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We want your votes... should martyn get his hair cut? It all rests on your responses....

Sunday 28th August

Water across the deck? Whats all that about?
Boring choppy motor eastwards towards the suspension bridge at Andirrion in 25 - 30 knots of wind.. (but still 'ot and sunny!) Saw Thomas on AIS heading for Patras so decided to divert to there.... he can't get rid of us.. he he!!

08/29/2011 | Richard
Consult to orracal Delphi (she is just round the corner) to see if it is aurspisious to cut hair.
08/29/2011 | sally b
My vote is a YES. Me finks the salty old sea dog/mad professor look needs to go!! x
08/30/2011 | Cheryl Readings
The hair's ok but the chest and neck could do with a trim!!!
08/30/2011 | jasper
08/30/2011 | Richard
If you've got it flaunt it
Cheaper than a hat
My advice get a haircut once a year whether you need it or not
08/31/2011 | Tim
DON'T cut hair. Plenty of look-a-like work available for Bucks Fizz tribute bands in Eastern Europe
09/02/2011 | Jane
Has he just been keel hauled? I agree that some definition between where the head ends and the body begins could be beneficial....
09/03/2011 | Judith
Jack says 'Yes with out a doubt'. It will be ok when it is longer but its that awlful inbetween bit . Also very ageing to have long hair. Love you
09/03/2011 | Kris
No. 3 all over and then shave a wide lane from the front over to just past the top - its very trendy you know...
09/04/2011 | Liz
YES!!! Looking a bit like Grizzly Adams :0) xxx
09/04/2011 | John Selman
PLEASE DO NOT let him cut it !
He actually looks nice at last XXX
09/04/2011 | John Selman
PS eyebrows need bleaching though!
09/04/2011 | John Selman
PPS get rid of that builders vest ASAP
09/05/2011 | Han
Grow it more...MORE....
Catching fish again and heading East
08/29/2011, The Gulf of Patras

Met up with Thomas and his girls again in Vathy on Ithaca having stopped off at Port Atheni on Meganisi (with a pretty village on the hill) and Kastos with beautiful clear water. Watched a forest fire (we think?) burning all night and dived to replace the anodes on the prop (again)
Vathy is really large deep harbour (vathy means deep ha ha!) with pretty venetianesque houses. A final cucumber farewell. A taverna with tables on the shore, under the trees, and a pictureskew view of the town on the other side of the bay. Had some delicious tuna with some lovely moody owners (Janu) Sally and Graham from Plymouth. Next day Fab cruising chute sail half way to Missalonghi in the Gulf of Patras. Caught a verdigris (spl?) dolphin fish, but it was so pretty and under 2 kilos that we couldn't kill it. Then a motor to windward the rest of the way. Missalonghi situated up a canal surrounded by salt marshes and houses on stilts. Someone turned the wind button off as soon as we got in the canal. Had a v pleasant anchorage (met up with Tom on Monson without Monica) watching yet another myrtle the turtle fishing and popping up next to the boat. Seems we have gone from the daily dolphins of Italy to daily ninja turtles now... fab. V friendly liveaboard marina.

Seven smart fellows they felt smart
08/22/2011, The Ionians

More of the Inland Sea

Cruising the Ionians with the Bradbury-Joneses we visited Abelike (x2) on Meganisi (wonderful meal in Pirates Cove Taverna); Ormos Rouda and Sivota (x2) on Levkas; Beautiful Kioni with its three windmills for our birthday; Eufimia and Fiskardho (full of mega mega yachts) then back to deserted and lovely Port Leone on Kalamos and finally back to Tranquil Bay, Nidri and Levkas. We are all now hooked on Thomas' cucumber game (as well as his magic tricks!!) and we taught him bunnies in return. The aqua rounders was dangerous and hilarious and us girls lost the polo (again!!) by one point. Had some mixed weather wind wise and even ten minutes of rain one day, but hot hot hot still. There were tears at the end!!

Planning to head South towards Patras with Thomas and his new crew next.

