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Regenero's Great Escape
Provisioning Day!

Monday, April 2nd

9:00am Ginny, John, Dick, Jane, Jim and I all plied into todays rental car - a mini van with coolers and bags in hand ready for our major provisioning run. We hit everywhere, Walgreens, Walmart, Battery store, True Value, Costco, Kmart, National Hardware, Groceries and Walgreens again for good measure! Every corner of the van was full, and every lap held several bags, while the van seemed to find every bump on the 6om, we are finally back to the marina, and loading bags into the dingy, then on to the boat. A lot of work, but we still managed to have a good time on our outing!


Sunday, April 1st

After getting several boat chores done in the morning we went to shore and had our first experience with cruisers Dominos. After meeting several new people and a few we already met, we were into the thick of the game. There was lots of slamming and banging and some people take the game very seriously, while others are just here for the social hour before and afterward...Jim and I being part of the latter group. A fun setting to enjoy a game on Sunday afternoon.

04/06/2012 | lisa
mexican train dominoes like here??
04/09/2012 | Karen
Yeah! But now I know how to play!!!
Magnificent Old San Juan

Saturday, Mar 31st

Today we decided to drive the hour over and explore Old San Juan. As with yesterday, the rain started at the same spot in the mountains and while the day remained overcast, the rain stopped before we got to San Juan and remained dry the rest of the day. After navigating our way in and finding a street parking spot - that we didn't trust...then a parking lot spot that we did and we are off and running.

What a magnificent city!
We wandered around the wonder small cobblestone alleys and streets, found the Starbucks for a great coffee, explored a few small shops, and jumped on the Free Trolley car that takes people around town. We hoped off at San Cristobel Fort to explore a portion of this old battlement. Spectacular views and amazing feats of architecture that were started in the 16th century and finished 300 years later. San Juan is a walled city and the walls and sentry ports are magnificent to see.

We stopped at a place and enjoyed a traditional Paella for lunch, which was a sight to look at and was even more delicious to eat.
After Lunch we headed to El Morro, the fort that protects the harbor entrance. This is even larger than San Cristobel, having 6 levels and we wandered thru the entire fort marveling at the size and function of the structure. Both these forts are a National park trust, and so John's membership card entitled all 4 of us to enter for free. They were more than worth paying to see, but enjoying them for free was another bonus for us.

We loved, loved, Old San Juan and are already planning to return and see a few more things we missed along the way.

04/06/2012 | lisa
yay!!the good stories are back! funny you mentioned paella. Kevin tried it here @ Bahama Breeze and it was not good. We have enjoyed alot of family here this spring. Cant wiat to talk with you!! xoxoxo and more!
Busy, Busy, Busy

Friday, Mar 30th

First order of business after nearly a month...the laundry bags are full and we are off to discover where we can get all our chores done. The good news is Wind Shepherds friends, Dick and Jane are more than happy to direct us and so we are in very good hands. Ginny & John rented a car so we were able to drop our 6 loads of laundry at the Laundromat where after you start the wash they will dry and fold it for the whopping sum of $4.25. A good deal for us, and means we do not have to stay and take the time to do it. After finding a great roadside stand in Playa Salinas that had wonderful Empanadas which we enjoyed for lunch, we drove thru the mountains to town about 40 minutes away to explore the shopping as we have lots of provisioning to do and managed to find the Kmart, battery store, Walmart, CVS, etc. We'll be coming back here on Monday for our major shopping, but in the meantime, we tried to get a few things done today. After fighting the traffic on a Friday afternoon, we were on our way back to Salinas, where we had made arrangements to have the BBQ dinner at the harbor. $7.95 will by you a combo dinner, ribs, chicken and sausage off the grill. We had no idea how great it was until we couldn't eat it all and had to wrap it up to take home. We also got to meet several other cruisers here and ended us at a community table with Americans, Puerto Ricans, Canadians, British and Germans. It's pretty remarkable how we can all converse and share...a regular UN.

Salinas, Puerto Rico

Hello all,
We have arrived in Salinas, PR today, after leaving Vieques. More details to come...but in case anyone wanted to know where in the world we are!

03/30/2012 | Louise
So glad to know you arrived safe and sound ! Can't wait to hear more. Miss you honey!
To Salinas

Thursday, Mar 29th

We left Esperanza on Wednesday and headed to the western edge of Vieques to a spot called Sunset Beach...Unfortunately the weather was grey most of today, so a sunset is out, but found this to be a long stretch of south pacific looking beach ringed with palm trees and mountains behind. We can see the lights from Puerto Rico, just 13 miles to the West of us. We tucked in pretty far, but found that it was pretty rocky and rolly, so glad that we are leaving.

Big Day of travel today...on to Salinas. We left Sunset about 6:30am, and found that the grey weather followed us. We had a downwind motor sail and it rained off and on for most of the day, so we were kept busy between the occasional jibes due to shifting winds and swabbing the water out of the cockpit. Only too bad I cant keep my water catch up while we are under way...if I could....our tanks would be overflowing!

We were outside of Salinas by 1:30 and joining us in the very wide entry way was the Swedish boat Flying Penguin, who just left our friends SeaQuest in Jamaica, and are on their way to St. Maarten. We chatted on the radio for a while then they anchored closer to the outside, and we kept motoring in to the inner harbor. By 2:30 we were anchored in the Mud (on the third try, cause we forgot you cant back down right away when the bottom is so soft) and settled into the lovely, very calm, mangrove ringed, busy anchorage of Salinas. The one interesting thing is since we are anchored in the mangroves there is a very particular smell to the water and air here....I presume we will get used to it? I certainly hope so.

Now it's Pina Colada Time! And Ginny & John come over to relax before heading to shore to visit with their friends and explore tomorrow.

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