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To sail, explore, learn and enjoy.
Barcelona Babes
03/30/2011, Hotel Catalonia, Barcelona

Another Interlude
Sangria...Fizz....Shopping....Tapas...Sangria....Fizz you get the picture.
Oh and some sightseeing in between. A wonderful Sojourn with some lovely friends. Apparently the reunion is when the Sagrada Familia is finished in 2030... And no we weren't supporting the Dutch football team.

05/02/2011 | Liz Kirley
Hi Linda, only just realised you're writing your blog again - was waiting til you set sail !! It was certainly a fab weekend - don't forget the orange pashmina (sp?) in 2030 :0)
05/04/2011 | Ann
Hi Linda, what a fab weekend, great room mate, (grumpy knickers made me larf)! Was only think about it he other day :o)
La Dolce Vita
03/23/2011, Marina del Sole, Cagliari

So there we were downtown Cagliari at Salon Pleiades cutting hair on the foredeck whena dolphin popped up next to the bow of the boat (in the marina) how cool is that...It was a lovely calm, sunny day and he obviously just dropped in for a quick mullett sandwich...
Apart from that Cagliari is really coming back to life after the winter. The cherry blossom is in bloom on the Via Roma.
Off for a girlies weekend in Barcelona so Martyn is home alone getting up to mischief with Thomas no doubt. Another month and we will be off. Really looking forward to sailing again to more amazing temples etc in Greece, Montenegro and Turkey.... Adieu
Quilt No 2. Time to do something else..

03/25/2011 | Tracey
Hi Linda & Martyn, I have just discovered your blog and we are about to take the same path as yourselves. I'd just like to ask how much sailing experience you both had, as we are relatively new to it & were wondering if as an amateur sailor, if sailing over the bay of biscay might be beyond our abilities. We feel happy about hugging the coast in the med. We are hoping to leave UK 2nd week of May, stay in the med for the next 2 yrs & then hopefully try & join the ARC for the caribbean. If you could shed ur insight I would love to hear from you. - Tracey and Richard
Hot water bottles for Sally and Ange
03/11/2011, Cagliari - Oristano - Nora - Costa Rei

Our first shipmates for 2011 - Sally Slap and Ange (Chuck!) from the Guardia de Finanzia. Despite the iffy weather we managed to play tourists at the fantastic Sardiglia horse festival at Oristano. A definite must if you are ever visiting at this time of year. It consists of 117 horses and riders parading on very narrow streets and racing to lance a dangling metal star. The procession before included hundreds of men, women and children dressed in traditional sard costumes which vary from village to village; plus trumpets and drum bands... it is wonderful and goes on well into the night.
We also visited a few of Sardinias beautiful coves and beaches; went off roading along Europes largest sand dunes.
There are 7000 nuraghic remains in Sadinia so we journeyed inland to another nuraghe settlement. Also worth seeing are the roman remains at Nora. A smaller version of Pompeii but without other tourists or the charred people and babies... Its would be prime real estate now with wonderful sea views from the Thermae. Its still being excavated and apparently there are more mosaics under the sea... snorkels out next time.

03/12/2011 | Jasper
Fab photos - of you and Sally, the horse festival and the ruins (I don't mean Martyn) etc. Gagging to get out there! I am so jealous of you for making that patchwork. It's brilliant. I don't have time to sew on a button. Chat soon xxx
Skiing Interlude
03/01/2011, Tignes, France

Snow, sun, gluwein marvellous company, fun skiing, food cooked by someone else.. what more could be needed in life away from the boat??

03/05/2011 | Katy
Hi Folks - just found you have been adding photos and more diary notes in recent times. How good is that. Hope the skiing was good fun and you had no disasters ? much love xxx
January - Questa giournata es bella!
01/17/2011, Caligari, Sardinia

Brief update. Its Mid January, beautifully sunny in the day, cold at night. We have spent our days discovering Sardinia, hanging out with other liveaboards, maintaining the boat, I've made a patchwork quilt (tee hee, thats so not me); been taught a Swedish card game called cucumber by Thomas,our neighbour; had lots of barbecues, lethal drinks parties; buzz games; international xmas and new year in the shed with the Sards too; just started free Italian lessons; been to every free classical, carol and organ (?) concert going; cycle nearly every day; play tennis; buy fresh fruit and veg in the Sunday market and practice lots of Italian dishes. Visited an amazing Nuraghe which seemed to be a pile of stones at first but was awesome. Built in 1500BC You can just see from the photos that its a whole village and fortress.

The time seems to be flying. Next we are off skiing with Colin and the Chief, have several sets of visitors due (can't wait) a long girlie weekend in Barcelona; before we return to the UK for the most important wedding of the year at Easter (not Kate and Wills!). Then we aim to set off at the end of April bound not for Tunisia now, but for Sicily, Malta, Italy, Greece and Turkey.

01/21/2011 | Mike & Elaine
Glad to hear that you're still both enjoying yourselves on the Med cruise. Thank you for writing a great blog. Its always a good read on a cold day in January. Sorry that I haven't written earlier but I was speechless (with admiration and envy of course) at all your exploits. Roll on Spring and the sailing season. Good luck with everything and have a great New Year. Elaine and Mike
Ciao for now!
11/04/2010, Cagliari

Friday 28th October - Saturday 29th October

Arrived in the Marina De Sole in Cagliari (back in shorts again) Scruffy marina but the cheapest in Sardinia (supposedly, allegedly) and very friendly. Met Alison and Chuck (and Zoe the terrier) and Gary and Dave in the bar...Invited us to the Friday BBQ.
Saturday - 24 degrees. Explored the city by bike. Fantastic architecture. Pisan walled city on a hill and beautiful colonnade along the Port with bars and trattoria in abudance. Panoramic views of the sea from the Ramparts... Lots to explore and eat.... Plus a beggar and two cats with lots of tiny white mice happily snuggled up under their fur. Bizarre. Seems we've missed our chance. Bit late to train our felines. To date they have brought us 2 fish; 1 swift; 1 robin; 1 mouse; 1 cockroach (yuk); 3 lizards and numerous crabs. The crabs and the lizards are usually still alive, but probably not going to make us our fortunes methinks.

Exploring, cycling, chillin, trying to save the cats from the dogs... (Friday missed the boat whilst being chased.. bless). The weather is beautiful - warm and sunny.... Happy if it stays like this all winter...
Going to say sayonara (spl?) for now unless we do some trips and until we set sail again in March. Arriverderchi!

11/04/2010 | Katy
I'm going to miss the dailyh diary and lovely photos - but shall look out for any updates just in case.
11/08/2010 | Liz
Enjoy the winter - will no doubt be a million times better than the last one! Will look forward to your blogs next year. x

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