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Polar Mist
On Our Way!
06/16/2013, Ventura Harbor

We are on our way to Hawaii--just getting ready to take our docklines and fenders in. We will probably be about 17 days on our way to Honolulu, give or take a few days. You can view our progress by clicking on the map on the right--our daily positions will be posted on either the regular map or the google earth map which you can view by clicking on the "+" icon under the google earth globe.

It is official--over 17 pages of equipment to rebuild, replace, acquire, install, and test have been completed as of 0700 on departure day. On the trip are owners John and Karen Gates, Medical Officer Bob Stofac, Bosun's mate Ken "Tater" Swindt, Galley Queen Starr Swindt, and Everything Else Rick Fleischman

Thanks to everyone for their help and support and we'll post photos and stories from the first leg of our trip when we get into Honolulu in early July.

Humbly submitted,

Capt. Rick

06/16/2013 | Buz Simpson
Have a safe and wonderful sail to Hawaii. Our thoughts will be with you.

Buz & Dayle
06/17/2013 | Capt. Blain
Boy that new skipper must be from Alaska. Please make him sit in the sun a while.
Have a great trip, all. Looking forward to updates on your progress.
06/18/2013 | Suzanne Brown
What an adventure! Looks fantastic! Ken and Starr are such an amazing addition to the crew and we miss you here for camp, of course.....but so happy you get this fantastic experience! Suzanne and David
06/19/2013 | Angie Bowers
Happy sailing and I will be checking in on you! Hope it's a great trip!-Jamal, Angie and Wren
06/19/2013 | Philly & Pam
You're on your way! We 're happy to have seen all the crew and what an adventure. Happy Sailing and look forward to hearing more as you go along.
06/19/2013 | Todd
Wow! Looks you guys are logging some good miles. Happy surfing!

A Starr in the Galley!
06/12/2013, Ventura Harbor

While Ken was busy on deck (see next post), Starr jumped right into reorganizing the galley and loading the freezer with meals that she already prepared at home. When that was done, she reorganized our medical supplies into one kit from the several boxes of supplies we had spread all over the boat. We're going to eat well on this trip, and judging from the volume of medical supplies, we're ready for just about any emergency! Thanks Starr--we're lucky to have you running the galley for us!

06/12/2013 | Connie & Ray
Safe journey to all. Can't wait to live vicariously through all of you.
06/14/2013 | Kim Aholt
Starr, it was a pleasure meeting you. Looks like you'll keep the crew well fed and taken care of. Have a safe and fun trip.
06/14/2013 | Alan Karp
Starr and Ken are going to be an awesome addition to the trip.
Have a great time all!
Love you guys!
The crew comes through!
06/12/2013, Ventura Harbor

Ken and Starr Swindt are joining us for both legs of our trip--first to Hawaii and then on to Alaska. They were going to come down to the boat on Wednesday, but swung down from their home in Bodega Bay a day early to get in a short family visit and deliver some family heirlooms. After a quick look over the boat, Ken jumped in and started working on boat projects including taking everything out of our huge lazarette, cleaning it up, and reloading for the trip. Thanks Ken!

06/12/2013 | johnetta smallwood - Jen's Mom
I find myself breathing hard from the excitement you
are experiencing. Much better than a movie.
Smooth sailing all the way.
06/14/2013 | Alan Karp
It's Ken!! This is going to be awesome man!
07/01/2013 | Tom Boylan
This is where the term "ship shape" comes from? Have a great adventure.
Capt. Todd--Hero of the day!
06/12/2013, Ventura Harbor

Every once in a while on a boat, something goes right. We thought we had a problem last Wednesday when we discovered that the 16-year-old radar on Polar Mist wasn't too keen on seeing another birthday. Today, Todd showed up at the boat before I even had a cup of tea with a cart full of new radar pieces and a determined look in his eye. Long story short--by lunchtime, the new radar was in and running. Pulling the old cable out and the new cable in went relatively painlessly and the bolt holes in the radar mast lined up perfectly with the new radar base. We are still looking good for our scheduled departure for Hawaii this Sunday.

Shakedown in Ventura

Final preparations are underway for Polar Mist's scheduled departure for Hawaii and on to Sitka, Alaska on June 16. John, Todd, and Rick left Ventura harbor with a building afternoon breeze on Wednesday. We tucked in the first reef when the wind hit 20 kts, but were soon wishing we'd gone right to the second reef as the wind gusts started hitting 30! We finally were able to ease off the wind a bit as we approached Santa Cruz Island and hit 9 kts of boatspeed.

We enjoyed a beautiful night full of stars from the anchorage in the lee of the island. We worked on boat projects and waited for the wind to build the next day for the sail back to Ventura harbor. A light westerly finally filled in and we had a pleasant sail broad-reaching through the oil rigs towards the California coast. The wind eventually died and we motored back to the dock.

A few problems discovered on the trip were a bad salt sensor on the water-maker, an intermittent radar (a new one has been ordered), and we adjusted the loose steering cables in the anchorage. With almost everything on the boat replaced or rebuilt, we're ready to head offshore!

More photos are posted in the album, "Ventura Shake Down".

06/21/2013 | Tully Turney
Meanwhile in the quiet of my little garrett room, I avidly follow the wonderful, unfolding story of your venture. Thanks for the thrill and the wonder of it all. Tully
Coming Soon to a Computer Near You!

We are in the process of setting this blog up for friends, family, and other supporters of the sailboat Polar Mist (or as we like to call you, Polar Misters). We will be posting photos of the boat soon. This summer, there will be a crew of six taking the boat from Ventura, California to Sitka, Alaska with a quick pit stop in Honolulu, Hawaii. We plan to have daily noon positions posted on the blog, so you can follow our trip up the Pacific Ocean. Information about the boat is available via the links on the right side of the screen. Feel free to post questions or comments and we'll get back to you as we are able.

06/01/2013 | Jen
Yay! This is a good start!
06/02/2013 | Keith Kincaid
Safe passages to all Rick and will see you later this year.
06/04/2013 | Starr
It is so close now I can't wait!
06/09/2013 | buz
I must say you look like a happy camper behind the wheel and it sounds like you are set to go. Have a great trip.
06/10/2013 | Marsha
Bon sailing and enjoy the spectacular adventure & experience...Marsha & Ken
06/11/2013 | Bob Kayser
Blowing 25 off Oahu this morning gusting to 30. Safe voyage and fair winds to the whole crew, and remember the old saying,
"Reef early, reef often :-)"
See you in Honolulu!
06/12/2013 | Tim
Can't wait to track your log. Brings back many memories. Happy sailing!
06/15/2013 | Jo
Major envy going here!

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