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S/V Pizzazz - Journey Downunder
South Africa to Australia
1 week to go!!
03/01/08, Richards Bay, South Africa

Well we are one week away to me arriving back at Pizzazz and being ready to leave. Glyn & Di (Glyn's sister) are leaving Joburg tomorrow on the bus for Richards Bay. They are going to be doing a few last bits & pieces preparing Pizzazz for her first leg of her voyage.
We are hoping to sail from Richards Bay to Port Elizabeth or further, we are hoping to at least miss Durban. I will be weather watching next week and we will see how we get on, so until then.....

Loading provisions
10/12/07, Richards Bay, South Africa

Amazing what a boat can take!!!

Back on the water
10/12/07, Richards Bay, South Africa

So Pizzazz is back on the water. Glyn & I returned from our check in to Oz & then had to make sure Pizzazz got into the water and all the provisions loaded. We enjoyed our stay in Oz, was busy as we were doing enquiries for a home for Pizzazz when we arrive there. We could not find exactly what we were looking for, we also looked at properties. So now that Pizzazz is all packed and ready to go we are getting excited about leaving. We have had to do all our safety inspections for going foreign, done as well. While we were in Oz, Pizzazz was broken into while on the hard. When we received the call, we expected the worst but when we arrived on Pizzazz, we were "happy" that only cash & booze was taken and nothing else. Anyway, when I return to South Africa on the 10th Jan, we hope to sail off to Cape Town as soon as possible, so until then....

Pizzazz on the Hard
20/10/07, Richards Bay

Well we eventually got Pizzazz onto the hard for her final inspections and bottom painting. We have got a bit of work on the hull and rudder, we are also having our SAMSA Inspection done for going international. Unfortunately Glyn & I will not be doing the work on the boat as are running out of time, so have had to organise help while we can concentrate on other items still to be done.

We have to fly out to Oz on the 4th November to validate our visas for Oz, and then plan on returning to launch Pizzazz again, and then start loading all our supplies. Glyn is doing all the shopping and should be ready to transport to Richards Bay by the 22nd Nov.

I have to return to Angola for work, and will be working over Christmas and New Year this year.
We are still on track to leave Richards Bay mid January and to leave Cape Town mid April.

23/10/07 | Scott & Patrick
Hope the two of you have a safe trip to Oz and everything goes as planned. Sounds like things are going well for the two of you. Keep St. Martin in mind for 12/25/2008! Best Regards. Scott & Patrick
Durban to Richards Bay
28/06/07, Richards Bay

Well we finally got away from Durban, we waited for some favorable weather, for the past few days there have be strong SW winds blowing and 5 meter swells. Eventually the report came through that the seas were dropping. We waited until about 09h00 and then motored out towards the harbour entrance. As we turned to enter the channel we were amazed at the site of the sea outside, the breakers were rolling across the entrance. We had second thoughts about leaving but eventually continued, we were lucky as we caught a wave before it broke but we were still put on our side, we were motoring and the swell out there must have still been between 4-5 meters and not a lot of wind.

After about an hours motoring, the seas began to drop and funny enough, the wind picked up to about 15-18 knots, and we could now sail along. The motion improved with some sail up and we were eventually on our way. It was still a rolly sea, but we were sailing. The SW wind blew nicely until about 20h00 when we had to put the engine on again, we motored for about 2 hours until the land breeze arrived. The land breeze came in at about 15 knots, but brought with it the cold from the land, we got very cold out there, sitting in the cockpit with jackets and blankets wrapped around us. But Pizzazz was sailing along nicely, with the seas really flattening out.

The land breeze blew us happily into Richards Bay early morning, but without incident. As I got permission from the tower to enter harbour, the alternator belt broke, luckily everything was on hand and got a new one installed, without the tower noticing there was a problem, so we were back in Richards Bay again after being away for 5 months, and great to see all our friends again.

So now we have a garage to empty, deck to prepare and paint, water tank to do last clean out and arrange for Pizzazz to be taken out onto the hard. We plan on taking her out for 3 months (Aug/Sep/Oct). In November we will re-launch and start loading with provisions for the start of our first leg in January 2008.

