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Happy Birthday Martyn
06/06/2010, Falmouth

Friday 4th June
Lovely and sunny. Furtled around in Falmouth Harbour adjusting our compass with Alan the compass schwinger (wayhay!) Both cats went swimming..... thats Friday 5 Wilson 4
Cleverly managed to get starboard list on M's birthday cake (while we were tied up!!)
Saturday 5th June
Marty's birthday. Song from Grandma...Presents, coffee in Tina's lovely garden, cycled around the coast to Flushing to watch her race her Tosher (turquoise hull and topsail - they came second ).... Early evening had Poo at hers then more lovely scoff at 'Hunky Dory'. Tiddly Poo :-)

06/06/2010 | sally slap
Nice pose Marty moose! xxx
06/07/2010 | Sue
I am so glad you have caught me up!
Happy belated Birthday wishes from us all.
Lots of love
Sue & Mike xx
06/09/2010 | jasp
All at sea...
Bon voyage to all the crew incl. cabin boy Chris on the first major leg of their voyage south. Hopefully Captain Boden won't be doing catalogue poses (as above) all the way to Spain.
If not duffers...
06/12/2010 | karenlou
Dad you look gay in this photo!!! ha ha ha ah happy birthday little dad love and miss you both and the kitties xxxx
me again

Thursday 3rd June
Plymouth to Falmouth sailing in our shorts finally! Yay! and the wind in the right direction. Surfed all the way at 6.5 knots. 40 miles.
Mr Osmond was waiting for us....
Plus a parcel from Cat Slater. Ah thanks Kathryn you know what Ill be drooling over in the Med.

Lovely spot this. And tiddy oggies too....Going to chill for Martyn's Birthday and wait for more crew in the sunshine.

06/06/2010 | Jasp
Happy Birthday Admirable Martyn. Hope you and the crew celebrated in style. It's fun following the blog but it does make me envious. Love the photos. Happy sailing... x
Westward Ho!
06/02/2010, Plymouth

Tuesday 1st June
Precipitation stopped our movements first thing! But sun came out and we left Brixham by 11am
Another motorsail - fishing on the way and caught the first mackerel of the trip. Wilson wasnt sure about it... then the sea picked up so no time to cook.
Philip & Elizabeth came out to welcome us to Plymouth. Then took us to the oldest pub in Plymouth and the best curry house supposedly allegedly! It was lush so big tick.
Wednesday 2nd June
Lay day in the sun in Sutton Harbour with slight hangovers.....

06/02/2010 | Jane and Richard
Wilson is probably waiting for the rest of the catch! How is it going? The boat looks great and if the weather keeps this up should be in for a good sail. Hope the cats have waterwings now or they will being going through those nine lives in no time. Happy sailing....
Goodbyes and we're off
05/31/2010, Brixham

Thursday 27th May
V sad and excited at the same time.
First stop Yarmouth. Bit of a difficult leg but we made it. Phew! We can leave Gosport. Hooray! It was looking touch and go for a bit. Caught up with the lovely foreign arm of the Jenkins clan and a few other salty sea dogs. Managed to bag another bottle of poo and some very handy charty things.
Friday 28th May
Early start to Dartmouth but diverted to Weybitha (can only stop in places with a mouth it seems) due to a blow coming. Linda's pound shop hat fits right in here so glad she purloined it in Gsport before we left. Nice sunny sail towards the afternoon. Arrived 3pm and lost Friday immediately in the quayside lobster pots. Bit smelly when she came back. Lost the boys to the pub....After dinner met Richard and Mary Reddyhof in the yacht club (nice coincidence).
Saturday 29th May - Rubbish weather - stayed put in Weymouth
Sunday 30th May
Late and sunny start, lumpy around Portland Bill and one boat that we had been talking to on the quayside was ahead of us but then turned around and waited to follow us.... they obviously got a bit concerned about the depth and thought that we knew what we were doing?! ....
Had a bit of a pasting across Lyme Bay with a very confused sea. (what day is it? where am I? Who are you? - know the feeling) Glad to arrive in Brixham by early evening. After chups and fush David jumped ship.

Bank Holiday Monday 31st May - so tired didn't wake up til 10am followed by a lovely lunch at Brian and Ginny's house. Thanks guys it was fab! Good to get off the boat for a lay day too what am I saying!

06/07/2010 | Katy
Don't you look gorgeous in pink - very fetching, but it was your birthday. Love the photos, especially your birthday cake with its list ! Good luck for your final days in dear old England. Take care - xxxx
Nearly ready!
04/07/2010, Gosport UK

We are busy getting Pleiades ready for our great adventure. Follow our blog as we sail to places new and experience new and varied cultures.

04/20/2010 | Hanzerbar
Now you're ready to leave the Jetty, Crack open the Ales.
05/07/2010 | sharon clark
Wish we were going with you!!!!! Missing you
05/08/2010 | Carol Carr
Looking forward to all your adventres, safe journey. Lots of love xxxx
05/26/2010 | Richard Mansfield
Thanks for all the great sailing over the years enjoy your biggest adventure of them all.
05/28/2010 | katy d
hope you both managed to get away yesterday - and are off and away on your big adventure. Lots of love xoxoxox
05/28/2010 | Phil & Lindsey Keating
We will be watching you closely from the desert. Good luck to you both. We'll fly out to see you when you are within range...
05/29/2010 | Sue Cherrett
Have a wonderful adventure xx
05/29/2010 | Jasp
What happened to last weekend's sunshine? Bring it back. This is pants. I'm off to Cornwall on Monday. What a washout that's gonna be. Hope you and the kittens are snuggled up down below in some safe haven in the West Country. Maybe you've gone ashore in the neckbrace just for fun... Toodlepip old beans xxx
05/31/2010 | Mark & Em
Hope the first leg of your journey's gone well.. thought of you guys last Thursday... slipping quietly out of Portsmouth with mixed emotions no doubt! Sail safe & look forward to reading your blog (as & when!). Good luck!
06/02/2010 | Bob and Brenda Young
Congratulations and enjoy yourselves. We finished up in Cyprus so if you are heading into the Med we would love to see you both and exchange sea stories. We'll follow your passage. Take care, Love B and B
06/04/2010 | Andy G
So sorry I missed you at Dan's, have your blog on my favourites so I can keep in touch with the Loopy and Marty show - take care, lots of love, Andy x

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