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"We may not have ended up where we intended to go, but we ended up where we needed to be." Douglas Adams
The highs and lows of the trip.
05/12/2011, Palmas del Mar, PR

We started this trip from Palmas del Mar to Puerto del Ray, PR for a 25 mile shake down start. Motored the whole way. Could not get the engine to come up to the right rpm's. Park and I tried adjusting the throttle cable with some success, but still not right. When we came into the huge (1000 slip) marina Tom found that the throttle was stuck wide open. A emergency 360 turn was in order, poor Park was on the throne when this happen, and Kevin and I jump down to manually adjust the throttle. We were all safe and later realized that the mechanic had adjusted the cable bracket too far down.

We left the next morning about 7:30 am headed for Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas. Wind was predicted to be from the East/Northeast at 9 to 14 knots, we had wind from the Northwest at 5 to 10 knots, right on the nose. We started the moter and kept going. An hour into our run the engine overheat alarm goes off. Found the fan belt broken and in the bildge. Tom and I did a Nascar repair in minutes and had us back underway. Had to motor for the first two days.

Well we did it!

It took us 18 days to sail this Island Packet 350 from Palmas del Mar, PR to Weems, VA. Crew was Tom Abernathy, Capt., Park Terrell, owner, Kevin Donovin, crew and myself. Pictures are posted and I will post more of the story later.

It's almost time!

Well I board a flight for San Juan, PR on the 20th. We hope to leave Palmas de Mar, PR heading for Weems, VA the next day. We will have a laptop and satellite phone on board so I am hoping I can update this site, we will see.

Welcome Spring!

The slipholders and guests enjoyed a brisk First Day of Spring in our 3rd Annual Carter's Cove Marina Sock Burning. The trip from Puerto Rico to the Chesapeake Bay is on. We leave on the 20th of April and hope to be back at Carter's Cove in the first week of May.

We will have a satellite phone and computer on board so I hope to be able to update this website underway.

Good News and Bad News!

Well I had my surgical consult on the 9th of March about my left wrist. A new doctor asked me if I received any pain relief from the wrist injection and I told him no. After looking at my x-rays and reading the history notes on my last visit he said that he could understand why I had not received any pain relief. He said that they had injected the wrong joint on my left wrist. They have injected the right joint now and I have to wait 2 months to see if it is going to help. I do not mean to demean the VA. They have great staff and doctors and they really care about the patients.

Because of the uncertainty of my wrist problems I lost my spot on the Bristol 55 but I just got a birth on a IP350 from Puerto Rico to the Chesapeake. We leave April 18th. Will keep you informed.

I hope this all works out!

I have a March 9th surgical consult on my left wrist (same problem as with the right wrist). I have also received a request to help deliver a Bristol 55 from Tortola in the BVI's to the US in mid May. I would love to do this trip but I have to have my wrist surgery in March so I would have a month and a half to rehab before the trip. So this trip depends on the VA. This trip would help in getting me over my open ocean fears after the hurricane Alex trip. Will let everybody know as soon as I know the logistics.

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