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S.V Red Sky
"Red Sky at Night Sailors delight. Red Sky in the Morn Sailors be warned !"
Tahiti - first 2 weeks
18/06/12, Papette - Off Marina Tania

First about the picture; I saw this boat in a Marina a few days ago and thought HMMMM maybe we should get an awning like that for Red Sky but Leanne wasn`t keen!

Full time cruising is pretty demanding on the boat and all its equipment and as such there is a lot of work required to keep everything in good order , especially as we have travelled 5000 nm in about 12 weeks

It is for this reason that so far our time here in Tahiti has been pretty much all about finding parts and people to repair parts which as usual is challenging in a foreign country. This has become almost a ritual when we make landfall in a major port and as a result end up walking up and down every back street in the town and visit most every shop that looks like it has anything to do with boats.
As usual just when I think I am hopelessly lost a glimmer of hope appears,I see someone who looks just like I do ; Hat , sunglasses , sweat stained shirt , big backpack over the shoulder , feet dragging a bit , walking around in circles , mumbling obscenities whilst rotating a tattered bit of paper which is supposed to be directions to the place he needs to go ( the directions are usually provided by another cruiser who sort of thinks this is where he found his stuff but as he was lost most of the time also invariably the turn right after the yellow bus stop sign should have actually said turn left and so on) . Yes you guessed it a fellow cruiser who is on a mission of his own. Doing what? Looking for bits for his boat of course! We say hi , compare maps and discuss what we need and he tells me that he saw what I wanted somewhere over that way and I say I saw what he wanted at the place about 3 streets down there and off we go again !
Whoever said that the definition of cruising is "boat maintenance in exotic locations" sure got it right!

We have had some fun in between and we will fill you in and have some pictures for you the next blog

John & Leanne

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Diving in the Tuamotu Islands
09/06/12, Fakarava Atoll , Tetamanu Village

Hi All,

We are still in Papette , the capital of Tahiti and enjoying being in the city again after 3 months of remote islands and oceans. More about Tahiti soon.

Matthew has returned to Oz , we have been so lucky to have had him with us and we will miss him alot !

I have just added some pics to the photo gallery from when we went diving in the Tuamotu`s .
Also there is a great you tube video of the dive and the village of Tetamanu on you tube.

This location has been one of the highlights of our adventures and by far the best underwater experience we have ever had. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed being there.

Bye for now

John & Leanne

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Hello Tahiti
02/06/12, 17 32.43'S:149 34.23'W, Downtown Quays

Hi all,

We arrived in Tahiti in the early hours of this morning ( Saturday 02/06) after an uneventful passage of 245nm. Sailed wing on wing about 90% of the passage with wind directly behind us averaged just under 7kts. We are moored "med stlyle" right in downtown Tahiti. There are 15 boats here and well over half of those are flying the Aussie Flag , looking forward to meeting our "mates" and maybe sharing a few beers on the dock ! But first I need some sleep !

Bye for now

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03/06/12 | Bev Amor
Hi Guys, Happy to hear you had a safe trip. Have loads on fun. Happy birthday Lea. Take care. L&M you. xx
Next stop Tahiti
31/05/12, 16 3.52'S:145 37.34'W, Fakarava Atoll

Hi all,

This morning on the high tide we will leave for Tahiti. The passage should take around 40 hours to cover the 245nm.

More soon

John , Leanne & Matt

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31/05/12 | Campbell Hair
Safe passage
26/05/12, Tuomoto

Hi All
We have been exploring North to South of Fakarava Island over the past week.
It is very picturesque, beautiful clear water and coral bommies to snorkel.
We travelled to the southern anchorage with an Aussie boat called "Ganga", stopping midway for the night, sharing stories and sundowners ashore. Ganga are from Sydney, "Bridget and Ben" are the owners and mum and dad, Rob & Kerry were onboard helping them with the last two passages.
We were blown away by the southern anchorage what a picture postcard location.
The snorkelling was like swimming in a fishbowl, huge fish of all species, shapes and sizes, including sharks!
Matt and John dived one day to 12m which was pretty special for Matt being his first one.
We snorkelled each day and ate at the restaurant once for lunch and dinner. 1000 pacific francs for hamburger and fries, the restaurant was sitting over the water, and the crystal clear water filled with fish and small reef sharks swimming around coral bommies. "Check out the photo gallery"
We are now back in the northern anchorage with Aussie boats Just Jane & Taka Oa. Thinking of heading off Monday and then onto Tahiti later in the week.
Love to all
Lea, John & Matt xxx

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27/05/12 | Campbell Hair
Wow, looks fantastic, would I be right in guessing they have a compressor to fill dive cylinders there? The water looks so clear and most likely nice and warm. How is the yacht holding up? There is a bunch somewhere behind you getting quite a few squalls and some minor damage to sails and rig.
Stay safe,
Annie & Cam “H”
30/05/12 | Bev Amor
Hi Guys, What can i say but WOW!!!! Sooo gorgeous I would want to live there. Take care. L&M you. xx
17/05/12, 16 3.52'S:145 37.34'W, Fakarava Atoll

Woohoo another passage done - 550 nm in 3 days 7 hours average speed 7 ts .

We sailed for about 30 hours and motorsailed the other 49 hrs . We probably could have sailed the whole way and averaged about 5 kts which would have added and extra day and 1/2 to the travelling time and saved about 200ltrs of fuel but we are all a bit over the passages and wanted to get it over with.

The passages are particulary tiring for me as I am constantly listening to Red Sky "talk" . A new squeak , creak or groan is usually a warning that something is begining to wear out and needs to be investigated . Usually the new squeaks , groans and creaks are nothing more than something needing an adjustment but I have learned the hard way that if I ignore it when the boat "talks" I will pay the price later and usually at the most incovieniant time ,, like in the middle of a squall or rough sea or when we tring to navigate a tricky area . Once again we had no problems I just added a few more jobs to the list which as usual I will take care of before the next passage which reminds me of something I was once told ;

The definition of cruising ? Boat matainance in exotic locations !

Anyway we arrived at the lagoon entrance at 2.00pm yesterday and anchored in the lagoon off the settlement of Rotoava at 4.00pm . 4 other boats here. Our first flat calm anchorage without any swell since we left Panama , nice to be totally still . We had an early dinner and were all in bed by 7.00pm and looking forward to not having to be woken up to stand our watch. We slept great.

We had intended to go o a different atoll called Kauehi which was before this one by about 40 miles but wouldn't you know it a sqaull came along when we were just 20 miles from the entrance and after it passed the wind had increased to 25 kts and changed direction a bit meaning that the sea became choppy and we would have been motoring into the wind and the sea so we decided to continue on , a bit frustrating at the time but thats the way it goes.

Looking forward to finally actually experiancing the Tuamoto's first hand ,, so many cruisers we have met have raved about them and now we are here. It makes the passages and the matainance all worthwile !

Bye for now

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21/05/12 | s/v Maestro
Great to read you made it - cant wait to read the updates. Feel for you on the squall and jobs to complete... Get some rest and you can enjoy paradise again! Our thoughts are with you - xo
On Passage
16/05/12, 15 19.11'S:145 6.74'W, Marquesas to Tuamoto Archipelago

Greetings all ,

It is 6.00am and we are 55nm from our first Attoll " Fakarava " we hope to arrive there around 2.00pm today. Uneventful evening , some squalls and a little rain . Looking forward to the lagoons.

Bye for now

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16/05/12 | Campbell Hair
Well done, that was a nice quick passage, how was the fishing?
Stay safe & Enjoy,
Cam "H"

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