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"We may not have ended up where we intended to go, but we ended up where we needed to be." Douglas Adams
Update on Cabinets.

This is the new base for the cabinets I am building. This is for flat chart storage.

This was going to be a great trip!

The owner of this classic Burger 64' motor yacht asked me to pick her up in Fort Lauderdale and deliver her to Irvington, VA. He said that he had a crew ready to go to help me. By the time I got ready to fly down to Fort Lauderdale, FL all of the crew had bailed. So not going to happen, dammit that would have been a good trip. So back to working on the new cabinets, but since I was not going to Florida we have decided to go sailing for the next week or so.

Back to the cabinets.

Well, I have cut down the locker opening by 5 inches and have cut the locker door down to fit. This is the second and last bulkhead to be done before starting on the cabinet. The next step is building the chart storage which I have already pre-cut the items and are ready to install. Will post new photos soon.

The Reunion Tour has Happened.

Park invents the Goldfish Koozie. We left BCCM on Thursday and had a nice sail down the Chesapeake Bay to Mobjack Bay and anchored in the East River. This is a beautiful anchorage. I fix blackened shrimp and cheese grits for supper. The next morning brought calm conditions so we motored up the East River until we ran out of water under the keel. We then motored up the North River until we had to stop for the same reason. We dropped the hook and had a nice lunch until the wind picked up to 15 knots out of the south. We decided to sail back up the Bay to Jackson Creek. As all CB sailors know the wind here loves to play with you. It went from 15 knots out of the south when we left the North River to 5 knots out of the northeast by the time we got into the Bay. We then motored up to Jackson Creek and anchored just past the Fishing Bay Yacht Club. Park made a nice salsa and I grilled tuna steaks and yellow squash on the grill. We had a fine time with drinks and music that night . No wind the next morning so we motored on back to BCCM before the storms appeared. We had really nice party with wine, steaks, and Nassau Royale. We plan to do this on an annual basis either sailing on our boats or chartering. More pictures from the trip a posted in the gallery.


I am going to start ranting now. I have been quiet until now, but sometimes you just can not take it anymore. The other day I posted an ad on the cruisers and sailing forum for a 33# Bruce Anchor I want to sell. This "a--H-- e" named Olaf Hart posted this reply "I have a genuine one, found another one at a boat jumble for $20 and gave it to friend as a birthday present. They are not that hard to find." Now this fellow was not looking to buy my anchor, he just wanted to post a negative response. I am seeing this all over this forum and other ones. This negative response is beginning to worry me. I know that we all have different options on things and that asking a question online will get us many different answers, but my concerns are that there are a growing number of people that just want to put down the person who is asking for help or advice. This is how we learn about what we want to do without having to go through the problems of people before us. It is getting to the point that I do not want to post or answer a post on these forums because I expect to get a very derogatory response.

I have sailed boats from Sunfish's to Bristol 55". I have sailed boats on lakes, rivers and oceans, through fierce thunderstorms on the rivers and bays and hurricanes in the Atlantic. I do not pretend that I know all there is to know about sailing and I always try to keep learning. I am beginning to think that these armchair sailors are taking over the forums and putting down anyone who has an opinion different than them. So I have decided that I will keep my sail blog but will not read or post on any sailing or cruising forum. I will just continue to sail my own boat and forget about everyone else until the world gets a little nicer.

Okay Paula, Two post's in one day.

Here is the repaired bulkhead with the teak veneer.

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