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Charleston, SC

04 April 2013 | Ashley Harborage Marina
Rain, wind, crappy
Charleston has an anchorage that is exposed to wind and has strong tidal currents. Add to this that the best locations are full of derelict and sunken boats and you’ll understand that this is a fair weather anchorage only. Somehow I always seem to be in Charleston when the weather is bad: At least that was the case in 4 out of 6 visits. In the fall of 2006 I spent several days on Curlew at the Mega Dock of the municipal marina, in torrential rain and strong winds. Due to the wind direction (on the beam) and the swell in the marina I had to constantly check the fenders, which had a tendency to pop out. The next spring Mary and I stopped here again and were stuck again for several days, thanks to an early tropical storm (it was the first named storm of the year). This fall it was the same all over again: wind and rain. And now the weather forecast for the next two days: wind and rain, what else did I expect! So instead of anchoring out I am staying at the Ashley Harborage Marina. This morning I walked down to the Mega Dock, and I was glad that I was not in the anchorage: It looked more like a rodeo out there, with tide against wind and boats rolling and pitching.

I decided that this was the perfect day to stay on board and do engine maintenance. The raw water impeller was due for replacement. After several attempts to pull the old impeller out I gave up. Shortly after I bought Puffin II I had replaced the (original?) impeller, which was deformed and had several blades missing. (See my posting of 4/11/2012.) Perhaps that was why I was able to pull that one from its pump housing. I called a mechanic and he will be here tomorrow morning (I hope!).
Vessel Name: Puffin II
Vessel Make/Model: Nordic Tug 32
Hailing Port: Philadelphia, PA
Crew: Thierry Danz
Extra: Puffin II is a 2003 Nordic Tug LOA 33'10" Beam 11'4" Draft 3'8"
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Who: Thierry Danz
Port: Philadelphia, PA