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Adventures of Capt. Pringle
Adventures of Capt. Pringle
06 July 2010 | Cruising to the Bahamas
Hello and welcome to our sailingblog. We are ready to cruise to the Bahamas. Onboard is me Päiv, Captain Charley and his co-pilot Pringle. We will keep you posted of our adventures here, so please check this blog now and then. Thank you and have fun!
Barb Van Stryland
14 July 2010 20:00:24Z
Have fun and don't get eaten by a shark! The house is fine. Cheers barb
15 July 2010 14:30:51Z
You 3 be careful out there! I'm VERY jealous...I'd rather be doing what you're doing than working. Have fun & be safe, Luv, Deb
26 July 2010 22:09:11Z
wish we were going, have a great time and be safe. See you on the flip side.
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