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Primrose with Mike and Diane
Mike and Diane Robinson's big Adventure!
Son Graham and Leigh's wedding
07/20/2012, Their back yard Goose Creek, SC

Graham and Leigh's wedding was a success. In there back yard, brother Ryan officating, sister Alain a brides maid, pals fromhome: Clint (best man), Eugene, Pat and Eric. Great pals: 3000 miles to attend!! VERY tense 2 days before big event but it all worked! Happy couple just returned from St. Croix US Virgin Islands, thanks to hop on USAF C-17 to St. Croix. See photo galley for more photos to come (when computer arrives).

Journeying before voyaging
07/10/2012, Goose Creek, South Carolina

The journey to our new boat (home) continues to be an adventure and a trial. Good news: we made it to son Graham's house. Graham and Leigh's wedding is this Saturday. The not so good news: The car's transmission went out in Knoxville, TN (354 miles from Goose Creek). We rented a U-Haul truck to pull the trailer and get here. We unloaded a bunch of Graham's tools and furniture so now we have a bit of lighter load. Currently waiting to here the cost of repair and we are working on a plan to get back to Knoxville to retrieve the Dodge after repair. Still smiling but really gritting our teeth too. This is putting a serious dent in our cruising kitty. (more photos in "photo gallery".

07/14/2012 | Laura Lee Jenkins
Happy Wedding Day!! Have fun, can't wait for pictures! Congrats to Graham & Leigh!!
07/17/2012 | Jeffrey Lundstrom
Thank you for the updates and photos. It's almost like being there. Enjoy!
07/25/2012 | s/v Magic Carpet. Greg & Donna
Mike & Diane: Glad your on your way! We are looking forward to all your wonderful blog reports. We just read a book "No more Mondays" By L Misner - Fantastic sailing trip down the East Coast to South America. So many great anchorages & historic stop - Have fun and keep us all informed .Donna & Greg
Kingman AZ Route 66
07/05/2012, Oklahoma City

Hello from Oklahoma City! Well we are making our way East, no white sand beaches and quite anchorages yet. Got a delayed start; Saturday when I hooked the trailer to the car it was obvious that it was too heavy. Unhooked the trailer and found a garage near home to add a leaf spring and new shocks to the car.....oh and two new tires. They stayed an hour after closing to do the job. Meanwhile I emptied the trailer and re packed with more weight over the axles and jettisoned stuff overboard ( to go to neighborhood garbage pick up and Goodwill).
We took off Sunday AM and made it to Needles, CA. 7:00 PM it was 109 degrees! Monday we hit the road (I 40 that mirrors the old route 66). The car was struggling to climb the mountains, about 4500 feet. Speed down to 25- 40 mph. Just past Kingman Arizona our car died on the freeway. We were towed to the only AAA approved shop in Kingman. Great mechanic/owner. Diagnosed it as cam shaft sensor (geeze what the hell is that?). Six hours and $182 later we were on way again. Tuesday night as we pulled off the road in Tucumcari NM the check engine light comes on. Now I'm really worried. The car has been struggling all day to pull grades. Flagstaff had a 7200 foot summit to conquer.
Next step find a mechanic on the 4th of July to look at the car: Jacks Truck Repair, an old metal building on a side road. Jack diagnosed as catalytic converter warning. When I described our driving, trailer pulling problems he offer to take a ride. We drove back to the motel, hitched the trailer and drove up and down the freeway for a few miles.
Jack is about 35, born and raised in Tucumcari and has 6 kids. He diagnosed the problem: I was driving with overdrive on and that was lugging the engine: 1800 rpms at 60 mph. Remedy: Disengage the OD and run the engine at 2600 rpm AND use higher octane fuel. With that combination it is a new car. Easily pulled grades today at 60 mph and no check engine light. Oh his bill: $82.
We are truly grateful for the good fortune we have enjoyed with our challenges!
We're still smiling, well gritting our teeth too.
That's the report now. We're on our way to Primrose

07/05/2012 | kay ryan
Making good progress now thankfully! Where in NC is Primrose?
07/05/2012 | Linda Adkins
Just saw your blog. Glad you are on your way. Will keep track of your journey! Good luck and have fun!
07/06/2012 | ted
what an exciting adventure. never watched anyone elses blog before - but am enjoying following you and your new life. Be safe - keep the updates coming. i can dream for that day for me and my wife someday.
07/09/2012 | Laura Lee Jenkins
Where are you guys now (09 JULY)? Sure wish Evan & I could make it out to the wedding this weekend! Steve called me yesterday and is so excited about doing the DJ-ing for Graham & Lee! Wants Evan to be his 'assistant'. Love the blog. Hope to hear from you soon ;)
Heading to the East Coat
hot, hot, hot
07/01/2012, Needles CA

Left Orangevale 0630. First stop Needles, CA 7:00PM. 109 degrees!

Slow go pulling the trailer 55-60 mph, slower on the grade over the passes.

Early start tomorrow.

07/02/2012 | Richard
Pretty sharp looking trailer. Have a safe trip.
07/03/2012 | Jeffrey Lundstrom
Thank for posting your journey travels my friend. I am looking forward to future updates!

Primrose salon
05/13/2012, New Bern, NC

Salon looking forward

05/13/2012 | Sheila Tost
It's beautiful, looks very spacious :)
05/23/2012 | Craig Weber
Mike, I am impressed! Congratulations. Wishing you a great retirement.

05/25/2012 | Richard
it will be great when you are cruising the east coast.
06/05/2012 | Kimberly
Mike & Diane, this has been a long time coming. The Primrose is lovely! I wish you all the best on your grand journey. You will be missed. Safe travels.
06/06/2012 | Gary Jang
that is fantastic. The boat looks great!
06/06/2012 | John Weitzel
Mike and Diane, congrats !! Safe passage on the seas you will travel. Enjoy.
06/11/2012 | Jeffrey Lundstrom
Beautiful!! ....Congratulations Mike!!! I am so happy for you my friend!! In the future if you ever get lonely out there on your boat .....maybe you you could use some company! What a great Idea!!!
06/17/2012 | Ed Reed
May you always have good winds and the Sun bright. See you in Oct / Nov for alittle trip along the coast. Our Best ED & Roe
06/18/2012 | Sean & Diana Allen
we could not be happier for you guys! Looking forward to connecting along the Dalmation Coast.
07/01/2012 | Michelle Wagner
Your are on your way 'east', exciting I'm sure!!! Can't wait to see photos when you get on the water!!!
05/13/2012, New Bern, NC

November 2011 we purchased Primrose in New Bern NC, She is a 1977 Moody 42 pilot house ketch. Plenty of room: 3 state rooms + large salon. Looking forward to moving aboard July 2012!

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