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S/V Restless Journeys
Pybus Bay to Petersburg

We poked our heads out of Pybus Bay to check out the weather. Since it wasn't so bad we decided to proceed on to Petersburg. We saw several whales along the way. As we approached Petersburg we noticed there were a lot more icebergs in the water than there were a month ago. We refueled and then moored in the north marina where we had tied up before. We will do laundry tomorrow and have lunch and dinner tomorrow at our favorite places. We plan to leave early on Friday morning to catch a favorable current in Wrangell Narrows. We should arrive in Wrangell on Friday afternoon.

Warm Spring Cove to Pybus Bay

Since we stayed an extra day at Warm Spring Cove we decided to bypass Red Bluff Bay and head back to Pybus Bay to get ahead of the storm predicted for the 5th of July. We arrived in the afternoon during a squall, but set the anchor deep in Cannery Cove and then tied Boomerang up alongside. For dinner we broke out the ribs I smoked before the cruise, added potato salad and coleslaw...a neat way to celebrate the 4th of July. The lodge at the head of the bay set off some fireworks. After listening to the forecast we decided to spend another day here since strong winds and rain were predicted for the next day. We would then forego Portage Bay and go straight to Petersburg on the 6th weather permitting. We spend the 5th hunkered down and watched CASABLANCA. For supper we finished off the ribs left over from the night before.

Appleton Cove to Warm Springs Cove

Rough weather but we beat our way down to Warm Springs Cove and were able to tie up outboard of a Grand Banks. They were leaving in the morning so we had to get up at 8am to get underway and let them depart. We then moved pierside. We decided to stay here an extra day and relax and find the hot springs. What a treat, we hiked up to the natural hot springs and stripped to our bathing suits and sat in the very hot pools water. What a treat. When we got back to the docks we discovered the public bath houses. Each one had a large tub being filled from a pipe from the hot springs. You could drain the tub and refill it with fresh water to bathe in. One side of the private room was open to the view of the mountain and waterfall... so you could sit in the tub, bathe and look out at the mountain. I only used it three times!!! the last time being just before i went to bed...Jim and Willie used it twice, I think! Great idea to spend an extra night here!

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