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Fairhaven - Day's 7 & 8 -Wed -Thur

Good thing we ducked for cover... 'cause we really got blasted! We pulled anchor from our favorite coffee spot and headed into the Marina. Just got in when WHAM! Big wind..(.really big wind) came right in the habor...straight down the carberator throat, so-to-speak, and nailed us up against the dock. I thought it was going to lift us up and put us on it! We got 60 - 65 knot winds direct broadside...our joke was me hollering "rails under!"...and we're still at the dock!

Okay, so the excitement is over...we're in and safe...still breezy out so we elected to stay one more day (fellow cruisers are familure with that thinking -HA!). Did something to sprain my knee...not good for chief anchor puller and deck slave. I wrapped some string around it, a little duck tape...good as new...I'll be okay...don't worry about me.

Internet fail...that was the words for yesterday. Our new (and very temporary spot) in the marina has something wrong with it and we can't get our BBX Internet thing...some kind of interference caused by some kind of electronics in some kind of boats around us..thank god we're not going to be here too long!

Tomorrow, back out on the hook...and Oh...sorry about pictures...still working on that...having to use this temporry Internet connection and we haven't de-scrambled our pics yet (sorry Willow)...soon me.

'Nuff for now...have to get back into the dock combat zone. The coast gaurd just rescued a 38 foot sailboat, evidently they found it out wandering about in the bay...either got out of it's cage or off it's lease...somebody's very lucky.

Ray out ...more later.

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05/20/2010 | Willow
Ahahaha! That answers my question.
Glad to know your in one piece.
I had coffee for you today!
Fairhaven -Day 6 -Wednesday

First: Greetings Dr. Stan!...really good to hear from you...sent you an email...andy yes it's great to really be out here!

For now though...tucking our tails and running for cover. Actually, moving into the Bellingham marina for the night. Supposed to be pretty high winds so we thought we'd duck in...mainly because we can....and because if we were out in the ocean we couldn't. Anyway... still waiting for our mainsail and actually this is not a bad place to wait...Bellingham off our bow, and Fairhaven on the stern...10 minutes from the boat either way...Oh and an espresso stand 100' in front of us! HA! Suffering here...well almost suffering (scary report about being out of ½ and ½ for my latte)....! Whew...false alarm...all is better now...I'll be okay.
About marina's...marina's are spider traps for cruiser people. Anchoring out type cruising...the kind we poor people do is as different from marina cruising as RV'ing is to camping in a tent. I love Gilligan's Island..."No phones, no pools, no motor cars...not a single luxury" well that's anchor cruising...or simple called "anchoring out." Martina cruising means shore power, showers, restaurants, coffee shops...but it also means, noise, looky-loo's, stereo's, direct obedience to marina laws about hanging clothes, or check in or out get the picture. We much prefer the anchoring out thing...generating our own electricity and about a sense of freedom! stated, marina's are easy to slide into...stay a day...then..."Oh maybe stay another"...then another...and before you know it a week has gone by and you wonder where you're cruising kitty has gone (try average of $40.00 per day not including what you spend (like restaurant's, coffee's etc). Now I know there are people who say they wouldn't indulge in all that but...somebody does, because all those guys are doing a booming business! Even we have to watch the temptation not to get hypnotized by the spider.

Ray out for now...Oh and pictures to be posted today!

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05/20/2010 | Willow
Pictures? Where? I cant find!
Speaking of pictures. I have a great one that I emailed... Of Jillian... and BTW Shes getting her ears pierced on Saturday! Shes even SOO EXCITED about it!
Fairhaven -Monday - Day 4

Weekend's over, we're still here... woke up this morning to the largest "mill pond" I've ever seen! Miles and miles of flat water...I do mean mirror flat...truly...not even a ripple!. It's beautiful but it does mean we're going to have to move as it indicates a pressure area is moving in. I think Wednesday we'll be in a hiddy-hole as we don't want to be exposed to 35-40 knot winds sitting where we are. We'll really enjoy it for today though.

This is the week our sail might be arriving from China. We can sail with what we have, as our current main is usable but a new one is part of the plan. As soon as it comes in we'll be weighing anchor and headed north to Canada...Princes Louisa inlet in particular. Sandy's got the route all worked out...for my part, I just continue with boat projects. Today it's the AIS system....a thing that allows us to see other ships from a long(er) way least on the chartplotter,

Sandy's brother Don, loaned us his car while we're great is that!? We are able to get all of our errands done and get showers at the super-marina where-we-don't-have-topay-to-stay-but-we-can-use-all-their-stuff....(I call it a super-marina becuase it's really big and has everything!

Okay for the record...Internet and posting may be sketchier and a problem as we leave here and move north. Currently, we're using a thing called BBX, it's a marina operated system we pay for and it's good in about 215 marina's up here in the NW. I also have a WIFI extender that lets us pick up signals on of course...right now I can get signals about 3-5 miles away, but that means someone has to have an open/unsecured link. Right now we have 53 wifi spots indicated through it, but I can only use 1 or 2 of them all the rest have passwords. I expect less opportunity (to none) as we get north of Vancouver Canada.

Today, all is well, we'll be looking at fishing gear and licenses for the trip north. We have our crab traps ready, and we can fish and crab on the way up and into B.C. (No clams though...clams, mussels, and oysters are on the "not-good-to-eat-right-now-because-they-are-on-the-psp-neurotoxin-that-will-kill-you list."

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05/18/2010 | Willow
Maybe while you wait you guys can figure out how to UPLOAD pictures *hint hint* :) or if you already know how, throw a girl a bone!
05/19/2010 | stan
Glad to hear everything is working out well.

Have a great sail and thanks for keeping us landlocked souls updated


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