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S.V Red Sky
"Red Sky at Night Sailors delight. Red Sky in the Morn Sailors be warned !"
Test Remote
21/04/12, 9 48'S:139 02'W, Hiva Oa

Test Remote Post

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21/04/12 | Campbell Hair
Hi to the crew on Red Sky, your remote post is working again, but my blog won't open now, so I can't get your last message, not sure if it is a problem with sailblogs or what.
Cam "H"
Photo Gallery Update
19/04/12, Hiva Oa Island - The Marquesas

Hi all,
Well as you would all know by now we made it! Apart from a hiccup with the remote posting of the blogs -- sorry to those of you who though we might have disappeared when the blogs stopped coming! The voyage was without incident, so much so that I never even had to open the tool box as nothing broke,,,, I love this boat !
For me the thought of this voyage has been the subject of many dreams and nightmares over the past 10 years and now that it is over I am grateful that none of the nightmares came true and that it was a very easy if not long and sometimes boring journey. 21 days 3 & 1/2 hours of nothing but ocean and sky as scenery sure provides one with plenty of time to ponder lots of things. What did I come up with as a result of all this pondering?
I have decided that contentment is found in "wanting what you have not having what you want " and I am quite content with all that I have and feel very fortunate to have been able to not just make a dream become reality but to have been able to do it with my family by my side and lending a hand,,, a very lucky fellow am I!
I have added two albums to the photo gallery with photos of the passage as well as our current location Hiva Oa.
I hope you enjoy them and a big thanks to everyone who commented on the blog and offered encouragement as we "crossed the pond"
Bye for now

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20/04/12 | Campbell Hair
Hey, you got the blog worked out; it did take me a while to find you over the last 5 days of the passage. Not sure of the floor as the chart table though. But well done to you all and how was the Birthday party Captain Jack?
Stay safe,
Cam “H”
21/04/12 | Bev Amor
Hey You made it! Happy you are safe & sound. You sure deserve a well earned rest. Take it easy, kick back, and down a couple of coldies!! L&M you xx
23/04/12 | Maestro
Congrats! So wonderful to hear of your successful passage - no tool box? AMAZING! whew... Rest easy friends xo
Marquesas ARRIVAL
19/04/12, Hiva Oa

Sorry if we caused concern for family and friends, I am using internet to type this blog as remote blog not working since 12 April

We have arrived after 21 days at sea on 17 April, we are anchored at Hiva Oa.
Red Sky and crew are so happy to be here. Sharing anchorage with a 4 Ozzie boats, Cooyeee! Is not an exclusive call between our two boats now, also NZ, Canandian, French boats.
Beautiful location, picturesque, lush green rolling mountains. SV Shweetie followed us into anchorage and Stolen Kiss are 3 days behind.
Will update again soon.
Love to all and thank you for all your comments and emails along the way.
Lea John Matt & Hannah xo

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19/04/12 | kareen bush
Hi, guys so glad that you are all safe, although i knew with the experience of captain jack and first mate lea at hand you would all be fine and sail safely to land. love you guys and miss you heaps. xxxxx
18/04/12, 9 48'S:139 02'W, Hiva Oa

Hi We dropped anchor around 1pm yesterday at Hiva Oa. A beautiful lush green anchorage, picturesque mountains. We are sharing the anchorage with about 8-9 boats from Oz, Canada, France & New Zealand. Our agent has been very helpful, all clearing in done this morning and the boys filled jerry cans for fuel and dinghied back to boat. We also thoroughly enjoyed French Baggets for breakfast and pastries, so excited the stores carry alot of junk food we are familiar with....chicken twisties! So all the weight we lost on passage will be put back on in a day or so. Dinner tonight at a local restaurant with the guys from SV Shweetie. Love to all Lea John Matt & Hannah xo

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Pacific Puddle Jump
17/04/12, 9 49.95'S:138 49.61'W, Day 21/22- 16/17 April 2012

LAND HO! 17 April 2012 We made it, Hiva Oa Marquesas Island on our Starboard Side, our final waypoint approaching in 1.78nm. Then 10-15 miles to the anchorage and the champagne will be popping! All right! We are all smiling broadly, SV Shweetie right beside us. So excited we are here.Wow 3 weeks to the day we left Isla Isabela Galapagos. Oh Johnny caught approx 5 1/2 foot/ 2m sailfish for his birthday, Matty cooked in white wine and garlic sauce with rice for dinner, delicious. Cheers Love to all Lea, John Matteo & Hannah xo

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Pacific Puddle Jump
16/04/12, 9 37.59'S:136 38.55'W, Day 20 - 15 April 2012

Hi, Our course is 253 degrees and all is well at sea, calm,calm,calm. Beautiful day but minimal wind! Geneoa flown most of the day until not enough wind to fill it. Motor sailing with 128.1nm to go @ 12.15pm on 16 April which is Captain Jacks birthday, we were hoping to touch land to celebrate, but now we will do it onboard. Hannah has baked her special mum's recipe cake and Matthew gave his Dad a picture he drew, he also had a present from Tommy & Whitney Perfect Wave Crew left before we sailed off in different directions, his favourite packet of M&M's and a picture of the three of them dressed like pirates- pretty cool! I am making a Meat Pie for Dinner and mashed potatoes his favourite. Iles Marquises is clear as a picture on the GPS and tomorrow all going well we should be heading into the anchorage. Cheers for now Lea John Matteo & Hannah xo

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Pacific Puddle Jump
15/04/12, 9 20.21'S:134 26.72'W, Day 19 - 14 April 2012

Hi, Seas are calm, wind is very minimal, sailed for few hours again doing 4kts, wind dropped engine back on. Clear starry night and no traffic, no current, SV Shweetie off our starboard side. Hoisted Genoa this morning, always a fantastic site to see, beautiful sail. We are still motoring at low rev's with Genoa to get 4.5-5 kts SOG. Fuel getting low, maddening we are so close and no wind. Our COG is 253 degrees and at 9.57 am we have approx 259.9nm to go. Still no fish caught for dinner, the ocean has dried up. cheers Lea John Matteo and Hannah xo

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