11 April 2012 | Brunswick, Ga.
07 April 2012 | Cape Canaveral
07 April 2012 | Florida
23 March 2012 | Key West
18 March 2012 | Marathon, Fl.
17 March 2012 | Marathon, Fl.
04 February 2012 | Marathon, Fl.
01 February 2012 | Gulf of Mexico & Florida Bay
27 January 2012 | S.W. Florida
08 January 2012
05 January 2012
25 December 2011
21 December 2011 | Oriental, North Carolina
20 December 2011
07 April 2011 | Ft. Meyers - Key West, Florida

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25 December 2011
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Vessel Name: Elysium
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 38
Hailing Port: Brookings, Oregon
Crew: Cpt. Renard Maiuri
Elysium's Photos - Main
1 Photo
30 miles offshore en route to Florida from North Carolina, November 2011
A few pictures from my last days in Brunswick. The County Courthouse has beautiful old trees that I loved so I have a few HDR imgaes you'll want to check out too.
20 Photos
Created 22 April 2012
Some pictures of the final days of Elysium's passage ending in Brunswick, Georgia
20 Photos
Created 11 April 2012
Sailed the past four days from the Keys to Ft. Pierce with friends aboard two Hunter sailboats. We part company here as they continue up the ICW to Cape Canaveral, and I go off shore into the North Atlantic to Saint Mary Inlet then onto Charlotte, SC.
35 Photos
Created 4 April 2012
Pictures both inside and outside of "PaPa" Hemingways home in Key West, along with a picture of President Harry Truman's summer White House...and last..a very cool schooner
41 Photos
Created 23 March 2012
Some of you have asked to see what the interior of Elysium is like...so here are some pix.
20 Photos
Created 18 March 2012
Here are several photos of the Boot Key Channel at sunrise today..some photos from a golf course I played today.
20 Photos
Created 17 March 2012
As the album name says....
19 Photos
Created 12 February 2012
Cleaned and painted the inside of the deck vents the other day.
4 Photos
Created 6 February 2012
Here are a couple pictures of the harbor....along with a distant shot of Burdine's Marina
14 Photos
Created 4 February 2012
The trip home from Ft. Meyers Beach to Marco Island to Little Shark River was uneventful....until Little Shark River!
10 Photos
Created 1 February 2012
Sailing in a fleet of 6 Island Packets to Ft. Meyers Beach.
16 Photos
Created 31 January 2012
12 Photos
Created 29 January 2012
My stay in Little Shark River on my trip up the west coast of Florida. I stayed here again on my trip back.
12 Photos
Created 28 January 2012
These are pictures from my January, 2011 sailing lesson
6 Photos
Created 13 January 2012
31 Photos
Created 8 January 2012
19 Photos
Created 5 January 2012
ICW to Ft. Worth Inlet; off shore; Hawk Channel
31 Photos
Created 21 December 2011
The maiden voyage; off shore and in the Intercoastal Waterway
21 Photos | 1 Sub-Album
Created 21 December 2011

Who: Cpt. Renard Maiuri
Port: Brookings, Oregon