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To sail, explore, learn and enjoy.
Double dip dolphins
06/07/2012, samos to ikaria to chios to lesbos

Bumped into Jean Paul again again (is he stalking us or us him!) Good anchorage outside cute Pythagoreio Harbour. (home of Pythagoras surprisingly) Its a must to hire a car on Samos. Stuffed zucchini flowers lunch in one of the beautiful hilltop villages amidst wild hollyhocks and poppies. Hillsides of terraced vineyards and orchards. Lots of hiking. Second highest peak in the Aegean. Would love to come back on day.

Dolphin spotting from Ikaria to Chios, first one group of six or so bow riders; after an hour a lonesome male; then a massive pod of 50 cruised past... All just to say Happy Birthday to Martyn. They were a day early but perhaps they were on Turkey time!!
Chios Town not much to write home about, (so I won't other than funny half built marina)
Island of Oinoussa however was lovely. Five miles long where the wealthiest Greek shipping magnates hailed from. Picturesque harbour guarded by a mermaid, faded elegant and grand houses and good beaches.

Celebrated Martyns birthday there and with an English couple in Plomari, Lesbos, after a cracking 8 knots an hour sail for four hours. Thought the Meltemi had arrived early when we set off tho! Happy Birthday to all the other members of the Gemini Club - Ruth, Emma, Thomas, Teri and Lynne in Sard!!!

06/09/2012 | jasper
Wowzer! All those dolphins! I am sooo jealous. If I come out the day before my birthday will I get a pod and some bow riders? Sail on! Love to you, Capt & cats. xx
06/14/2012 | Kris
Nice pic of dolphins and the sea so blue - just like the
Solent - not. x x
Gule Gule Turkey
05/31/2012, Asin Limani to Patmos then Gumusluk to Samos

England was hectic, sunny (hurrah!) catching up with lots and lots of friends and family. Wedding was a tribute to the bride and groom, a wonderful fun day.

So this last week started in Turkey with Kat & Paul (just call me Cilla!) at Asin Limani with its unassuming but wonderful ruins and gravel covered mosaics to Paradise Bay (Kazliki Limani) over to Agathonisi (Agatha Christie) with cute bay and two taverna village; Arki; Patmos (which we loved... with the imposing and still functioning St Johns Monastery, founded in 1088 including vellum and parchment books and 12th century frescoes and iconastasis - fab, good harbour, lovely bays and beaches); Leros where we met Patrick and Chrissy again then back to Gumusluk.

A thunder storm at either end of the week and now we are enroute to Samos in Greece. Phew! need a holiday (ha ha)

Mooching along
05/13/2012, Knidos up to Asin Limani

Cloudy motor sail from Knidos to Gumusluk 20 miles ish. Short sails/motors from there to Yalikavak Marina then Illica Buku and kuyucak over several days. Marina stop for laundry etcetera.....

Gumusluk was a good anchorage with quaint village feel and picturesque individual holiday homes on the seafront (unlike the holiday village barracks that scar the coast) as was Yalikavak. 6mile run around the coast to pretty anchorage/beach subsequently went there for night.
I've said it before and Ill reiterate Obidiah! Turks are such lovely people.

Interesting getting up close to fish farms at work...

Next stop was Kuyucak anchored off 5 star hotel...all seems very nice but hotels dont float our boat!!! much rather have my flunkey delivering weetabix to the foredeck!

Off to Asin Limani for me to fly home for Batesys wedding... yay! excited also seeing grandma and sally etc plus chelsea flower show and one man and two guvnors....
soz still not able to upload piccies...

05/13/2012 | KATY
Is that another lovely quilt you have made Lindy - looks so beautiful. Your weather looks so appealing - send it here please. Fed up with being in permanent winter temperatures. We do have sunshine but no warmth. Still have heating on this late in the year. xx
05/15/2012 | jasper
It goes without saying that we envy you but at the moment even more so. As Katy says - it is cold! Pack your layers Linny. It was rain, hail and lightning today on and off. The blue skies in your photos have never looked sooo good! x
Turkey, Greece, Turkey its all go...
05/09/2012, Knidos

Soz missing my muse today and can't upload any photos. But here goes. Serce Limani was wonderful. First tie up to a pontoon for a while! Barracuda swimming around the pontoon. Very friendly restaurant owner. Classical music, wonderful setting. Found Friday staring at a large Scop Owl. Amazing.

