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S/V Restless Journeys
Shearwater, BC

Newly completed memorial park at Shearwater. The plane is a wind direction indicator and the propellers turn in the wind!

Shearwater Marina
Ron/overcast rain
07/21/2014, Shearwater, BC

20 July 2014
Shearwater, British Columbia

We left Prince Rupert last Thursday and had an easy trip down to Lowe Inlet on the Grenville channel. It was a long trip (59nm) but we left early and arrived at Lowe Inlet early afternoon. There was no one there so we anchored close to the falls. I started fishing to try to catch another Halibut. All I caught was a Cabezon and two ratfish. Both disgusting fish. However, we then spotted two bears at the falls fishing! The one on the left caught two large salmon in short order. We watched him pull it out of the falls with his paws, the take it in his mouth. He walked off into the woods, presumably to eat it. He returned about 15 min later and caught another one! The one on the right wasn't as skillful or lucky. He got none! Before the day ended two other boats arrived to spend the night.

On Friday, we departed for Butedale in rain and low visibility. We arrived in Butedale early afternoon and were met by Lou. Corey showed up a few minutes later. Lou recounted his story of losing his boat, spending night in woods cold and wet, and recovery by RCMP the next morning. He looked no worse for the wear, but said he had lost some feeling in his toes. Again, we were the only boat there for the night.

On Saturday we decided to got Klemtu for fuel and then on to Rescue Bay. We arrived at fuel dock around 2 pm and no one was around. We called on radio and got no answer. We went up to the Band Store, and lady there told us the fuel operator had gone fishing! We then thought about going another 40 miles to Shearwater instead of Rescue Bay. After we left fuel dock we spotted empty slips on the public dock, so we decided to stay there instead of going further. About an hour after we tied up, we got a knock on the boat, and it was manager of the fuel dock, and asked us if we still wanted fuel. We said yes, so we moved back to the fuel dock and refueled. We then moved back to the dock and spent the night. We went up to the Band Store (grocery store of the local band of Indians). It was well stocked and we purchased a couple of things we needed.

On Saturday, we got underway early to go to Shearwater. It was foggy, but water was flat. We turned on the radar and proceeded slowly down the Klemtu passage to open water. The fog lifted and waters in Finlayson Sound. Was calm. We decided to go straight to Shearwater via Finlayson Sound and Seaforth Channel with was about 8 nm shorter than passage through Oscar Channel and Reid Passage. We arrived about 1:30 and moored at the dock in Shearwater. We will stay here until Tuesday morning, then head to Namu for the night. We plan to be in Dawson's Landing on Wednesday and will wait for good weather around Cape Caution.

For Mike: we plan inside Vancouver Is on return trip. Have done outside and it was great. May go with you next year! If you want a buddy boat, that is.

Prince Rupert
Ron/warm, overcast
07/15/2014, British Columbia

15 July 2014
Prince Rupert
We left Foggy Bay around 3:30 am on Saturday 12 July and had a very smooth crossing of Dixon Entrance. Light winds and calm seas. We arrived at Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club in the early afternoon. We had planned to eat at the pub at the head of the dock (the Breakers), but minors are not allowed, so we went to restaurant in Crest Hotel and had a delicious steak dinner with all the trimmings.
A strong high pressure system is sitting just off the coast causing strong winds. We had hoped to be heading south by now, but have decided to remain here until winds abate. Right now it looks like our best chance to leave will be Thursday morning. We have been enjoying Prince Rupert but are ready to continue down through northern BC.
I've been fishing off the stern here in the marina, but so far have only been able to catch a Cabezon, a small flounder, and a shark! The fish cleaning station at the head of the marina has been busy with numerous King Salmon and halibut. We saw a 45 lb King getting cleaned yesterday. Hopefully when we get underway we can start doing some more serious fishing. We are down to three packages of halibut and three pounds of crabmeat. We need to restock!
Jim and Arthur are visiting the Museum of Northern BC this morning. We'll make one final grocery run tomorrow and hopefully get out of here on Thursday. I'll post a picture of the shark I caught when Jim gets back and I can get the pic off his camera.
All is well!

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