be back over in Majorca by Wednesday night. Just hope wind guru is correct & we don't have it as rocky as we did coming back. No doubt we will conquer it.

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Sailing to Mallorca
06/23/2012, Mallorca

Sailing over to Mallorca from Ibiza we had some quite strong winds and big swells. Needed to be strapped in most of the way, made serving G & T's rather hazardous & tea even more so. Cap'n JS is pleased that beers come in a can lol. This is a film clip of what a first mate has to put up with lol!!!

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08/10/2012 | Simon
Hi GUys
Im off to sail around mallorca from 18-25 August 2012 - just looking for advice from anyone who has circumnvaigated clockwise from Palma, the full island - did you guys do this?

We are on a Bavaria 49, probably 7 of us for the week, and are trying to plot out a few possible itineraries (and back up plans!)

Perhaps you can write a blog update about where to sail, moor, lunch, swim etc if you have time?

Love your photos and clips!

[email protected]
Back to Valencia
06/15/2012, Valencia

Back to Valencia, need to make a dash back to the UK, so where better to leave the boat, but back in the capable hands of Anna at Yacht Base. We left Mallorca at 7am and Richard motored & sailed all the way for 19 hours. (135 miles non stop )Got in at 3am this morning. I fell asleep about midnight, but he stayed up, but dosed off to waking with a start that something was amiss, only to look over the spray hood to see a massive ferry bearing down on him. He was strapped to the pilot table by his life jacket & got in a major panic to get back on the helm to veer the yacht to the right. Fortunately the ferry was on the ball & he veered to the right, as did Richard when he got onto the helm. He said his heart was in his mouth, while watching all these faces peering over the side of the ferry down at him. Another lesson learned! So we are off back to the UK and then will be back on the 2nd to continue around Mallorca.

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Calamari for dinner
06/11/2012, Portinax Ibiza


Spent the last couple of days in Portinax, had a bit of a drama when we got here as we discovered that we had used the entire back tank of water in one night & although we have the water maker, it was a little disconcerting to go through 200 litres of water in one night. So up came the floor boards again! Richard had spent most of the night before clearing the water out of the bilge, which is what ticked us off about the problem as it kept on trying to empty all the water. The next morning Richard set out trying logically to see whether the leak came from the water maker side or the domestic side. After tracking it back to one of the back bedrooms, we then discovered it was even further back, which meant the back of the boat. It then became clear to him that it was the shower on the back of the boat on the swim platform. It had developed a dodgy spray and had not shut off properly and had slowly but surely being trickling quite rapidly back on it's self back into the boat & then into the hull. Another learning curve.... Fortunately it was not that serious, so yesterday for most of the day we had to have the genny on to refill our water tank. Then to cap it all last night, we started to slip anchor. There were 2 yachts in the bay over 45 ft and both of us had the same issue. We had to move twice & it is a little eerie when you see the rock face of the bank a lot closer than it should be. The pilot books do say it the bay does not have the best holding. Anyway after much contemplating by both boats we feel we had the anchor set. The smaller boats did not seem to have the problem. Though saying that, tonight a little 32 ft came in and after dropping anchor and going a shore about an hour later they made a dash back to their boat as they were slipping quite a quickly. Fortunately for them, they got round a mooring buoy, which are available for the smaller boats.

Last night we had a night on the town with a nice dinner. Richard thought a break from fish would be nice, so a little duck for dinner & a little champers to boot. We spent today enjoying Portinax bay, by snorkelling, lying in the hammock, and on the li-lo, an enjoyable day had by both of us. Richard also disappeared into the rocks and came back with a huge squid and an octopus, which we had for dinner & there is enough for tomorrow nights dinner.

Planning on making an early get away and heading over to Majorca tomorrow morning, Richard reckons 6am get away......mmmm I think 8 would be nicer. Plenty time to get to Majorca for about 5 tomorrow night.

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06/11/2012 | Allan Smith
Tell Richard his talent lies BEHIND the had to be said.
06/15/2012 | Tracey Stubbins
Richard agrees Alan, he reckons I dont have the eye he has!! Dont know what he means?lol
Playa de las Salinas
06/07/2012, Ibiza

Me on my lilo, enjoying the first dip of the season.

Heading for Ibiza old town. When we got to Playa de las Salinas, it looked so inviting, so we dropped the hook and Richard did a bit of snorkelling and I broke the ice and got on to my lilo. It was beautiful, a little cold but not too bad at all. Cap'n Jack sparrow (alias Richard) also rose to the occasion & caught us 2 fishies for dinner which we ate within half an hour of them coming out of the water. They were absolutely delicious with med potatoes and a fresh salad with hugh asparagus.......mmmmmmmm Can't get fresher than that. We are staying here the night & seeing what tomorrow holds.

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