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Algarve - Part 3 of Katie's Pilot Book
07/14/2010, Baleeira

Tuesday 13th July
Checked out Vasco's home. Went for swim, well more of a dip really. It is still the Atlantic (Brr)
General Tumble (AKA Mart) cut my hair. More of a shear really! All over with two noisy snips.

Wednesday 14th July
Set off at 7am for the Algarve. (60 miles) Motored at first then usual broad reach. Buzzed briefly by some larger Atlantic Dolphins. Its easy to see why the Greeks had a myth of Arion being saved by Dolphins. (Constellation in the Eastern nights sky named after it. Called surprisingly Delphinus) Would have been auspicious if we had seen it but nah! Dolphins are amazing. Wonder if Chris has seen any Sporadic ones. As we turned the corner at Cabo Sa Vincente the swell disappeared instantly. Hoo blooming ra!

1300 miles to date...

07/15/2010 | Katy
So you've got to Cabo Sa Vincente - just love the place - all the quaint little villages around there are worth sampling. A great little corner oof Europe. xxx
07/16/2010 | Adrian & Lesley
It all looks fantastic & much warmer where you are. Great pictures. We are in Brixham at the moment but having a great time.

Safe journey to you all, Ade & Les
07/16/2010 | Adrian & Lesley
PS. If your interested, our old boat Planet has a blog going & they are in Skopelos Greece,here is the link to it.
07/12/2010, Cascais to Sesimbra and Sines

Friday 9th July
Now Kathryn what do you think. Sarnie or harmonica playing?......

Long sail to Cascais. 60 miles (almost a channel crossing). Typical Portugese sailing day. Nice breeze in the morning, then dropping to return big styley in the late afternoon. Surfed into Cascais at 8 knots.... Draughty anchorage blowing down from the hills...

Saturday 10th July (thinking of Sarah, Kenny & Tia on their big day x)
Lay day in Cascais. 32 degrees on land phew!. More affluent town with arty shops and street cafes. 6:5 to Wilson!

Sunday 11th July
Broad reach and a run all the way to Sesimbra. Aimed for an Arrabida anchorage nearby which was delightful but not sheltered so motored back to marina. Saw schools of large fish just below the surface but going too fast to catch them. Built up resort with old fortification on hilltop above. Hot footed it to town and sat down in restaurant just as the whistle blew for the World Cup Final. Joined the boisterous, friendly Spanish supporters. A delicious meal and the best team won.

Monday 12th July
Beautiful beam reach sail with only 1m swell and not a fluffy wisp in site. Wunderbar! 30 miles to Sines (pronounced Cinch) Birthplace of Vasco Da Gama. followed 20 miles of solid sand dunes.Industrial port but pretty inner harbour by the town with man- made uncrowded beaches. Very sheltered.

07/13/2010 | Katy
Sines looks a lovely place - like the idea of gym equipment out on the street. Look forward daily to the next lovely spot you are visiting - another interpretation to "Armchair travelling". much love xxx
07/13/2010 | Kathryn
Cheese and pickle for sure...

07/14/2010 | Sally B
Hello Pindy & Marty. Love the photos and the blog. The Cats seem to be enjoying themsleves too! Speak Sunday lots of love
Slap xx
Its swell on the Atlantic
07/08/2010, Figueira to Nazare

Wednesday 7th July
Sailed for a couple of hours then motor sailed (surprise!). Dostoyevsky now (sort of suits the Portugese accents which sound almost Russian at times). Moored up in Nazare alongside a Swedish replica Colin Archer. Very no frills marina reception with severe lady struggling with 20% on the calc and a tizz about shower keys plus an aged Brit who got stuck here 10 years ago. Marina alongside constantly busy fishing dock. Decorative Sardine boats. Tanqueray time with Joan and Lee (from Plymouth).

Lost Friday (sounds like I mean we can't account for a whole day which is kinda close) in the scrubland in front of the office along with a pack of stray dogs. One was a jack labracorgi (hilarious!).

