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Down but not out.
07/10/2010, Port Angeles, WA

Above center is the leaking when I took this picture of course!

Well, the verdict is in...the "weeping" itsy-bitsy leak coming out of the throttle positioning pin on the fuel injector pump spells bad news no matter how you look at it. It's not normally a thing DIY'rs mess with.

Our plan to leave here in a couple of days just got pushed back. We either have to send our pump in for repairs/rebuild (I heard estimates between $100 and $700 depending on who you listen to and as long as two weeks time)...or..find a new or re-conditioned pump and exchange for ours (still in the neighborhood of $500-$800). Of course these are the most expensive part of the motor...but fortunately, ours looks relatively easy to remove and replace.

With the exception of groceries, parts, and distance to any main sevices, we're in a pretty good place. While we're here maybe we can take advantage and get some other important stuff done and even attach our monitor windvane...whatever that is.

Further posts as things get updated.

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07/11/2010 | Jeanne Walker
Like you said, you are in a good spot for this to happen.....Lots of boat stuff in PA. It sounds like you wil have an all new engine with in a few more ports! Starter in one, alternator in need to get into some smaller lattitudes before the old addage "fixing your boat in exotic locations" kicks in!! I am pretty sure that PA does not qualifiy for that!! keep up the good work!!
Shake-down cruise completed - Equipment Update
Ray here - cool and breezy
07/10/2010, Port Angeles, WA

Well our shake down cruise is for the repairs and replacements.

All in all, our 2 months out on the water in the Sound, San Juan's and Gulf Islands of Canada went pretty well. We had lots of different weather and seas...from flat calm to 9 foot seas and 65 knott winds!!....lots of different anchorage combinations, and met some wonderful people. For repairs we had to replace the alternator, and just today...the starter...not sure what any of that was about...maybe just boat's getting older. In the process of changing the starter, I noticed an itsy-bitsy fuel leak coming out of injector pump. Not a good thing...looks kind of like a seal where the throttle cable connects....will know more tomorrow.
For anyone interested here is a pretty exhaustive equipment report:

Island Planet Sails - we got a new main while we were out. It was beyond perfection and the performance is out of this world...our plan is to eventually upgrade all of our sails to Island Planet's. The fit is perfect the service is excellent and the quality is far beyond expectations for the money.

Kiss wind generator - We rated this one 5 stars! Ran like a dream...very quiet...not bad considering winds are not a big thing here in the PNW. When the wind did blow...we could run the lights, computers, and refer with just the wind generator wizzing above. Our's is mounted ¾ the way up our mizzen mast...we do get some vibration at night during high winds because the mizzen is over the aft berth....but never enough to keep us awake. It survived 50 knott winds...and anytime we wish we can just flip a switch and it shuts down completely. Winds higher than 50 they recommend you either tie off the blades or remove them. We didn't find it necessary...but maybe we were just lucky.

Kyrocera solar panels - absolutely the best!...even in moderate sunshine. I've mounted ours on the port and starboard stern rails and they can be tilted 90 degrees up or down. These are the 135 watt models I got from a Northern Arizona company...figured out the mountings myself.
The panels are just awesome...quiet, efficient, and above all ..they really work!...their power output really surprised me. Even on a semi-sunny day we got full battery charge...enough to run the refer, electronics in the cockpit, and the computers below.

WE run Navionics charts through a Lowrance combination depthfinder, radar, and chartplotter. All excellent and worked flawlessly. There was a pretty steep learning curve with the plotter...the radar I'm still learning new stuff, and Lowrance is famous for their depthfinders and fishfinders. NMEA 2000 hooks everything together. Navionics charts??? For $199 to cover all of the West coast including Puget Sound, Washington, Oregon, California, Mexico, the Baha, and details I'll never use! What can I say? I think they have the best bang for the buck.

Radio's: ICOM IXM-34 submersible handheld portable, a Standard Horizon's digital base radio...and a two addition older model Standard Horizon's plus a Kenwood TS440 Ham/SSB transceiver...everything worked excellently except problems with antenna's. This is one of our major issues during our repair/replacement time. We also have a Miltech AIS...that...after I figured out how to hook it up is one of our most valuable devices aboard.

Village Marine watermaker...beyond awesome...30 gal per hour off the generator! This is the "no frills" model...meaning it's scattered throughout the boat and you'd never know it was here. Wife loves the water it makes...we use a MOEN final filtering system that helps guarantee every drop is flawless.

