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We can see Turkey
10/20/2011, Ios to Amorgos, Leros, Kalimnos then Kos

After two wet and windy days in Ios with Richard and Phillipa we headed towards the Island of Amorgos (renowned for rough seas) via Levitha (which has a very good anchorage allegedly) wind was in our favour so we did 47 miles and found a sheltered anchorage tucked behind an island off the north west coast. Hurrah for some bowriding bottlenoses. Couple of really big ones... cool.

Next day sun came out and had a perfect sail across to Leros Island and met up with Richard and Ruth again in Lakki. Fab to see them. Good harbour and looks like a communist town. Next day gentle sail around the bottom of Leros to the bottom tip of Kalymnos and an awesome fjord called Vathy. Fab place selling sponges. Fertile market garden valley with tiny port at the head of the 'deep' inlet. Good Taverna. Late start after swim and caught a frigate mackerel en route to Kos. Cooked it for dinner in Kos Harbour along with the generous supplies of the French charter boat alongside.. Had crates of wine and beer and water left over.

Visited the Askliepion, a 4th century R&R sanctuary on three levels and the rest of Kos by car. Other than the ruins wasn't impressed with Kos.

10/20/2011 | jasper
Very jelly. The colder and darker it gets here the more fab it looks there. Askliepion - is that like the ancient Greek version of Ask Jeeves?
Sunset over Sikinos
10/06/2011, Ios Town

Fab week with Tricky and Jane included drinking the last bottle in our champagne stock from our wedding and leaving party. But they had earnt it with a mammouth adventure to get to us.

Hired a car to see Homers Tomb (supposedly!!) and the rest of ios. Deserted beaches mostly. But did find some beautiful speckled purple crocus, more lilies and the intrepid beach narcissi, plus some bright purple thistle flowers all amongst the brittle brown shrubs.

Persuaded two taverna owners to fed us fab kalamari lunches despite being shut. Chilling, sunsets with a view and yes you guessed it we taught them to play cucumber... to keep the tradition going. Jane managed to win the first game despite being tiddly and therefore not understanding the rules properly. Clearly that's the way to play....

Met a lovely Italian couple from Rome. Plus English couple leading diving including one couple in morning suits and wedding frock...why? Very nice port police not charging us a bean. Late birthday present of some XO Marmite. One whiff takes you right back to childhood...

Looking forward to moving on from Ios now which is closing down around us, with Richard and Phillipa next en route to Kos and then Chica Kathryn; ex boss (stand by your beds) Paul and finally Liz and Nic in Turkey....

Oh and martyn made me cut his hair and he cut mine.. ha ha what larks...

10/08/2011 | Cheryl Readings
Hey Linda, you can't end your blog like that, where are the new barnet photos?
10/18/2011 | Liz
Hi you two, just catching up on all your news! Sounds like its been one big social whirl for you. Interesting seeing the divers in their wedding gear - think I'll leave my dress behind when we visit! Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks :0)
The Caldera
09/27/2011, Santorini

The photo speaks for itself. It amazing having lunch looking over the edge of the volcano. Stunning. Lots of tourists and shops, chi chi hotels with rooms and swimming pools hanging on the cliff. But we were pleased to get back to ios. too many people for us now. We are hermits at heart now.

09/28/2011 | Kris
What like Arsenius? Surely not, unless you live at different ends of the boat!...I would have said nomads like say the 'Tuareg', except swapping camel for boat and sand for sea, but you need to give yourself a fancy tribal name so that you can be revered by us work hermits...
09/30/2011 | jasper
It looks so beautiful and then I see the cruise ships and am overcome with a desire to torpedo them. Normally such a peaceable girl! It must be the end of week stress coming out. Looking forward to a weekend in the Med weather we're enjoying (bikinis on Clapham Common as I drove home!).
Slept on a beach here 30 years ago
09/24/2011, Mykonos – Naxos – Ios

24th September 2011

We finally made a break from Mykonos and had a lovely downwind sail to Naxos. Marty preferred the back streets here to Mykonos. Windy old streets up to Venetian castle. Hired a car and visited some Kouros (big unfinished statues) 600BC and some impressive marble quarries. Naxos has a lush green interior compared to other Cycladic islands. First time in six months we have seen cows, horses, trees and sheep. Strange but true. Another downwind run to Ios. Moored initially on an outer pontoon but was really windy so moved into the harbour.... much better nights sleep. Going on the ferry to visit Santorini cos we are too big for the marina.
The last time Linda came to Ios she slept on the beach in the wind (which dropped in the night) and woke to find the trees had leaked sap all over hair, sleeping bag etc. Oh to be young... and she met her first naked Kiwi....... off to see if he is still here....(reckon Ill recognise that zinc nose cream anywhere!)

09/25/2011 | sally b
Looks gorgeous...take lots of piccies, I've always wante dto go to Santorini! xx
Martyn looks like a different man with his hair cut?
09/17/2011, Siros - Mykonon

Saturday 17th September

Actually just joshing. Didn't cut it.... yet....

Good sheltered bay on Siros. Drink with our Texan friends and also bumped into the Swiss again. Bilge causing some probs so martyn spent the morning playing in the bilges. Set sail for Mykonos but detoured cos the wind was blowy and on the nose. Ducked into a peaceful bay and left again early in the morning before the Meltemi picked up.

Arrived in Mykonos in a real blow and it stayed that way for days. Beep beep beeping meltemi. However checked out the "glitziest island in Greece" and other than the seemingly ceaseless cruise liners we found it touristy but charming. Perhaps because we have been to so many unpopulated places in the last few months. Took a ferry over to Delos and was once more amazed at the scale of the ruins. 30,000 people lived there at its peak and lots of the mosaics are still in situ. Legend has it that Artemis and Apollo were born there. Mostly 2nd century BC. We loved it.
Bobbie and John (Canadian) came for a drink to tell us all about where to go in Turkey for camel wrestling...

09/20/2011 | sally secretary b
oh crikey - i got all excited that Marty had had a short back & sides, but no - actually he's looking a bit crusty - if you don't mind me saying!! hee hee. Am enjoying the blog - keeping track of you two - miss u xxxxxxx
Happy Trails... with Ted and Sylvia
09/14/2011, Kea – Kythnos – Siros

Tuesday 13th September

From Kea motored 27 miles in a flat calm sea to Kythnos and the small harbour of Loutra. Moored inside the arm of the basin and went from noone in there (other than Nil's tiny green norweigian boat) to a harbour full plus two rafted to us (slightly hairy moments with the fresh off the plane flotillae. Bumper time!) Had a couple of spa baths in the hot spring bubbling up at the end of the beach which was fun/weird. Really hot then cold.

Had a lovely day out around the island with Kiwis Ted and Sylvie. Visited the chora and a couple of ports and coves. Brown and barren island with occasional oases. Only trees are tamarisks along the shore and the odd palm. Lunch had a spectacular seaview south to Serifos.

Meltemi been blowing for three days so decided to leave next day anyway. Took three hours at times doing 10 knots in 20 - 30 knots of breeze and a big sea to Finikas on Siros. lovely sheltered anchorages. slightly lusher island at least in the south.

had drinks with the texan ranchers

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