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Draggin Up
North from Moorehead City, NC
Stephen Miller, Still Hot
09/20/2011, North Carolina

We leave from Moorehead City on July 31st and travel through a narrow canal, part of the intercoastal waterway. Once through the canal we then enter Ratton Bay which is part of Pamlico Sound. The weather was quite nice until we got about about 2/3 the way to the turn at Bay Pt. The wind picked up to 20knots gusting to 30 from the east and it was quite rough until we again reached the narrow canal. We found a good anchorage at Eastham Creek but again a lightning storm went over with wind gusts to 40knots.
The next day we passed Pamlico Beach went up towards Belhaven and through a long passage in East Dismal Swamp to the Alligator River where we again anchored for the night. Our anchorage was very pleasant with no bugs, a beautiful sunset to finish off the day.

11/25/2011 | Chuck Davison
I found yer Blog
11/27/2011 | Ken and Carole
Hey there, I had not checked your blog in a while, last time there was nothing on it. Hope all is going well with your trip...looking forward to an update.
12/16/2011 | Brian Gilhooly
Hi Steve. Still looking for note on your progress. Hope all is going well. I'll keep watching your blog for info.
Turning North
07/29/2011, Morehead City,NC

We left Charleston on July 23 and carried on for about 36 miles stopping at an anchorage called Minim Creek. On the way today the coast guard slowed us down and kept us away from a dolphin that was in distress. They were trying to determine if it had maybe been struck by a boat.
The next evening we stayed at Osprey Marina just south of Myrtle Beach. We were hit by another torrential rain just when we arrived and had to delay our entrance into the marina until the rain subsided.
Our next destination was Blue Water Point Marina on the south end of Oak Island, the weather was quite bad with heavy rain and lightning. This was a nice place to hole up for 2 days waiting for improved weather. There was a very good sea food restaurant that served huge portions and it was a short walk to the Atlantic side of the island to watch the surf. This was a tricky marina to get into, very shallow water and just a ditch to follow in and out. We had to leave at 5:45Am to ensure we had enough water(high tide).
We anchored the next evening at Mike Hammock Bay at mile 244 on the ICW. The bay was quite large for these parts and was an Army Staging area. There were two large docks and a huge boat ramp. There another boat there and the evening looked great. After we went to bed there were several choppers that seemed to circle the area, very noisy. Then in the middle of the night another storm. We woke to find ourselves much closer to the docks than we had been the night before.
On July 28th we travelled to Spooner Creek Basin in Morehead City. I had to purchase a new Auto-Helm as the old one on the boat wasn't working properly. The West Marine store and Wal-Mart were quite close to the creek which was quite convenient.
We are going to spend tonight July 29 and tomorrow night in the Morehead City Yacht Basin Marina so I can complete the installation of the new Auto-Helm.

Still Truckin
Stephen/Hot Again
07/22/2011, Charleston SC

We arrived in Charleston on July 18th, the weather for the first two days was somewhat cooler being in the mid-80's. We toured the city, visited Fort Sumpter, took a tour of a plantation and today I visited the aircraft carrier York Town on display across the river. It's turned hot again so we are leaving early in the morning July, 23rd and hope to be near Myrtle Beach in 2 or 3 days. Dove on the prop today to clean it, there wasn't as much growth as I expected. The farther north we go the ICW seems to get easier to navigate with fewer areas to cause concern. Should say in closing that Charleston is a very easy city to like and we would both come back given the chance although maybe in a cooler season.

Midnight in the Garden
Stephen Miller/Still Hot
07/13/2011, Skull Creek Marina

From Jeckyll Island we have carefully wound our way through Georgia. We have travelled through the shallower sections at high or near high tide and we made it through without touching ground. The anchorages and for that matter the marinas can be quite buggy and repellant is a must. We stopped in Brunswick GA to have an alternator checked then anchored three nights before getting into Savannah.
We toured the city and checked out a museum and two historic homes. We checked out the shopping on River Street, which was primarily mostly T shirts and trinkets. We ate more ice cream than we should have due to the extreme heat. The moorage in Savannah is expensive and we found it very bumpy due to the constant ship and tug traffic on the river. There were no pump outs in Savannah and the marina had no facilities so we cut our visit short and left after two nights. We are in Skull Creek Marina tonight catching up on e-mail, laundry, etc.

07/22/2011 | Bonny
Love the updates, Steve. It's quite an adventure and the best is still to come - right? We keep hearing about the terrible heat down there and we really feel for you! I'd be melting, or trying to stay cool by being dragged by a line off the stern (now, isn't that a picture for your mind!).
Georgia On My Mind
07/06/2011, Jekyll Island

Our journey continued on from Jacksonville Beach and was going well untill we were in sight of our mooring buoy at Fernandina Beach. Coming around a sharp turn I didn't go close enough to the marks and ran hard aground. We were stuck real good. After much effort we were able to get the boat turned around and by backing up (about 1' initially) and goosing it forward we finally broke free. My confidence shaken we carried on to our mooring.
Our next stop was to be St. Mary's GA. We anchored in front of the town and spent 5 days resting and checking out Cumberland Island on a boat tour.
Now vowing to take it easy, we will be transiting some of the hardest sections of the ICW for the next several days on our way to Savannah GA. Starting here in Jekyll Island we will only be travelling at high tides.

First Post
Steve/90 F
06/29/2011, Jacksonville, FL

My first blog could be quite long but I'll make it brief. We purchase our Beneteau 351 in Punta Gorda and are heading for the Chesapeake for the summer. We hired a delivery captain to help us get the boat around the bottom of FL. and up to Holly Wood, FL. This proved to be a wise decision as we had several problems relating to a poorly maintained boat. Captain Charlie was invaluable in getting things sorted out.
We started out from Punta Gorda and took a mooring buoy at Naples,anchored at Cape Sable, Key Largo, Key Biscane, marina in Holly Wood, anchored at Boca Rotan, Hobie Sound, Wabasso Bridge, Cocao, New Symrna Beach,and St. Augustines. Tonight we are in Beach Marine in Jacksonville Beach enjoying our A/C.
Will try to post weekly providing more details of our adventure.

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