Queen’s Ransom’s Atlantic Voyage

Queen’s Ransom III is a Najad 520 from The UK; exploring the Atlantic Islands

05 August 2016 | 80 Nm West South West of Raz de Sein
04 August 2016 | 115 Nm North North West Cabo de Estaca de Bares; Spain's Northernmost Point
03 August 2016 | 65 Nm NorthWest of Cabo Villano
02 August 2016 | 123 Nm West of Vigo
01 August 2016 | 40 Nm West of Oporto
31 July 2016 | Oporto
11 June 2016 | Oporto
10 June 2016 | Leixoes
09 June 2016 | 162 Nm West South West of Oporto
08 June 2016 | 270 Nm West of Lisbon
07 June 2016 | 338 Nm West of Cabo Sao Vincente
06 June 2016 | 100 Nm North of Porto Santo
05 June 2016 | Porto Santo
04 June 2016 | Porto Santo
25 March 2016
24 March 2016

Unwrap the Magic!

01 January 2012 | Emerald Bay Marina, George Town, Great Exuma, Bahamas
Imelda NE3
Quinn and Elliott Sea Kayaking in Exuma Park

Sunday 1 January 2012

It is here, the magical year 2012!

Last night Ulric and I danced on deck and wished on a shooting star (narrowly missing Orion - or maybe The Great Hunter was the one who shot the star at us?!)


Or to quote from a shop front in Nassau: UNWRAP THE MAGIC!
(It is all around us...)

From Georgetown, Great Exuma Island, THE BAHAMAS

Ulric, Imelda, Quinn, Elliott & Brendan Almqvist


Brendan builds sand castles
On every beach
We visit

He says
Some are villages
And some are cities

When he leaves
The tide comes in
And sweeps his creations away

However, this
Does not bother Brendan
Says he:

The tide sweeps
My Spirit Cities
to the bottom of the ocean

Where spirits move in
Walk up the steps
Look out of the windows

Some fishes too
One octopus
And 8 dolphins

These cities live on
In Brendan's imagination
He visits them in his dreams

He keeps up with the news
And builds more sand castles
On every beach we visit


What happens in the knot?
Do the paths cross
Or not?

Between Sun and Moon
Light and darkness

Myself and others
The Vulcan and the Lake

Between what I know
And what I'd rather not know

Nibbling on a lemon biscuit
I ponder the Lemniscate

Lemniscatic Volatis
My birthright - he Dance of Infinite Flight

Having said that
I really want to know...

What happens in the not?
Do the paths cross
Or not?


High up on the cliffs
Somewhere in the Exuma Islands
Is perched
A blue hexagonal house

The Moon lives inside that house
And outside too
But inside the Bee House
It is always Full Moon

The people in the Bee House
Wave at passing boats
And we wave back
As we go for anchor

Darkness comes
The Bee House disappears
No longer a pale blue hex
Just a velvety void simmering above the rocks

A gap in the Milky Way
A Crescent Moon
Gives birth to a thousand sparks

Dancing on water
On a spinning Earth
Humming birds, bees, humming birth

Where have the Bee People gone?
Asks my husband, concerned until he sees
The Bonfire on the Beach

So this is how the Bee people celebrate New Year's Eve
We too gather around our fire:
The oil lamp in the cockpit and fluorescence in the water

We wish on a shooting star
2012 is here!


At midnight
The Winds of Change arrive
And rock our boat (quite literally!)

A bright orange half Moon
Chooses that moment
To drop within reach

The stars are our fireworks
One Shooting Star
Carries our wishes for 2012

The hexagonal Bee House
On the cliff top
Swings, breathes and rocks

Behind it the sky flashes, stroboscopically
The Cosmos becomes one great disco
Dancing to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth

Is this a Dream?
I ask the Winds of Change
To carry me and my prayers into 2012

I eat the Moon
One slice of exotic fruit
I drink in this moment

I become... I AM
I am a spirit ship
Sailing the Winds of Change

Vessel Name: Queen's Ransom III
Vessel Make/Model: Najad 520
Hailing Port: Gosport, UK
Queen's Ransom III is a Najad 520 build no. 22 from 1996. She is equipped and maintained for world wide cruising. Read more about her Viking Voyage on this website "the Mission" under favourites Go to "the Boat" under favourites to read more about Queen's Ransom. Go to "the Voyage" under [...]
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