08/23/2011 | Jane
Nice pick! How many takes?
08/23/2011 | Sally slapster
Arhh..Happy days & nights. Cucumber & sunshine withdrawal!! xx
50!! Skoalforfans to that!!
08/13/2011, Kioni - Ithaca

Louis, Sally, Colin and the Chief arrived and we head off down levkas canal with Thomas and moor in a small bay on the mainland somewhere?... meal of many crabs. Next few days waved goodbye to Iz and Janey (boo hoo) and headed south to Abelike on Meganisi (bbq in anchorage) then on to for a blowy night in Sivota and to beautiful Ormos Kioni for Paarrttay!! Lots of champagne (you guessed it) wonderful presents (how many other 50 year olds get kaftans and bikinis!!) and cards (what creative friends I have). A joint 50th (and go aground Jim of course - a young 52!) A good sail to Ithaca - Home of Odysseus. Donating crew to Toto Thomas in return for Smorgasbords... fleeting dolphins. And no tuna yet (full moon apparently)
Had a bit of a problem in Kioni with an American picking up our anchor and damaging our bow in the process but all easily solved (££££s) hazard of med sailing...

08/13/2011 | Richard
Glad you ha a good time, welcome to the saga -ites. hope you got allthe messages. we too celebrated your birthday, rude not the kaftans, they wll be good for the bohemian majorcan hideway....J&R
08/18/2011 | Katy
Looks as though you had a bumper birthday Lindy - love the cabin decorations ! Martyn looks as though you could plait your mane !!! Life looks good - all my love xx
Playing on the inland sea of the Ionians
08/05/2011, Preveza

Starting in Corfu Town with Jane, Izzy and Will. Visited Petriti, Lakka (on Paxos); Mourtos on the mainland (Mordor) - we fouled the painter around the prop and received a litre and a half of wine for helping a Slovenian boat; Gaios and Mongonisi (back on Paxos) with a bit of Greek dancing; Parga back on the mainland (Lady Gaga - on a promontory very Greek touristy and cold sea 22 degrees); Ligia with a tiny harbour where we found a wild tortoise; then on to Preveza to say farewell to Margot and continue into the inland Gulf of Amvrakia. Massive inland waterway with lots of fish farms. Met two large turtles, visited a Venetian castle and moored off a small Pine clad islet at Vonitsa. The sea temp here was back up to 28 degrees. Lots of shooting stars and knot school for the crew, but only a fleeting glimpse of dolphins. The weather is around the 30s but not too hot at night which is fab. Finding it almost cheaper to eat out than onboard and the Greeks are very friendly and English speaking which is great as we struggle with our Pi and Epsilons!!
Sally and Louis etc arriving tomorrow so excited!!

08/05/2011 | Val
Glad to see your screen is mended. Had begun to think you had all sunk without trace before Jane's email explained the reason for the hiatus. Glad you're all having such a great time. Dead jealous in fact. Best Wishes to Linda & Sally for the 12th. Tell Jane Matt's birthday bash is postponed. Pa is slightly better. Keep knotting, Val
08/05/2011 | Judith
Feeling as if I am missing out with you and Jane away without me. Glad you are all having a good time. Lots of love to you all. Judith and Family
08/10/2011 | Jane and Rich
Soooo looking forward to coming out and getting some sun, hoping to have reasonable use of new arm!!!Lorra birthday wishes for tomorrow.
Corfu - Bless You!

brilliant week with soapy batesy et al. San Stepanos (Gwen Stephani) Erikoussas (hairy coucous), Koloura, Agni, Kassiopi and other bays.
lorra larfs, the boys just won the water polo (by cheating - throwing Sister Mary the goalie in the drink)
Mikie was a fab chef and we even managed a few sails...
OK so! Ok so! we are gonna miss port and starboard taboo but more fun planned for the next month and finally heading south this week with the Aspeling party
Met up with Nick and Nicki and the boys from Sardinia and Llamedos from Sicily

07/25/2011 | Kris
Look, I went swimming at Priory Bay IOW last Sunday it was f..f..fine..!

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