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The engines running! The engines running!
Ray - coolish and wet
08/09/2010, Port Angeles, WA

So, for those of you that have been following...we finally got the injection pump back from Seattle. It came in late Friday evening (naturally) so we had to wait until monday for the mechanic to come out. At 8:30 AM the mechanic arrived and began re-re-re-re-re bleeding the system for the 900th time...and eventually...HO-LA! It finally fired (after extentive phone calls to Seattlle injector again).

Evidently...this all was a very silly problem of a air lock inside the injector pump that wouldn't allow fuel to come through. Drove us all nuts though...When it did finally get staightened away the engine fired right up! Now it starts and runs perfectly everytime.

In the end...I don't wish this kind of exhaustive diagnositc repair on took us four weeks and about 14 mechanic hours plus two fuel injection pump mailings to Seattle to get it back to where we were before we started (minus the leak of course). Onward to the next thing.

More updates as we go along.

Ray out

Log Book
08/10/2010 | Jeanne Walker
Woo you can move on to the rest of that check list and get on down the coast. I am waiting to hear all about Mexico....cervasus....etc!!
08/31/2010 | Dave Benjamin
I'm happy that you had the problem in the PNW rather than in Mexico. You would have spent time and money getting the pump imported...yada yada yada.
And BTW, thanks for telling a dock neighbor about us!
10/21/2010 | Skipper
PNW? or Me'-hee-co???
Injection Pump Update #2
Ray here ...moderate and cool
07/30/2010, Port Angeles, WA - still

It's still about the injection pump!

So, we got the pump back from Seattle Injection. Installed it, with the help of our son-in-law, James, who's pretty familure with diesels. We turned it on, and cranked it...and cranked it, and cranked it....NADA...James had to go back to Seattle so I stayed with the project.

Two more days of phone calls, bleeding the engine, re-bleeding the the engine....more cranking...nothing...wouldn't even fire.

Got out Nigals book...followed instructions exaclty! again...NADA.

So, in the last paragraph in his book he says get out your this case it was... call in a specialist! Our specialist came recommended by lots of people of the best. Because of that he gets $75.00 hr. and hour....which was okay for us...figuring on a couple of hours.

He re-re-re bled the fuel system...checked all the pressure fittings, checked the vacuum and fuel pump pressure to the injector pump. Pleanty of fuel, (fuel tank was full of brand new fuel)....pressure crank crank...NADA...wouldn't even fire!...Three days...five days...7 days later...still wouldn't start. He called the specialist's specialist...a Perkins expert no less (30 years on the force). Said that there was probably something wrong with the new injection pump. Of course Seattle injector disagreed...but...after I took the injection pump off three times (by-the-way you also have to remove the starter and water pump to get to it)...I got a call today...go ahead and take it off again and send it back to Seattle Injector...they agreed to look at it. We don't have a car so that means...three hours to get the turkey off the engine...then a gentle 3 mile walk to the Post Office and back...ugh!

We are not happy campers...I'll post again when it comes back. Oh and I won't go into the fact that our recommended specialist caught a rag on fire in the engine room...threw the oily rag out in the hall way and down toward our aft cabin...and nearly burned our boat down...I had to use the fire extinguisher to put it the process of course ...he burned his extinguisher stuff is now all over the boat...and we are back at stage one...where I was when it all started...sending in the injector pump to Seattle!...Oh and just down a few hundred dollars and two weeks.

Log Book
07/30/2010 | Jeanne Walker
HOLY CRAP!!! And I thought I was having problems with my fuel supply!! Jeanne had an extingusher go off in the Explorer while she was driving down the road, and that was a terrible mess!! I just can't even imagine how bad a boat might be!!
Hang in there and Keep smiling!!! Remember I am sending this from my desk at work!!
07/30/2010 | kay
In your heading you wrote: "Moderate and Cool" I am very curious if you were referring to your disposition or the weather, Ray? ;-)
We sure miss you guys!
Over & Out from West Bay Marina!
08/03/2010 | Your Daughter
:( It will all work out how its meant to! It just means you will be around longer.
08/05/2010 | Cathy Nemeth
Sorry about your pump. What is your next step? The song goes, " Should I stay or should I go now." We are planning to go into Canada soon. Depends on the work situation. Maybe, just maybe we can still hook up, Cathy
08/08/2010 | Jeanne Walker
Hows that pump coming? I hope everything is up and running and you just been having too much fun to take time post on the blog!!

We are taking this morning off from boat projects, and thought we should touch bases and see how you two are doing!!
Injection Pump Update
Ray here- Sunny
07/24/2010, Port Angeles, WA

After a week now, and way too many hours in the engine room trying to figure out why our engine wouldn't start with the new pump... we finally had to surrender to calling in a specialist for the "no start" problem. Turns out that there were four seals shipped with the injector pump that were misplaced and not installed. Injection pumps in diesel systems are particularly vulnerable to any air leaks in the fuel feed system. No seals means air leaks...thus no start. We ordered a new set of seals (about $2.00 worth)...and they'll be here on Monday...we're about 99% sure this is the issue. Meantime, we're working on the boat taking care of the other issues.

Ray out for now.

Log Book
07/24/2010 | Jeanne Walker
air leaks in the fuel system are a real probem. I am fighting that very thing with our engine now....really starting to piss me off!! i hope you get yours solved with the new seals!! Look at it this dont have to get up early and go to work on Monday morning!! keep smiling!

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