Thursday 8th July
Languid day. Funiculated up the hill (my verb to go on a funicular railway - funiculee, funicular!) to see the view. 1000 feet up. Pretty village at the top but only saw fog. Watched the fish drying on the beach and the massive turquoise surf. Pleasant touristy town. dramatic scarred cliff and a trough under the Ocean to match.

07/08/2010 | Pj
Love the picture.
Looks like all the fish have clubbed together to rent a few deckchairs to relax in the sun for the day.
But guess the reality is a bit more macabre.

Much love to you both. We are off to isles of White for the weekend. Z
Long hot day
07/06/2010, Leixoes to Figueira Da Foz

Anyone spot my days dont match the dates.... God sorry.
Monday 5th!! July
left 8am and sailed until lunchtime then went into a big hole of no wind so motor sailed. Big swell still. Going through the fishing zone. Decided that the most polite collective noun for them is a frustration of pots!! Then talking of collective nouns we saw flocks and flocks of Shearwaters skimming the waves with us. Apparently they come from Tristan De Cunha (Spl?)
Got to Figueira at 19.30 in peaceful marina. Alongside a couple from Plymouth and a chap taking his new purchase (old nic) back to Thurso!! Well deserved sundowners...

Tuesday 6th July
Wash day.. John Osmond would be proud of us liveaboards...
Mega hot day. went to wonderful covered market. Cats so hot they hid in the cupboards...

07/08/2010 | Kris
Tristan is famous for his homing shearwaters - beware of polaris mullet = expedient drainage, where you see mullet, discourage feline synchronised swimming, its bad for the constitution - off to sail the Sporades, shame you are not there yet. XX
07/04/2010, Baiona to Porto

Thursday 31st June
Chillin. Nice ere. Had the neighbour (Neil) over for vino Rosado (seeing as we can stock up in the land of Mateus Rose soon!) Then got boarded by some chatty customs officers (ahhhh! Reminded me of Dr Bob!) from an imposing launch. They teased the cats and nattered about football.

Friday 1st July
Set off early for Portugal. Chris is right we should be listening to Donkey Oatey but instead it was Mr Hardy's Mayor of Casterbridge. Suited the grey sky and lack of wind.... 9 hours and 60 miles of motor sailing later the sun came out as we arrived in Leixoes (pronounced layshoosh!) Anchored up in the harbour, A thunderous crash as tho we had been rammed turned out to be the dredgers exploding the sea bed. Lots of seagulls eating the floating dead fish from the surface, but Wilson didn't resurface from a cupboard for three hours.

Saturday 2nd July
Moved into the marina. Off to Porto. Sweltering day. Agapanthus everywhere. Mixture of tatty old tiled and modern utilitarian buildings. Lunch by the river and a tour and tasting of Taylors Port Warehouse plus general meanderings. Very congenial.
Friday went for a dip. Prob after the massive mullet that seem to be in every marina. They are the size of a small Polaris submarine and there's hundreds of em.

Sunday 3rd July
Biking in the morning along the surfy coast... lunch by the sea. Then crumpets cos its Sunday.

07/05/2010 | Jane
I love reading your blogs and seeing all the pics, it all sounds wonderful. Look after yourselves.
07/06/2010 | Katy
Love the Agapanthus - the girl's not bad either !!! Delighted you are getting along so fast - just love the constant stream of piccies. xxx
07/06/2010 | Martyn Jenkins
Thanks Chief. Not getting any time for running tho. Plus its too hot... Hope you are keep fit for me. x
07/09/2010 | Neil
Hi really nice to have met you, all seems to be going well on your journey - best wishes Neil
Christopher Columbus
06/30/2010, Bayona

Tuesday 29th June
Lovely sail to Bayona between the Islands including the Isla de Cies with its Ismuth to the Isla de Faro. Stunning.

Wednesday 30th June
Played tourists in Bayona. Replica of Columbus' Pinta, Parador Conde do Gondomar and a pine wood walk in the shade to the enormous Virgin of the Rocks. May stay another day.....

07/02/2010 | karenlou
hi there you two! plus 2! things look fab, almost as lovely as here!!! lol miss you all. hugs and love to you all xxx
07/06/2010 | Jenkins
Great to follow you on this sailblog. Love the pictures. Love and hugs from the Isle of Wight

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