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Realtime Journeys
In 2011 Bob and Karyn Packard sailed the Sea Of Cortez, and, Mexico, then through all the South Pacific island groups, and finally to New Zealand. 2014 started their ashore phase, caring for homes & pets worldwide.
11/10/2015 Adriatic, France, Pacific Northwest, Long Beach, Grass Valley, CA
09/10/2015 Really enjoying Long Beach and surrounds
07/21/2015 Back to Long Beach for a while
07/04/2015 Ray and Roz, 2nd new owners for Realtime. We get ready to leave Asheville, North Carolina for points west
05/29/2015 We end our time in the UK and return to the US
03/16/2015 From Kent to Cheshire and a few places in between
02/10/2015 Lots of new cities in England
01/20/2015 Isle of Wight, UK
12/13/2014 We're living in England now!
11/27/2014 Stateside Trip and NYC housesit
10/13/2014 Adelaide Hills
09/19/2014 Lensbrook
09/01/2014 Lynbrook outside Melbourne AU
08/13/2014 More Rotorua
07/31/2014 Rotorua
07/05/2014 Martinborough, New Zealand
06/02/2014 On the move again!
05/18/2014 Bundaberg, Australia
04/24/2014 ANZAC Day
04/20/2014 Hello from Australia
04/01/2014 Hola from Villa de Bugambilias
02/28/2014 Hola from Mexico
12/26/2013 Housesitting for holidays
12/11/2013 Wellington
11/25/2013 We made it to New Zealand
11/10/2013 New Caledonia
10/14/2013 Lovely Fiji
09/23/2013 Beautiful Tonga and on to Fiji
08/15/2013 Suwarro, American Samoa, Niuatoptapu, Tonga
07/09/2013 The Societies
05/26/2013 Tuamotos to Tahiti
05/13/2013 The Tuamotos, a new Island Chain to explore
05/06/2013 Sharing in Anaho
05/06/2013 Hanavave Bay and Anaho Bay
04/27/2013 Fatu Hiva and Tahuata
04/25/2013 Marquesas
04/18/2013 will see land
04/16/2013 370 miles to go
04/14/2013 Crossing The Equator
04/11/2013 just below 3 degrees latitude
04/09/2013 Entering the ITCZ
04/05/2013 Day 9 - 1000 miles
04/03/2013 How do we get where we want to go?
04/01/2013 April Fools Day
03/31/2013 Day Three - Happy Easter!
03/30/2013 Day Two
03/29/2013 Under Sail At Last
03/19/2013 Final Preparation for the South Pacific
02/15/2013 Banderas Bay and Puddle Jump Prep
01/25/2013 South to Banderas Bay
01/02/2013 Holidays and Haul-Out
12/03/2012 Return to Mazatlan
12/02/2012 Last Days in La Paz
11/15/2012 South to La Paz
10/30/2012 Going North to Santa Rosalia
10/18/2012 Back to Realtime
07/13/2012 Almost ready to roll
06/15/2012 The Sea of Cortez
05/24/2012 Back North in the Sea for the Summer
05/06/2012 Day Trips : Sayulita, PV, and San Sebastian
04/27/2012 Boat Projects
04/11/2012 just below 3 degrees latitude
04/09/2012 Home from the states
03/19/2012 The more challenging side of cruising
02/27/2012 Tenacatita to Manzanillo and stops in between
02/18/2012 We've been on the move
02/07/2012 More Puerto Vallarta
01/29/2012 Trip to Guadalajara
01/24/2012 Bucerias Blessing of the Pangas
01/23/2012 Puerto Vallarta cont'd and Botanical Gardens
01/13/2012 Paradise Village, Puerto Vallarta
01/10/2012 The Vicissitudes of La Cruz
01/08/2012 Isla Isabel, Matanchen, Chacala
01/01/2012 A New Year Begins
12/23/2011 Topolobampo,Mazatlan,Matt arrives
12/14/2011 Back in Topolobampo
12/14/2011 Copper Canyon Trip
12/06/2011 Topo to el Fuerte
12/02/2011 Still Waiting
11/25/2011 Birthday trip to Loreto
11/25/2011 Learning about La Paz
11/19/2011 Today's Excitement(?)
11/19/2011 Getting into the Lifestyle
11/15/2011 A beautiful city to explore
11/13/2011 Friales to Los Muertos
11/13/2011 Cabo San Lucas to Bahia Los Frailes
11/09/2011 Leaving the harbor
11/08/2011 extended time in Cabo
11/06/2011 Cabo San Lucas
10/22/2011 We're in San Diego
10/21/2011 end of first day
10/19/2011 The time to leave has come
12/31/1969 Chipstead, London and back to the US, Reston, Virginia
S/V Realtime flying her Gennaker
Who: Bob and Karyn Packard
Port: Long Beach
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Where we've been; Where we are.
A scene from old Mexico and the Pacific
17 October 2013
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16 June 2012
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