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Primrose with Mike and Diane
Mike and Diane Robinson's big Adventure!
Green Cove Springs Marina
01/08/2013, 40 miles up the St Johns River

40 miles up the St. John River from the coast is Green Cove Springs. We are here to haul out and do some maintenance. Green Cove Springs Marina is a favorite spot for cruisiers from many different's affordable (cheap compared to yards along the ICW). It is an old funky do-it-yourself boat yard. A first for us was tying up to an old ship pier. Find pilings that have horizontal boards attached or use your own fender boards then deploy every fender you own is the procedure.
This place is full of cruising boats and friendly folks. Many from Canada, Europe and New England. Met a retired Danish couple (in their 70s or early 80s) who now own a Moody 38 but are old Folkboaters. We shared Folkboat stories. He is retired ship captain with Maersk
We were here less than an hour and two different folks offered to lend us their cars.
We rented a car for the day to explore St. Augustine, about 20 miles away.
Photos in "photo gallery"

01/08/2013 | Perry
I have my boat at fleming island marina. if you need assistance from a yard let me recommend my boat yard man Hal with Holland Marine. Won't find a more honest and helpful person on the river. His number is 904 69 0027.
01/08/2013 | Perry
correct number is 904 269 0027
01/09/2013 | Fred
If you see any Burmese pythons, let me know.
I need a belt.
St Johns River
01/06/2013, Jacksonville

We overnighted in Jacksonville heading for Green Cove Springs. Staying at Metropolian Park Marina is FREE!! It is a "self service" no charge down town city dock with no staff. Electricity is available via self serve kiosk. Swipe your credit card for $8.56 per day for electrical hook up. That's a price well within our budget. We are using crusing guides like and Skipper Bob's to find spots like this. St. John's River is heavily traveled by commercial traffic. We had to delay our up river trek to wait for a cruise ship casting off lines and using almost the entire width river to turn around to head out to sea. The Coasties were standing by in thier inflatable with manned machine gun at the bow. Hmmm... don't want to get too close to that ship! Other traffic was mostly tugs and barges.

01/04/2013, Fernandina Beach FL

After two days and nights in remote and rainy Georgia we stopped in the first Florida port of call. Traveling through this part of Georgia is very nice; it is wilderness, mostly marsh and very REMOTE. Cumberland Island is inhabited by wild horses but we could not spot any. We saw only an occasional crabber tending crab pots. 2 nights ago we anchored in Cedar Creek off the Crescent River, a narrow creek with a shrimper dock and one old inactive shrimp boat. Very isolated- no cell-no wi fi reception. Wow, no comunication with outside world! Just like the old days! Mike made tortilla soup.... good for a cold rainy day. Very calm-very peaceful. Last night we anchored off Jeckel Island. This more populated island now owned by the state used to be a spot for the Swells to build summer "cottages" AKA mansions.

01/04/2013 | kay ryan
So glad you're making such good progress. Love hearing about your tours. Toured Jeckel Island once with George when he lived in Georgia.
Savannah (Isle of Hope)

Early morning high tide made Field Cut passable. Brrrr 36 degrees, but it was still a beautiful day on the ICW. Stopped at Isle of Hope Marina just outside Savannah. Isle of Hope is a little hamlet with rows of antebellum (pre civil war) homes. The is no retail on Isle of Hope save the marina, establish 1926. This is such an idyllic spot. On New Years Eve treated ourselves to guest slip. This marina, like many on the ICW, offers free loaner car (Honda Civic AND a Honda mini van). With the loaner car we toured historic Savannah, and we had great dinner at The Driftaway Cafe, a local place just off IOH but a popular spot for locals, with terrific seafood. If you don't have transportation the marina will drive you to the Driftaway and the restaurant will drive you back to your boat after dinner. More photos in **Photo Gallery**

01/02/2013 | Richard
Come to Connecticut if you want cold, Mike. 10 degrees was the low last night.

thanks for all the great photos and for keeping your blog up. If you were near I'd lend you my copy of "The boy, me and the cat" by Henry Plummer, his log of a 1912 trip from Massachusetts to Florida via the ICW. Great book with lots of details, a delight to read.
01/04/2013 | Mike & DIane Robinson
Sounds like a good read Richard, I'll download a copy! In FL now its warmer already.
Wright River SC/GA border
Cold but clear

Beautiful day! We Motored past Hilton Head, SC. We made our way to Wright River just short of Savannah River; however, Fields Cut (2 mile cut) is shoaled at low tide. We ran aground 3 times before we bailed and anchored for the night. For a second time we had a deer swimmimg across the river in front of us. Lots of wildlife: frequent dolphins, otters and deer, plus plenty of bird life. Beautiful quiet (remote) anchorage. There was No wind and only one other boat anchored about 1/2 mile away. Cold cold night!

Beaufort SC
12/29/2012, Factory Creek

Anchored yesterday afternoon in Factory Creek across the river from downtown Beaufort. Guest slips are $1.85 per foot (42 feet) per day plus $7 for electricity so we opt to anchor for free and take the dingy to town. Beaufort is a beautiful quaint town with lots of history. Factory Creek is very pretty and very calm. A marina and private homes with docks line one shore, marsh lines the other. We are waiting for rain storm to pass. Exploring this historic old Southern town.

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