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Jaspers Gibbers
08/03/2010, Gibraltar

Yes Val she made it....."Fortunately" Jane is used to travelling. So she caught a cab to Tarifa. "Unfortunately" its still blowing old boots.... so she had to experience the scarey blasts of the ferry every 30 minutes or so. Friendly Spanish chaps in a Westerly next door.
Sunday 1st August
Still blowing so we explored the ramparts of Tarifa battlements, had a leisurely lunch, got sand blasted on the beach for about five minutes. Paddled in the Atlantic, then swam in the Med

Monday 2nd Aug
Left twirly. Wind had dropped so lovely sail. More dolphins. Dodging the container ships in Gibraltar Bay. What would we do without AIS. Arrived in Gib before midday in Marina Bay Marina, right next to the runway. Had some well deserved poo and siesta. Explored Morrisons.... OMG Id forgotten all the British things I've missed. Out for dins... Still v hot.

Tuesday 3rd Aug
Top tips from Jane...Last of the big spenders. Bought the whole of Morrisons. Cruise liner in and bomb scare on the runway made getting back tortuous... Cable car up to the Rock with the obligatory ape and view gaping. Spectacular.... Met two more cats on our pontoon (on posh)

08/04/2010 | Andy G
Hi Guys

Loving the piccie of Martin and his hareme, hope you realise what a lucky fella you are (hope you realise how unlucky they are!)

Just got back from a week sailing in Montegro so not too far (ish) from you, VV Hot but had a great time.

You both look great and glad you can stock up on Ovaltine in Morrisons.

Keep up the posts.....

Lots of love Andy xx

08/04/2010 | john m
Top Totty Martin
like the way you can fit both of them on your tummy
But i am not jealous i dont want to be there, it looks crap
08/06/2010 | Val
Thanks for photographic "arrived safely" message. Dead jealous of your free-wheeling life style. Enjoying it vicariously via the blog and wishing you good fortune and fair winds for your adventures. Val
PS Mike says watch out for the pirates!
200 years later
07/31/2010, Tarifa

Thursday 29th July
Up at the crack of sparrows to sail back to Rota. Beach for a swim then a v pleasant lunch courtesy of Louis (Thanks Lou! Yummy!) Then tearful farewells as they left for the airport.

Friday 30th July
Set off early from Rota. Got flashed and beeped by a US Nuclear Sub. Fun listening to them use Channel 16 and say the name of the sub!! (tee hee hank will be in trouble!!) Good sail for half the day. Saw a couple big dolphins, caught mackerel and re-enacted the Battle of Trafalgar off Cape Trafalgar. Coastal scenery got pretty again and then we could see the mountains of Africa which seemed unnervingly close. We were heading for Barbate but carried on to Tarifa. Rounding the corner into the Straits of Gibraltar... The med here we come. I didn't realise Africa would seem so close and mountainous...
Anchored in Tarifa bay and within an hour the fog had closed in.

Saturday 31st July
Had an interesting night. Blew up to an Easterly 30 knots so we moved inside the Harbour wall and tied up to the wall which took about 7 attempts. Right behind the Tangiers Sea Cat. In the morning watched the lifeboat bring in a boat load of people that they had rescued. Waited for the wind to die and the tide to turn before we set off for Gib and BF Janey.

07/31/2010 | Katy
Hi there Cap'n Ahab - love the hat. So it's Med - here we come. Well done for getting so far so quickly. Love the thought of you being beeped by a SUB ! I remember the Straits of Gib and how close the Atlas mountains are and how beautiful they look. Take care - xxx
08/01/2010 | Tom Hester
Hi Martyn, Hi Linda, just a quick note say how delighted Polly and I are to see you and your family enjoying such a splendid cruise and Pleiades looking so smart. Wishing all the best in the Med, Tom.
08/02/2010 | Rick & Theresa
Dear Pugwash & Co. - good to see you are on target and meeting all of your KPIs! It looks so stressful. I'm saving my airfare for an autumnal sail, if her in doors allows! I'm surprised the Americans didn't arrest you with a weapon like that! Rick
07/26/2010, Rota and thereabouts

Wednesday 21st July - Monday 26th July
Louis arrived, Then Alex and Thalia the next day.
Puerto Sherry Marina.

