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Princess 3
the travels continue
07/28/2008, Deltaville, VA

Saturday the 26th we arrived in St. Mary's City, MD.
The St. Mary's River comes off the Potomac River. St. Mary's City was the first capitol of Maryland and is the 4th oldest city in North America. It was founded in 1634 by Lord Baltimore and 140 people who arrived on two sailing vessels called the Ark and the Dove. The city was abandoned years ago and left in ruins. In 1968 the restoration process began restoring the old city. There are lots of artifacts and parts of original foundations that have been used to recreate the city. It sits on it's original ground next to St. Mary's College. The college has a first class sailing program and is also into archaeology.
We spent two days here. There were no facilities here such as marinas or stores. The closest shop or restaurant is several miles away, not close enough to reach by foot.
The Maryland Special Olympics sailing and kayaking Regatta was going on here this weekend. We were anchored right off the docks where the events were taking place.
Sunday afternoon we had a bad storm. It was quite frightening. There were 4 boats anchored in the cove here, which is protected from winds from all directions except northwest. The storm came out of the northwest and everyone of us dragged. we were all in our cockpits with our engines running trying to keep the boats headed into the wind. It lasted about 20 minutes with heavy rain, lightening and thunder and winds up to 40 plus miles per hour. Three of the boats had to reanchor.
When everyone was secure again we all met on our boat for refreshments and talk. Met some nice people who have been cruising several years.
Then today Monday we headed south down the chesepeake Bay to Deltaville. Shortly after getting underway we noticed that our battery charging light was on indicating that our batteries were not charging. We didn't plan to go all the way to Deltaville, VA today but because we can get repairs here and because we were moving along quite well we decided to try to make it. We got in here about 4 pm and David ran aground coming in the channel. It has a very narrow twisty channel that is also shallow. We made it just fine and since the tide was coming in David didn't have to get help to get off the sand bar. We'll probably be here for a few days.

07/29/2008 | Lane
Good luck with the alternator...
Cruising friends
07/25/2008, Smith Creek, MD

Today we finally left Solomons, MD. We have been here for almost two weeks. Just kept finding more reasons to stay. We met some really neat cruisers. Blake, his wife Yvette and their daughters Kate 12 and Ellie 8 are cruising for the summer on a 52 foot Irvim Ketch. They live in Miami now but are from California. Also Jeff, Tracey and their daughter Dallas from Australia. They have been cruising for 15 months on a 56 ft. Catamaran that they bought in Trinidad. Before this trip neither of them had ever sailed. The two families have been traveling together since they met in Key West where the cataman cleared customs upon entering the US. We really enjoyed our time with them and hope to catch up with them again real soon. They even may head for the Bahamas this winter.
Presently we are anchored for the night in Smith Creek on the Potomac River for the night and heading to St. Mary's tomorrow. Will write more then. We haven''t had real good internet connections lately. But it seems to be working better now.

Screwpile Regetta
07/21/2008, Solomons, Maryland

The wind filled in yesterday for the first series of races and the party last night was a blast.

The rum was flowing steadly and there must have been about 400 people who all seemed to keep under control.

The race today is just starting & it looked like a parade as the boats left the harbor.

It is hot & we're looking forward to heading south in October after the Annapolis boat show.

Jerrie isn't ready for another long offshore trip, so we plan to winter in the Bahamas. We haven't been back to the Bahamas since 1984 so the changes will be like coming to Solomons after many years away.

07/24/2008 | Mary Ann
Looks like you got to race--how did you do? We'll miss you guys at the pirate party!
Screwpile Racing
07/19/2008, Solomons, MD

We are presently moored in Solomon, MD. There is a huge race going on here this weekend and we are hanging out to be a part of the festivities. It is the largest race on the Chesepeake, called the "Screwpile Race. It last 4 days. And started with a race starting in Annapolis last night. They sailed down to Solomons and started arriving here at 5 am. There will be several hundred people here this weekend. Should be interesting. We have heard several good and bad stories about this event. Thought we'd see for ourselves.
The weather is hot. But it has been cooling down at night so it is bearable without airconditioning. We're having a great time. Getting a lot of exercise since we have to walk or ride a bike everywhere we go.

Cruising the Chesapeake
07/15/2008, Solomons, Maryland

After spending 3 1/2 years refurbishing our Allied Princess 36' ketch, we are happily cruising the Chesapeake Bay.

We left Beaufort, N.C. bound for Bermuda on June 5 and returned to the bay for hurricane season.

More to come as we gather our pictures and thoughts.

07/15/2008 | Mary Ann
This is great! We'll love reading about your "adventures!"

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