15/07/07 | Scott & Patrick
Glad to hear you made it safely! Sounds like you had quite a ride. Take Care and we look forward to hearing more.
Still in Durban
23/04/07, Durban

Well, we are still in Durban and enjoying it, but will have to make a move back to Richards Bay in May. We have still been doing a few projects in preparation for the big trip. We completed installing a new track on the mast and now can also store our Spinny pole up against the mast. Glyn & I did some more clearing out of lockers, it is amazing what gets collected, I found our problem with our pressurized water, so now can have a decent shower on board. We had to re-bleed the hydraulic system as found the steering was not reacting as it should, after the replacement of all piping, but then found another leak on the hydraulic pump, which was serviced last month, so that will have to now be done before returning to Richards Bay. We also had some starting problem, so replaced the solenoid, we still had the problem, so had to remove the started motor AGAIN, as seemed like the culprit, we had it re-checked and I re-installed it, we also replaced the +ve & -ve cables onto the started motor and now we are all up and running again. We have delayed and delayed our return to Richards Bay, because we have enjoyed our stay and with a few problems still occuring, it is convenient in Durban to get things done compared to Richards Bay. So the plan is anytime from the 21st May, we will be sailing back to Richards Bay.

Waiting for our return
24/02/07, Durban

We completed 99% of all work before leaving Pizzazz in Durban for another 4 weeks. We plan on returning on the 23rd March, when we should be ready to look for weather patterns for our return trip to Richards Bay

Arriving in Durban
24/02/07, Durban

Arriving with 30knots blowing, still pleasant sailing with it from behind

Richards Bay to Durban shakedown
13/01/07, Richards Bay

Well we arrived at the boat on the 9th Dec all eager to get the boat prepared and ready to go to Durban after the new year party. Peter a friend, arrived on the 11th Dec, as he is helping us with certain items to speed up our progress.

After a week of hard work and very hot weather, Peter was ready to return to Durban for Christmas and new year. Glyn and myself still had a few items to prepare before we could relax but we also wanted to go out sailing.

So eventually we got to do some sailing in the harbour before Glyn's sister Di arrived for the trip down to Durban. Another friend Stone also arived and we were all happy to go out and do some sailing in the harbour and offshore, but the one day we were sailing in the harbour when our steering chain broke, so we had to switch over to emergency steering, which I wanted to test anyway and all worked out well and we were back on the mooring.

After our New Year's party at the yacht club, Peter joined us again and brought our new steering chain, which we installed and then we were all ready to sail away to Durban, except our 4 legged child started getting sick before we had left the mooring, she has about 2000 sea miles in her log book, so we had to leave her at the vet. Eventually at 21h00 the 4 of us were ready to cast off.

We had hda a cold front for the past 2 days so the sea was still lumpy from the strong SW winds, we left in a very light SE wind, so had to motor sail till about 02h00. We then picked up an very nice land breeze which got us doing 6.5-7 knots with a full genoa, with out the motor which was such a pleasure.

I had not spent much time setting up our new hydrovane windvane so had to sit and play with it, it did not work as well as I had hoped but I will have to check it out when in Durban.

The wind changed to a strong NE at about 10h00 and we reduced genoa and still were doing 6-7 knots as we closed in on Durban, after 17 hours, 14h00, we entered Durban harbour where we had organised a mooring for the next month or so, everybody was happy and the boat and all systems went well.

Unfortunately our little 4 legged daughter Jess, had got very sick and after a week in hospital, she came home to the boat but had to put her down because of complications, she has had Diabetes for the last year, may she rest in peace........

We plan on returning to Richards Bay in February again, after doing some repair work to sails, new awnings and some stainless steel work, so till then.

I was unable to bring any photo's this time but will load them as soon as I can.

Preparing to go
17/11/06, Richards Bay, Zululand Yacht Club

Just busy completing many projects on the boat so looking forward to doing all the testing and sea trials. Christmas/New Year we are taking Pizzazz on her first trip since arriving in Richards Bay in 2001. We will be sailing down to Durban to carry out some jobs which are convenient in Durban rather than Richards Bay.

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