Trip to Bozburn. Tiny bit of a sail. Ran 5 miles around to large boatyard. Hot running now. Met up with June & Steve from 'Piper' and our Maltese friends. Mario, Lilian and Tate. Followed them across to Simi (Greek Island) 10 miles away. Half hour sail and fish. Anchored in Pethi. Lovely bay ringed by pastel neo classic greek houses. Bused into Simi Town...really really pretty waterfront town with lots more prosperous looking pastel houses up the hill to a ridge of disused windmills (counted 15) stocked up on some greek yoghurt etc.

Off to Datca in Turkey. Turkish Tourist town. Lots of holiday homes with roses int the gardens - pretty. Stayed a day. Ran around the seafront. 4 miles. Both did a bit of work! Swimming but still 22 degrees.

Motored around headland to Knidos. As Janet says "cool rocks" fantastic ancient ruined city, two big theatres, acropolis, Agora, stoas etc two natural harbours either side of an isthmus. Met more folk, Ned Kelly, from Marmaris. Barbecued hamsi ashore with the cats... tasty alfresco sups with colourful dusky sky.

Then 4am drama with both cats in the water!! Don't know how or how we woke up cos Wilson didn't start screeching til he saw us.... Friday had saved herself via the boarding ladder but Wilson so trying to scale the anchor chain and plopping back in... very sad and sodden black moggy

Life is Swimming
05/02/2012, Skopea Limani to Ekincik then Serce Limani via

Spent the last week at anchor in several more of the idyllic bays in and around Skopea Limani near Gocek. This place is Shangri-La you're right Jasp. (the Shangri-Las sang "Leader of the Pack didnt they?)
Crystal clear water; hardly any other boats around; usually a restaurant ashore within a dinghy ride or coastal walk through the pines. Firstly in Ostirim Bay then Tomb Bay. Blooming marvellous.

Owls and Cuckoos and then a cavalry (?) of cuttlefish was floating in a line by the boat during my early pre prandial cuppa. Two dolphins cruised past on our way out of the bay and another gave us a cursory bow ride followed by a school of Tuna... my kind of sailing.

We are heading West again (or rather we took a divert cos it was wind and swell on the nose and so we hung a quick right towards the Dalyan river for the night and set out again the next day)

In an almost land-locked bay called Serce Limani now. Tied to a pontoon owned by a restaurant. Another hard slog against the swell this morning, windy one minute, nothing the next.... boring. So happy to be tied up and fed by someone else... Onwards to Bozburun tomorrow

Not the only ones touring Turkey
04/25/2012, Fethiye

Will put AIS on tomorrow Katie. Hope you can see us.

Well we are still loving Turkey.....Watched the start of the Tour of Turkey Cycling Race. Very exciting - and quick! A rush of Lycra and Neon. The Italians looked the best as always. And only one Brit amongst 190 cyclists.

Weather is perfect. Been in Fethiye a few days now. Anchored near Yacht Classic which is a "Boutique Hotel" with pontoons. Backdrop of snow capped mountains.
Sunset drinks with Frog Kiss Patrick (Maurice Chevalier) and Chrissy (from Portsmouth! R.I.) Plus anniversary hammam treats in the hotel. Visited the Lycian Rock Tombs.

Did a pretty but hilly run out of town on the peninsula. The skipper disclosed he had never seen a wild tortoise until last year. Here in turkey theres bally tortoise everywhere. Also a turtle in our anchorage (always cool to see endangered species).
Fish market surrounded by restaurants in the town, where you choose your fish and the restaurant to cook it, is quaint and not just for tourists apparently according to Shema....

04/26/2012 | Katy
I'm still looking for you. Am following Will's progress in Jasali 2 - he is heading across the Med at present towards Monaco. He's due Monaco Sunday, and now based in South of France. Once their baby arrives May, they are moving house to Juan les Pins. Will make a change for us from flying to Boston every so often. x
05/02/2012 | Liz
Oooo didn't realise you'd started your travels again - must pay more attention! Sounds perfect so far ... have fun xx

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