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A sailing catamaran in the Pacific
Tuesday in Tokoriki
26 June 2012 | Far west Fiji
Ha! I bet that photo got your attention. Really getting the hang of this cruising now. How could you not love it??? Today is a bit out of the ordinary. Breakfast at Musket cove, lunch on Tokoriki island with, ta da .. drum roll, Greenwich friends the Finniecomes, (Liz in photo) and now fast approaching dinner on nearby Navadra Island, a much safer anchorage for Resolute than Tokoriki.

The lovely Liz and Simon F were celebrating 25years of bliss together and we interrupted their 2nd day by anchoring smack out the front of their gorgeous resort and floating in to them by dinghy. How exciting to be so far away from home but sharing a meal with neighbours in far western Fiji. Its a tiny island about same size as Greenwich, far from anywhere other than another zillion tiny Fijian islands.

We've had a couple of active days at Musket Cove .. Bike riding, walking, cafe hopping and a fab finish to yesterday was about 10 singles tennis games with some random I found on Plantation Island. Made me so happy to just have that raquet in my hand and a wee chase of the ball .. and I've lined him up again for 9am Thursday. I thought it would work in my favour to let him win mostly... Sure did. He wants more too. Ok ok.... He just won mostly, but I gave him a run. Its good to report we're eating less, drinking less, reading more walking more and feeling bit less like the L platers that we were 3 weeks ago.

Days are drifting past too fast. Well be gone from Fiji in a week and I'm a bit stunned by that. We know we've only scratched the surface and understand properly now why cruisers and other yachties return here season after season. 4 reasons. Fiji is beautiful. Thats the deal breaker for me. Secondly cruising in a boat here is challenging and a bit fraught, which seems to appeal to men. Captn Ken is gaining confidence and local knowledge daily, thriving on this daily diet of close calls and acquisition of new skills. Thirdly, it's cheap to live in Fiji. We can eat out several times a day for very little which is a bonus and a big attraction to most of these fellow cruisers who all look as they should be attached to some job ..., but apparently are not! Finally the Fijian people seem to be so nice and friendly. Perfect hosts for holiday makers. We wish they had more. Ken is frustrated by the lack of solar panels and wind power - it seems so elementary that these power sources should be harnessed here, but the ordinary Fijian can't afford the kit. 

A big thanks for all the emails. You know who you are!!!! So fab to be in touch. We're in a sheltered cove of Navrada right now with a vividly red and golden tropical sunset. Hope your day has been fun too!