Kobata Apollo 4KW genset. This came with the boat...I replace a valve in it when I first got it, then had to replace the raw water pump...from then on it's ran flawlessly...sometimes hour after hour here in the northwest with no sun or wind for days. It's amazingly quiet and runs on pints per hour!

Manson Supreme - We got a new 60# Manson Supreme anchor before we left, and up graded our chain from 5/16 to 3/8 HT. We sleep well at night...but a caution to any who might be not add a swivel to the chain set gave our Manson fits...other than that...when the Manson goes down it stays down...and the boat stays put!

Dell computers - two brand new laptops before we regrets so far they have run perfectly. Navionics allows us to run our charts on the computers at the same time as the chartplotter at the we have triple reduncency at an affordable price. We do have paper charts...but mostly only those areas we feel are most important.

Aqua Pro Inflatable and 2 - Tohatsu outboards (one 5 hp and one 9.9 hp). Actually the outboards ran great...most of the problems we've had (and we've had our share) are operator errors...and bad repairs (like leaving the main carb gasket off...duh! ) other than that, they are all pretty good pieces of equipment. The Aqua Pro will probable only last a season in Mexico because of it's age already...and they outboards?...they just keep on running...and running...and running.

Log Book
07/15/2010 | Eugene Reynolds
Hey, guys! Nice equipment update. I concur with your assessment of the wind and solar players. We have an Air Breeze and also bought a Kyocera 135 from Northern Arizona Wind and Sun (great company!). Our other two panels are of a different brand/company because we needed a unique size. Nonetheless, we have about 400 watts of solar on board and keep the energy box full. Our rig comes down in a week, so we have some work ahead of us. Glad your shakedown went well.
Arrived Port Angeles!
Ray here - hot and perspiry
07/08/2010, Port Angeles, Wa (duh)

Picture: Our neighbors in the adjoining slips....five Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection superboats! No kidding, these boats each have 4 - 300 HP 6 cyl turbo-charged Mercs!

Well, we arrived in Port felt like old home week for us as we lived here for so long. In fact, we lived here, got married here...lived on different boats together, and the same boat apart (figure that one out). Anyway...the trip was both good and bad. Bad because we it took us 4 hours to cross the Strait (which we've done many-many times)...but this time was like no other...8-9 foot swells on the beam (not kidding)...all the way...which is no big deal out in the real ocean...but here, because we are in the Strait...they were about 2-4 seconds apart ( timed'em between barfs)......which means they were steep and fast! We ended up steering north for an extra hour or so just to manage the slap...anyway...It was so bad (how bad was it Ray?)... the ferry boats had to zig-zag across because they don't tie their cars down....and I suspect the passengers were probably less-than-comfortable too...sitting in their cars on the walls...barfing into the ashtrays.

The good part of the ordeal was the least that's what Sandy tells me...somehow I we're supposed to benefit from brain locks up with this logic. Let's see...good training = good experience for when we get out in the real ocean...Hmmmm...I think of it as the same as trying to learn to increase my reflexes by putting my hand in the blender. Okay, so we had the experience and I lived through it...what I learned is...I still don't like sailing....or in this case... going an "E" ticket ride on the barf-o-rama!

The good news is, the boat handled wonderfully!...well, as wonderfully as it can while it goes where it wants and you just kind of hang on for the ride...anyway... This boat is awesome! (I say that about any boat I survived any trip on) it was like it was made to be in the water or something. The very good news is ...nothing lasts forever and the waves couldn't reach me in the snack bar!...but honestly, we were fighting it out with the ferry boats over who was going to get into the inner harbor first...they won..they're bigger and they threatened to start throwing cars at us.

We're here...and if anyone knows Port Angeles...there's nothing here...well...not like Victoria...this is more like.... the behind-the-scenes of Victoria. No grocery store within miles (remember last time this happened we didn't eat for like...six days). It's a good place to work on your boat though (if you don't starve to death) before you go offshore...that part is great....nothing else but we love it...sick I know. They do have a haul out...and some parts, and lots of people with advice on how to fix anything or otherwise live your life better. ...otherwise...not too much to do unless you're into leaving.

We're here for a week...found some I'll try to figure out how to add more pictures in the sequence this time (yeah sure Ray...we've heard all this before).
Out for now

Log Book
07/10/2010 | Terry & Heidi Kotas
Really enjoying your blog -- you've got a great outlook on the glamorous cruising life!
We, too, have done time in PA and agree it's a great spot but a bad location ;-)

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