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A sailing catamaran in the Pacific
Call that a wedding present?
19 July 2012 | Mele Beach
Jack is NOT at all competitive. So, when he heard Animal Mike had hooked a mere 35 kg Yellow Fin, and, when he heard that Andrew Triathalon-Man Van Heyst is jetting into Vanuatu to get even, Jack was not fussed. He says.

Vanuatu weddings, however, are a different kettle of swimming thingys. So, when Jack's new-best-friend-and-nephew-of-village-chief - Sael, to his friends - mentioned they were short of provisions for Friday's wedding celebrations, Jack armed the spear, free-dived lazily to 30-odd metres and came back with your's truly. A full 45 kg (with sail and ancillary rigging); it nailed the catering, so they say.