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"We may not have ended up where we intended to go, but we ended up where we needed to be." Douglas Adams
My New Palette.

This is my new spring project. I am going to build in cabinets where my old pilot berth was. Will be posting pictures and updates as I go along.

Hoping for a Good New Year!

So far this winter the weather has been pretty mild compared to the last two winter's. Ron and Terry have stayed here getting some issues addressed, but are hoping to start heading south this coming week. We will wish them fair weather and pleasant voyages. It has been fun having them here, so if you encounter them on their trip count yourself lucky, they are a fun couple.

I will hopefully be starting some major projects on our boat shortly and will keep you posted on the progress.

ps: Title of this photo is "Little Sister"

Good Living!

You know over the years I have heard a lot of people say that you cannot cook a great meal aboard a boat. I disagree. My wife, Gwyn, and I have been cooking gourmet meals aboard our 36' sailboat for 8 years now. This picture is just one of those meals, a herb-crusted standing rib roast that was delicious.

Also I am uploading a lot of new pictures on this blog in the next few days, so please check them out. Thanks, Ron and Gwyn.

Welcome to 2012!

We have been living the good life this winter with mild weather and temps in the high 60's until now! Temps have drop to 19 degrees tonight and we have been having wind gust up to 35 knots from the N-NW for the last 18 hours. WHAT A CHANGE!

A new couple, Ron and Terry Brown, have been here for the last month from Delaware City, DE. on their 36' Topper Hermanson steel cutter as they work their way south. They are a nice couple and we have enjoyed their company at Carter's Cove Marina. Hopefully this weather system will pass shortly and we can get back to everything normal.

Looking forward for better times in 2012. Ron and Gwyn

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I will not be politically correct but Gwyn and I wish all our family and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will not wish you a happy holidays. We are sending you a picture of Rapport dressed out in her best Christmas dress at Beautiful Carter's Cove Marina in Weems, VA.

12/06/2011 | the tougas family
Beautiful pic as usual Ron. we love yall
12/27/2011 | Suzanne Ortiz
Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you too, and a happy healthy New Year.
I Got To Go Fishing!

William Saunders, who is a local charter boat captain here at the marina invited me out rockfish fishing the day after Thanksgiving. Since Gwyn and I think rockfish is the best fish we have ever eaten it was a no brain-er. We had great weather and actually got into some birds ( rockfish like to attack bait-fish which draws the birds to feed on them) in the Rappahannock River not far from the marina but had to abandon this when we realized that we where in 2 feet of water.

We got out in the bay and joined a lot of other boats hoping to hook some rockfish as they were showing up all over the fish finder. We had 6 people on board and we were hoping everyone would land a fish. Sorry, that did not happen, but the good news is I was the only one to land a fish. This one is going to be our Christmas eve dinner - Moroccan Pesto Rockfish With Clam and Chorizo Sauce.

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