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"We may not have ended up where we intended to go, but we ended up where we needed to be." Douglas Adams
Looking Good

I use a product called Honey Teak on all my exterior wood. It is an acrylic urethane enamel. After stripping the wood I can apply 10 to 12 coats of Honey Teak in one day and it last about 9 years. Tom Fabula with Signature Paints told me that if I scuffed up the surface and applied 2 coats of clear enamel every 2 to 4 years depending on where the boat was that it would last much longer. The new ports from New Found Metals look really good after coating the cabin sides.

11/20/2010 | karen tougas
Beautiful job as always!!!!!
11/21/2010 | Raymond Tougas
That looks gorgeous! I'm thinking of using Honey Teak instead of my Hawaiian Tanning butter next summer!


Seriously though - just awsome!
Boat Souls?

Today I had proof that boats do have souls. I always felt that something as pretty as a boat had to have a soul. Today I have proof. In replacing our rotted out bulkhead Gwyn was varnishing the trim pieces that I had removed from the old bulkhead. On Sunday she had these pieces out on the back of the oyster house here at the marina. They were on a flat board and we did not think that the strong NW wind would be a problem, but we were wrong. Gwyn called me as I was heading into town when she found the trim pieces all over the back deck, lawn and water. She was still missing one piece. I turned around and helped her look for this. Our problem was that we are located next to a oyster processing house and a commercial shipyard. I took the dinghy out for three days trying to locate this trim piece with no luck. We have had a strong N - NW breeze blowing for several days and I felt that this small piece of teak trim was now floating across the creek somewhere.

I have been working on a new trim piece but have had trouble getting the curve right and did not want to keep running a good piece of teak. Today we had a high NE tide and I (this is the strange part) felt a strong need to go out to look for this piece of trim again. There was a very high tide and I felt that I could get closer to shore to look for it. After a few minutes looking there in the water just at the point of Ampro Shipyard was our little piece of teak trim. At this time I knew that Rapport had been sending me a message to go look one last time. So anybody tells you that your boat does not have a soul, tell them that they are full of crap!

Back to Work.

Well the cast is off the wrist and it is time to get back to working on the boat. We decided that we would not set off this year as I am looking at surgery on my left wrist too. So after replacing all of our leaking ports with new ones from New Found Metals it was time to replace that rotted out bulkhead. With help from Dave at Calico Jack's the new bulkhead went in in about four hours. I will finish up in the next few days. After that I will be Honey Teaking the outside cabin sides. Then re-caulking the teak decks and building cabinets where I removed one of the pilot berths.


Almost all of us who decide to move off of land onto a boat get asked the following question - WHY? There is no one answer. In our case we had no children who held us to land, our surviving parents where in good health and we did not owe anyone. We had both worked our whole life and now decided that we owed ourselves. We wanted a new freedom. One where we made all of the decisions about our life. Is this for everyone -NO! But it is for us. When I come up to the cockpit in the evening after cooking supper and see a sunset like this I know we made the right decision.

11/07/2010 | Raymond Tougas
Spoken like a true Sailor!!!
11/11/2010 | Raymond Tougas
Without a doubt, this is the pay-off. In the place of flashy cars, Mc-Mansions and the finery from Home Shopping Club, you can instead have the timless beauty of a mariner's world, in a million variations.

A Small World!

The other day a new tenant sailed into the marina. As I was helping him tie up I noticed that his mizzen sail cover was my old main sail cover from Rapport. I gave this cover to Dave at Calico Jack's Consignment Shop several years ago. After talking with Steve (new tenant) I learned that he also was the proud owner of my old Yankee sail. Sailors are such good recyclers.

Good news! My right wrist is out of the cast and I am able to use it some, still weak though. Bad news is that I just meet with my doctor about getting the left wrist done. Hoping to get back to finishing the projects on Rapport.

A new post

I have been trying to update my blog but the wireless internet here at Carter's Cove Marina is the absolute pits and I have not been able to post my update.

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