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"We may not have ended up where we intended to go, but we ended up where we needed to be." Douglas Adams
I Got To Go Fishing!

William Saunders, who is a local charter boat captain here at the marina invited me out rockfish fishing the day after Thanksgiving. Since Gwyn and I think rockfish is the best fish we have ever eaten it was a no brain-er. We had great weather and actually got into some birds ( rockfish like to attack bait-fish which draws the birds to feed on them) in the Rappahannock River not far from the marina but had to abandon this when we realized that we where in 2 feet of water.

We got out in the bay and joined a lot of other boats hoping to hook some rockfish as they were showing up all over the fish finder. We had 6 people on board and we were hoping everyone would land a fish. Sorry, that did not happen, but the good news is I was the only one to land a fish. This one is going to be our Christmas eve dinner - Moroccan Pesto Rockfish With Clam and Chorizo Sauce.

At Anchor.
11/07/2011, Urbanna, VA

Well we had a nice motor over to Urbanna, VA and are now anchored off of the Town Marina. Weather is really great this week, sunny - highs in the upper 60's and low's in the upper 50's. Town is quiet after the oyster festival which is just fine with Gwyn and I.

ps: The sailboat in this picture is a real die-hard. No wind and you can just see the paddle on the starboard side - No Engine running. I know his engine was working because he just motored out the creek.

Hoping for warmer weather.

The forecast is starting to look better for next week. We hope to sail the southern Chesapeake Bay then. Got the autopilot and radar on their own circuit breakers so hopefully no more problems.

Poop me one more time then YOU ARE GETTING SHREDDED!!

Well we have been back at Carter's Cove for two days and have gotten several things corrected on Rapport. Waiting for a weather window to head back out on the bay. Hope to head south for Mobjack Bay and some anchoring.

10/25/2011 | Little sister
Sorry to see that y'all aren't heading south. Weather in the Keys right now is absolutely beautiful. No humidity and a wonderful breeze. Figured y'all would at least head as far as the Keys in your journel.
10/31/2011 | J and furry kids in Richmond
Yes, south is a great way to go. I wish I was in the Keys. Snow in Oct. is not good for Va.
Joshua put on your life jacket and your winter coat. Ron and Gwyn sail fast and safe.

Gwyn and Joshua Get Poop!

We left Crisfield this morning heading to Solomons, MD. Wind was supposed to be from the NW, but was from the NE. As we were exiting Kedges Strait there is a shallow bar that extends out almost to the turning buoy. This bar is about 2 to 1 ft. deep. As we were coming to the south end of this bar a large wave came across and built up to about 4 foot and slam the side of Rapport. Well, Gwyn and Joshua were sitting forward in the cockpit and both got doused with alot of very cold water. Gwyn is talking to me but Joshua is not.

We could not make any progress north and decided to sail south. We put into Reedville again and fueled up and had a good dinner at the Crazy Crab. Will be heading back to BCCM to re=stock and then head out again to the south.

10/24/2011 | Cpt.Sir Raymond D. Honeybucket
Ah, I know the Kedge Straights. It looks like a lot of water, but is not. The last time that I saw it, I was on my first sailboat and seriously wondering if sailing was such a healthy way of life, considering the Nor'Easter that was blowing, making the entire Tangier Strait waves look like a bunch of Ms & Ws end-to-end.

Pooped! Your description made for a good mental image. Gwyn I can see opening eyes wide a few times with water dripping down her glasses, then "Brrrrr! MAN that was COLD!" but the cat likely not as resilient... ;^)

Hot showers await at BCCM.


Forecast was for 16 to 23, gusting to 37. Since last night it has been a steady 30 with a high gust of 63. We will be spending an extra day in Crisfield then head back across the Bay to Solomons for the weekend. Then we will make a decision whether to go north or south depending on how cold it's going to be.

10/20/2011 | CPR.Sir Raymond D. Honeybucket
Great pic of the buyboat with the truck as deck cargo!
Winds and gusts, oh yeah ! You're on Cruise Time now
so just wait for your weather window.

Good anchoring with no city around on the northern Nay is Still Pond, opposite Aberdeen Proving Ground.
Middle River south of Aberdeen has many marinas , good anchoring and restaurants. Hilltop Marina was my old home way up the middle river.


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