Then to Rota Marina - (Olivia's hometown - pretty and lively. Stayed two nights. Last came 20 years ago for O & G's wedding.
v lively until 6am!! Def worth a visit.

Out to anchor outside, jumping off the boat (even Tha), play on the beach.

Sunday motor sail to Sancti Pectri to anchorage in a lagoon with a big tide running lots of birds and crabs to see on the shoreline.

Monday more beach and swimming ......
Monday night the wind picked up big time and stayed gusting 40 knots. (force 9 at times) Bright and sunny and vvvvvv windy. we were stuck on the boat all day. Not too bouncy luckily just too windy to get off...

Blew all day Tues and Wed too. Played games, tried to find food onboard and watched lots of 'House' episodes. Went for a swim when the tide allowed. Tha was as good as gold.. Bless her...
Marty and I slept on deck just in case.

07/20/2010, Faro - Chipiona (Spain again)

Monday 19th July
Early start and the sea was like glass, not a zephyr of wind. Motored for a couple of hours but the best thing was it was dolphin day!! Or Tursiops Truncatus according to my book which is Bottlenose dolphins to you and me. We had two handfuls swimming across our bow in the morning and in the afternoon we saw one massive pod that was fluking about and another that went across our stern. Ive never seen dolphins jumping in the wild before it was fantasmagorical.......
Managed to goosewing sail in the afternoon and got overtaken by a Sun Odyssey then realised they had their engine on too.... Arrived in Chipiona (back in Spain!!) at 9pm (now 10pm)......

Tuesday 20th July
This is seagull city.. Except on our pontoon with our sentinels.ha ha.. lots of guano. Marina very close to a typical Spanish resort town... quite pretty with a big lighthouse, cafes overlooking the beach but quite basic with real people.

Off to Puerto Santa Maria tomorrow to meet up with Louis, Alex and Tharkle. Yay!

Ilha Da Culatra
07/18/2010, Faro

Saturday 17th July
Beautiful day. Cruising chute up doing 8 knots. Plus caught dinner en route. Ilha da Culatra at Faro is a low lying sandy island bit like Bembridge with lots of boats at anchor. 3000 inhabitants and no cars. BBQ'd on the beach with colourful sunset.

Sunday 18th July
Exercises and haircut on the poop deck. Walked a circuit of Ilha da Culatra. Amazing place. Only transport is boats and tractors. A town built on the sand. With little inlets (and some catamarans only just floating plus some miniscule seaside shacks!) and a boardwalk all the way across the dunes on the island. Refreshed by a lovely sea swim then Sardinas and cerveza for lunch.... Certainly getting Omega 3 at the mo....

07/19/2010 | Nigel Kirk
Please pass on a message to Wilson & Friday that Olive (the dog) enjoyed her chat last night and is looking forward to coming sailing with you soon !
No prawns in my prawn net.... boo
07/16/2010, Portimao

Thursday 15th July
Off to Portimao. Blowing 25 knots. Quick passage along pretty coastline with mountains in the background, but starting to become more built up. Portimao - attractive marina with waterside bars, restaurants etc. Cycled into the resort proper in the evening... haven't been in a resort like this of an evening since God was in shorts...!! Nice and clean tho particularly the beach with its long boardwalk. Glad to get back to the boat with our requisite Broadsheet. Two dark gatitos bouncing along the pontoons to greet us..... cutie pies!!

Friday 16th July
Went 500 yards from the Marina to Portimao Bay to anchor in the afternoon. Post prandial evening stroll along the beach (with cats of course!)

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