After Pipedream, a Westerly Centaur, taken to the Azores in JAC08, now PipedreamII (was Mr.Tinkles (really!)). Intention was RB&I and beyond ......

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Pirate Weekend

04 July 2010 | Stone Point
In anticipation of the summer holiday to come, we had already got together wetsuits, and given the weather, it was a great chance to try them out - so we did. Arrived Friday evening and the new anchor went in first time and we settled into the evening with a glass of wine. The wetsuits clearly worked a treat as the children were swimming everywhere - I was surprised how much additional buoyancy they gave.

The children all seemed to be playing really well and keeping themselves occupied so the pre-arranged football didnt happen which was no issue at all, and the rest of the day turned into a slow and very long chill day with sunshine, wine, great company and BBQs going off everywhere. I then fell asleep for an hour which was just fabulous.

The food went on late, the fire went on and the evening weas soon there. T wasnt feeling great and retired early - the children (Ols and Ben) wanted to sleep on the beach with Charlotte and her friend, so on making sure they were well, I left them to it and retired midnightish. A great day.

Out : 6
Back : 6
Total : 12
YTD : 409.1
Vessel Name: Pipedream II
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau First 345
Hailing Port: Portsmouth Harbour
Crew: Alan, Zoe and the boys
About: Scurvy ridden, good for nothing, over fed, over praised, over acknowledged and rubbish. But they make nice tea.
Extra: Life changes, and so do plans. Recent years have meant some very big changes for me personally, and to sailing plans too. But ..... happiness now has a true depth, and without that .... then what is the point !!.
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Who: Alan, Zoe and the boys
Port: Portsmouth Harbour